Why French People May Be Rude To You And How To Avoid It

Some people say that French people are rude, which by the way, it’s more of a rumor than the real truth.

But let me ask you this! Have you ever asked yourself why you might have found yourself in Read more

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10 Great French Restaurants For You Next Visit To France

Le Nord – Linternaute.com

I’m not going to lie to you, It’s a known fact that French restaurants are rather expensive.  Not only here in the US, but in France as well. I guess that’s because of the Read more

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Is The French Wine Industry In Crisis?

In the process of making this blog ever more interesting, and more outreaching to the public, I decided to start blogging more about new worth and interesting topics that are both newer and market targeted.

Of course, I will Read more

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How Is It To Fly With Air France?

Have you ever flown to France, or maybe even elsewhere with Air France airline? If yes, I would love to hear your feedback once you’ve read this article.

I have personally flown with Air France a few times, and Read more

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An Unexpected Breakthrough For French Pastry On Demand

You may have noticed that at times I share pictures of my food on this blog as well as Facebook, especially pastries, and maybe you’ve been wondering how in the world I’d be making all that just for me.

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Best And Most Popular Posts About France And French Language Of 2013

I was going to write a totally different post today announcing something new that I’m doing and that relates to the topic of this blog, but since this thing includes the creation of a new page, I decided to Read more

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10 Best French Christmas Songs And Carols

Last week I wrote about the the customs of Christmas in France, and today, since this is 4 days before Christmas eve, I think that it only make sense to keep with my Christmas theme.

Christmas songs and Read more

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What Are The Traditions of “Noël” French Christmas?

Christmas time “Noël” in French, is a wonderful time of the year in France.

Christmas season in France actually starts on December 6 with Saint Nicolas’ day (in the North) until January 6 “la fete des Rois” which I’ve Read more

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Chocolate Walnut Cake

I know some of you might not like chocolate and some might not like walnuts, but the creativity of cooking means that you can take any basic recipe and replace it with the ingredients that you do like.

I Read more

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Are You Going To Paris For The Holidays?

How would you like spending the holidays in Paris, France?

With the holidays approaching, I will be blogging about the holidays in France, such as what food we we eat, what traditions are followed there, and more.

But today, Read more

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Five Most Favorite French Desserts

I don’t know about you, but as the Holidays are approaching, I’m starting to thing “sweet.” I could not spend the Holidays without treating me to some sweet, nice desserts. Not that I don’t do all throughout the year, Read more

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Molière The French Shakespeare An Incredible Personality

French playwrights have had a lot of influence in me in my younger days ever since I entered Drama School.  There I’ve got to know them, love them and hate them.

But do you know any French playwright?

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The Month Of November’s 3 Celebrations In France

If you would ever get a culture shock in France it would be during the month of November, because while France doesn’t have a Thanksgiving day, there are 3 celebrations that are very different than the American Thanksgiving you Read more

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10 Interesting Facts From France You Should Know

Why is France named France?

France was founded by the Franks.  The name France comes from the Latin word “Francia” which means the land of the Franks.

However, before that France was called Gaul and people from that Read more

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What’s The Difference Between A Bad Word and A Gros Mot

Would you have guessed that a language that is nicknamed things like romantic language, or beautiful language and so forth is also one of the languages with the longest collection of bad words? Not only French has a Read more

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