5 Reasons You're Not Ready To Move Oversears For A Year

5 Reasons Why You’re Not Ready To Move Overseas For A Year


We are at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, and my husband (now ex) have a 6 hour wait for our connecting flight that’s going to take us from Paris to Lyon, France.

While waiting, I decide Read more

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Je Suis Charlien the Huge March

Je Suis Charlie The Huge March

Last week I wrote a post on my travel section about what happened in France on January 7th at the headquarters of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

This hit close to home, and while being someone who rarely Read more

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Charlie Hebdo France Has Been Hurt Because Of A Cartoon

Charlie Hebdo France Has Been Hurt Because Of A Cartoon

France and the rest of Europe, really, as well as the rest of the world have felt the hurt.

Many countries in Europe, and all over the world, such as Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg,  Italy, Spain, Poland, the UK, Read more

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Louis Braille Birth Place Coupvray France

Louis Braille The French Inventor That Changed Blind People’s Life

Louis Braille Birth Place

I  am proud to introduce you to a very special blogger and writer who was introduced to me by my friend Maxwell Ivey, also known as the “blind blogger.”

Her name is Read more

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7 American Products Found In France Which Prove That French Don’t Hate Americans

French Hate Americans! Really? Did You Know About This?

I have to say that I find it strange at times when I hear that French hate Americans. I assume that as in most cases when people make statements like that, they base their judgment on lack of accurate information at best.

What American people who are saying “French don’t like Americans” probably don’t know is how much American products of all kind are coming to France.  Product type as you will realize, America has so far refused to integrate in the United States, when it comes to the other way around.

France has never had any problem integrating American products to a point that America is not even close in this regard. Now if French hated Americans, how would that even be the case at all?

When was the last time you’ve heard a French song on an American radio? When was the last time you’ve heard a French song in an American movie?  When was the last time you were able to go see the last French blockbuster at your favorite theater?  When was the last time you purchased a French car?

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French Ratatouille Recipe

The Word ratatouille comes from the occitan word “ratatolah” and somehow became a French dish from the Provence region, but people don’t have to be from Provence to prepare and enjoy this delicious dish.

The ratatouille is a summer dish since the ingredients are summer vegetables.

So today, I wanted to show you how I make my French ratatouille as I’ve learned to make it many, many years ago since my mother and my uncles’s wife made the best ratatouilles ever.

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French A Live Language Of The Present And Future

You know how it is right? When you grow up in and around something you tend to have very little appreciation for it.

Not because you’re ungrateful, no, but more because the human tendency is to take for granted what they’ve been born and raised in.

One such thing is our mother tongue, the language we grew up speaking.

Do you Appreciate your Language?


Never did I appreciate the French language until after years living in the US.  When I first landed in New York and joined a group of Americans who wanted to learn French I used to be so annoyed when they wanted me to speak French to them so they could learn and practice.

Back then, all I was interested in was English, English and English. I wanted to speak as little French as I could and was avoiding French people I met there, because I knew that my English was not about to improve with them.

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Chocolate Fondue

This is strawberry and other delicious fruits season, so I thought that I’ll show or remind you how to do a chocolate fondue.

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Funny French Expressions That Can’t Be Translated But Will Make You Laugh

If you are a reader of this blog, you may have heard me say or write that the French language has many more common and slang expressions than English does. I’m not just saying.  It’s just true. I guess it’s the nature of the langue.

French folks are notorious to be good at speaking in a very slangish way.  when I hear it in movies, for example, it really makes me feel home. This way of speaking has been around for decades now.

But if you went back 80 to 100 years, then slang would be almost non- existent.

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Porcelaine de Limoges

Limoges The Headquarter Of Porcelain

Have you ever heard of Limoges Porcelain?

Well, it’s called like Limoges Porcelain (Porcelaine de Limoges) because this type of beautiful fine dishes, cups, vases, and other table ornaments are made in the center of France in a town named Limoges.

I’ve been to Limoges only one time in my entire life. It’s a rather tranquil town, and if you didn’t know that’s where the ONLY authentic band named porcelain was made, you would just have no idea.

In this post, I wanted to give a tour of both the city and the maker of this beautiful man made creation, called porcelain.

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The Eiffel Tower Just Turned 125

Just the past Monday the Eiffel Tower was celebrating its 125th anniversary.

The birthday that what French like to call “la Dame de Fer” ( the Ion Lady) should have never seen as it was scheduled to be demolished after only  20 years  of existence in 1909.

As you may or may not know the Eiffel Tower was built for the Universal Exhibition of 1889 and was designed by engineer Gustave Eiffel. Thus its name “Eiffel Tower.”

At the time, French artists disliked the tower and it was a much criticized project by the elite while it was like more by the public. However, it’s not the reason why the Eiffel Tower is still standing today. The reason why the Eiffel tower is still standing today is because it became an utility item to support the first radio antennas. It first allowed connections with the Panthéon, before connections with Eastern France and North Africa.

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The History Of The Euro

Can you believe it? It’s been 15 years already that the Euro was introduced to Europe as the new currency to exchange for goods.

Well, to be precise, from January 1, 1999 to January 1, 2002 Euro currency was used for cash-less payment and accounting only, while the national currency of each respective countries was still in use. In other words, the transition took 3 years, because it wasn’t all that easy to go from on currency to another in a dozen countries.

But finally, on January 1, 2002 the physical euro currency started circulating, replacing the national currency.

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What On Earth Happened With Paris Pollution Alert?

Thank goodness none of that ever happened while I was leaving in Paris, but I felt very bad for my French people when I heard about this terrible pollution that affected Paris and other big cities in France over the past week.

I’ve tuned up to French News to make sure I didn’t get any distorted news lost in translation, and found out Paris, Lyon and Lille were under an alarming pollution level they had not seen since 1997, which I wasn’t there to witness either, and did even heard about.

Because of this, Paris which was the most affected city because of its size, city officials took some drastic measures to try to alleviate the pollution level by ordering alternate traffic on Monday March 17.  That day only odd number plates were authorized to be on the street while even number plates where banned unless they were electric cars or had two or more passengers in the car.

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40 French And English Words That Would Throw You Off Unless You’re In The Know

You might be surprised at the number of words that spell exactly the same in French and English. How many? Try over 500.

Yep, that’s a lot of words that spell exactly or almost the same in both French and English, but here is the trick – many of those words don’t mean the same thing at all in French as they do in English.

Unfortunately, at times they are mixed up by English speakers who speaker or French speakers trying to speak the other language.

I’ve heard some of them make those mistakes at times, and when they did, it meant big confusion or down right laughs on the part of the hearer.

Here are 40 of such trap words that could throw you off, so you’d better know their meaning, just in case you’d be tempted to use them in the same context in French as you would in English. As you will see, some spell slightly differently and many exactly the same.

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Why French People May Be Rude To You And How To Avoid It

Some people say that French people are rude, which by the way, it’s more of a rumor than the real truth.

But let me ask you this! Have you ever asked yourself why you might have found yourself in situations that you might have provoked, unwillingly, because you didn’t know enough about the French culture?

Culture differences can sometimes rub a person the wrong way and make them react in a way that seems rude. So, in this post I wanted to tell you about a few things that will make just any French person you meet much nicer to you.

So, let’s start.

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