How You Can Build A Blog Community

I was going to wait until my new site was ready, to post again, but you know how it is, at times things take longer than expected, and since I’m told that it’s OK for me to add content Read more

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smart strategy content marketing

What is Smart Strategic Content Marketing?

What is smart strategic content marking? Are you using it?

By the way, I think that I came up with the term. I should trademark it because I’m pretty darn sure someone will want to steal it from Read more

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How To Keep Motivated To Blog Week After Week Even When Life Is Difficult

So, how do YOU keep motivated to write on your blog week after week even when life makes it difficult for a while?

Keeping a blog going means to write an article once a week (at least), but at Read more

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How To Captivate Your Audience

You may have read, in a previous post of mine, that I’ve joined a toastmasters’ club recently, and this past Wednesday I was scheduled for my first speech, called the ice breaker.

As I was preparing for my Read more

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When Is It Time to Give Your Blog A Makeover?

To answer this question in a few words, I would say, when you’ve become tired of your old theme or when it has become a real necessity for your business and online presence.

Yes, you’ve guessed it, time has Read more

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How To Help Your Blog On Top When Blogging Takes Second Row In Life

This year has been a very tough one on me to say the least. When tough things happen to us, we bloggers, may have a harder time to keep our blog going. It’s certainly has been the case for Read more

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Introducing 6 Wonderful Bloggers That I’m Glad I Met

I don’t have a specific date where I feature other bloggers, or at least not yet, but today I thought it would be a good time for me to feature some great blogs and bloggers that I’ve got to Read more

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If Content Is King Do You Need To Worry About Anything Else?

We all have heard that content is king right? Recently I’ve read few articles talking about how the level of content is going to go higher and higher as more bloggers are becoming experts in their niche and able Read more

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5 Fundamental Comment Tips That Will Send The Right Message About You

If you have a blog and welcome comments, do you laugh at times at the comments that you’re getting?  I’m not even talking about spam comments here. No. I’m talking about some of the real genuine comments that Read more

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making your own pictures

How To Create Your Own Cool Customized Photos For Your Blog

Running a professional blog can be expensive, wouldn’t you agree?

You have to purchase a theme, a hosting service, some of the plugins that you need may not be free, and if you’re not a technical person, at times Read more

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8 Blog Post Blunders No One Should Do Anymore

I have to admit that my blog browsing lately has gone down, because when life gets in the way and you need to add extra activities to your life, reading blog posts takes a bit of a second row Read more

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5 Reasons Why Your Blog Is Important To Your Business

Type any search term in your favorite search engine, and chances are that among the 10 first search results you will find at least one blog. Often times several.

The reason for this is that blogs are a huge Read more

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5 Huge Reasons Why You Should Blog In A Niche You Know And Like

You don’t have to blog about a topic that you like, you should blog about a topic that people are hungry for!

Have you ever heard statements like this? I know I have. Many times.

There are people out Read more

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Blogging Magic – Did You Catch The Blogging Fever Yet?

Can you imagine that there is a new blog on the internet every half second! Yes, that’s over 3 million new blogs each and every month. Those numbers are so huge that they’re almost hard to believe.

With that Read more

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How To Write An Effective Guest Post Pitch To Get Positive Responses

If you are a serious blogger, you might be looking to promote your blog and business with guest posting.

As a matter of fact, guest posting to the right places could really boost your traffic and sales considerably.

When Read more

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