Is French A Hard Language To Learn?

Two weeks ago I wrote a post about a cool software that can help you learn French for free. The reason I even know about this tool is that a friend of mine had downloaded it on his Read more

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My Pear Tart Recipe

Here is the time to use seasonal fruits and make delicious desserts with them.

Last year at about this time of the year I had given you my apple tart recipe, and this year I thought I’ll share Read more

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Duolingo A Free Super-Duper App To Learn French And Other Languages

Do you know how much Rosetta Stone cost?

Well, the last time I check Rosetta Stone more closely to learn Italian, I found that the price tag was some 500 bucks, and that wasn’t even for everything I would Read more

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10 Typical French Gestures

Are you aware that when you travel to a different country or to a different culture, not only the language is different, but a lot of the gestures as well? Yes, gestures are pretty much part of a culture.

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How Would You Feel If Your Favorite Singer Came Into Your Living-Room?

Today, in conclusion of my summer series of cool posts, I wanted to tell you about something that I found so very cool, indeed.  I’m talking about a French TV show that I found on YouTube.

The goal Read more

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Four Practical Tips For Expats From An Expat Herself

As I was looking over my daily emails for press pitches needed for the day, one really caught my attention earlier this week.  The theme requested was tips for for expats.

As I was sending my pitch Read more

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Delicious Home Made Pizza From Scratch

Have you ever made a delicious home made pizza from scratch?

I’ve made the pizza that you can see below this past weekend.  I hadn’t made pizza in a very long while, but it turned out superb and Read more

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20 Years Later What Am I More American Or French?

Interesting question wouldn’t you think?  Or maybe not, you’ll let me know.

One thing with me is that my brain keeps working 24/7 thinking about “what to write” because I do write a lot. And once in a Read more

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Learning French 3 Minutes At The Time

Do you remember the old days when you could learn French only with a bad school teacher?  I sure do remember my bad English teachers in French schools. Never learned anything worthwhile with them.

Well, I don’t want Read more

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36 Fun Facts About France

Here we are guys, I’ve reach my 100th post on my travel blog today!

I had already celebrated my 100th post, 0n my writing blog, and a couple of weeks later on my personal development blog, and Read more

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Carmelo And Mathilde Nuccio My Parents

Over time I’ve noticed that once in a while a blogger that I visit would write a post about they mother, father, and other family members.  I have to say that I love those posts, and I’ve been Read more

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50 French Words And Expressions Used In America

I have to say that during the first years of my living in the US, at times, I was very surprised when I heard a French expression or word in the middle of an English sentence.  From time Read more

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14th Of July The French Independence Day (Bastille Day)

“Prise de la Bastille” Storming of the Bastille

Today the most logical post I could think of was to tell you about the upcoming National French Holiday, the 14th of July.

So, what is the 14th of July in Read more

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My 10 Top French Movies

With my last post I started a summer series of fun posts where I’m going to talk about French things that I love.

The last post was about French songs that marked my childhood, but today I wanted to Read more

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Learning French With Songs This Summer

This post happen to come out on the first day of summer, and I wanted to start some fun post for the duration of the the summer.

If you were already visiting this blog a year ago, you might Read more

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