If Content Is King Do You Need To Worry About Anything Else?

Great content is not enough for trafficWe all have heard that content is king right? Recently I’ve read few articles talking about how the level of content is going to go higher and higher as more bloggers are becoming experts in their niche and able to write high quality stuff.

So, it seems that the competition for great content is getting even tougher.

But even without that, even if on top of it all, the competition wasn’t in the picture, it’s undeniably true that if great content was enough, all we would need to do is concentrate on that and we would be done.

Unfortunately, once you’ve spend hours doing your research, writing and editing your post, you’ve only scratched the surface, so to speak, because now that your wonderful post exist, you need people to read it, and if at all possible, comment on it.

Great Content is Definitely Not Enough

Writing the best, most interesting, mind blowing article and doing nothing else will get you nowhere. Once your post is completed and you’ve clicked on that publish button, the real work begins.

The reason I was inspired to write this post is because a blogger named Don Purdum wrote a post titled If Content is King why isn’t Anyone Reading my Blog.  The title alone really wants to make you click on that post, doesn’t it?

I for one, have written quite a few good value blog posts that haven’t gotten nearly the traffic they would have deserved.  The reason for that is very easy to figure out. I do not spend enough time promoting my posts. That’s right. And I’m totally aware of that.

Don says that he spends 3 hours daily promoting his blog, and I’m afraid that’s the sad truth if you want your blog to really pick up.

At the moment I do not have 3 hours a day just to promote my blogs, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t know what needs to be done.  It’s actually pretty simple, but not easy to do because it’s time consuming.

In this post I wanted to discuss 3 sites where you may want to consider spending time promoting your blogs, but before you do consider this…

[box type=”note”]The platforms you’re using will depend on the niche you’re blogging about.  But if you’re not blogging about blogging or internet/online marketing, at least two of these three sites might be just for you.[/box]


One thing I wanted to point out that I’ve never read anywhere before is WHERE you should spend your time promoting your blog posts DEPENDING on your NICHE.  Yes, that’s right, depending on what your niche is some platforms might not help you at all, while some will do great.  A great example of this is StumbleUpon.

I had an Aha moment on Don’s blog!  In his post he was mentioning a few sites where we can promote our blogs, and the first one on his list was StumbleUpon.  So, in my comment I asked him why he mentioned StumpleUpon while many other bloggers have said that this site was either dead or creating an increase in bounce rate.

In fact, he wrote a complete post to answer my question, by the way.  Now, on that post my good friend Adrienne Smith was actually saying that she disagreed with him and she’d stop using StumbleUpon for the very reasons I’ve heard about before.

On the other hand, Don was saying that it’s not StumbleUpon that is at fault here, but whoever is landing on your site THOROUGH StumbleUpon. So between what Don was saying and what Adrienne was saying that’s when I had an Aha moment.

Adrienne was saying that people on StumbleUpon are not bloggers, so when they land on her blog they’re gone quickly.  That’s right. People on StumbleUpon are not bloggers, so don’t waste your time there if your blog is geared towards blogging and online marketing.

But guess what?  If you have a travel blog, a personal development blog, a health and wellness blog, a pet’s blog a home design blog, and so on, they might actually do very well on StumbleUpon.

I had an Aha moment because I was thinking all the people I’ve heard say that StumbleUpon wasn’t good were blogging/internet marketing type niche bloggers. That’s why StumbleUpon is not the right site for them. As for me, I have two other blogs that are not geared towards bloggers at all, so for those I will most definitely resume using StumbleUpon again.

So keep this in mind when you’re reading negative feedback about StumbleUpon. This answer is in the niche you’re blogging about, not in the social media site itself.


Kingged.com is a blog promotion platform that I started using early on in its still young life, and this one is really for those who are in the blogging/marketing niche.  Even though they do have a large selection of topics, it’s still goes around the internet marketing type niche.

As a matter of fact, if you have a health and wellness or a pet blog, that’s not going to be the type of platform for you. No one will be interested your blog there.

But even if you have a blogging/marketing niche, nothing will really happen there for you, unless you’re active in it.  You need to go in each day and read at least 2-3 blog posts and comment on the site as well. When you do, you can actually collect cash into your Paypal account (they reward comments with cash) while getting more eye balls on your blog.

Even though that seems simple enough, it’s not necessarily easy to do as it does take added time of the already many things we’ve got to do. But it’s worth it if you want added traffic to your blog.


Even though I’ve known about DoSplash from its very beginning, I had not gotten involved with it due the same old thing – lack of time.

The good thing about DoSplash is that it works not only for blogging/online marketing niches, but for personal development, health and wellness, entrepreneurship, finance, photography, business, technology, and a few more.  This is a plus in my book.

Another thing I like about DoSplash is that you can’t start dumping your links just like that. You need to get involved in the platform by commenting and liking posts first.  But my advice to you here is don’t do it only when you have to, do it on a regular basis if you want to take full advantage of this link sharing site.

Like any other social media sites, you need to be active in it if you want to see some type of positive results in traffic. As always, the more you give out, the more you’ll receive.

Content is king all right, but only if you make sure that some people will actually read such content. Don’t fool yourself, the best of content will be a flop if you fail sharing it on the right places while contributing your time an efforts there as well.

So, your turn now, please, give your feedback down below!

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95 thoughts on “If Content Is King Do You Need To Worry About Anything Else?”

  1. Hi Sylvanie,

    Gosh you just gave me an aha moment. I used to use StumbleUpon but stopped for those very reasons. But that’s when I had my work from home blog, which was also geared to blogging and online marketing.

    I haven’t tried it with my new blog but your post definitely raised my interest in it again.

    Thanks so much for sharing those other sites with us. I’m going to give DoSplash a try and see what happens but I don’t think Kingged would benefit me or the readers there.

    Definitely passing this one along. Thanks for all the resources! Happy Monday!
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    1. Hi Corina, and nice to see you again here.

      Yep, when I had that Aha moment I thought, I bet lots of people didn’t think of that, but I’m sure if you try it with some other niche you’ll see that it will benefit you.

      Thank you for coming and for sharing this.

    2. Good to connect with you here, Corina, but just curious why you think Kingged.com won’t be of any benefit to you? I checked and can see your blog subject matter is relevant to the type we allow on Kingged.

      Or did you try using our platform before and ran into problems? If yes, please let me know so I can check it out.
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  2. Hello Syviane, like you rightly said “Writing the best, most interesting, mind blowing article and doing nothing else will get you nowhere. Once your post is completed and you’ve clicked on that publish button, the real work begins.”

    No matter how unique your post may be it cannot promote itself. it cannot automatically appear in directories, social medias or forums, you must do the posting yourself.

    1. Hi Emebu,

      Yes, that’s correct, none of this will happen on its own. We need to always remember this each time we write and publish a blog post 🙂

      Thank you for your emphasis, and thank you for coming by 🙂

  3. Hey Sylviane,

    I’m glad you checked out Don’s site and look at all the blog posts that came from his, your question and his answer. I love it…

    You are right about StumbleUpon and that was my point. Just like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. we have to go where our audience is so if we aren’t having success with certain sites doesn’t mean they aren’t good platforms. They just might not be for either our niche or what we share. I can’t wait to hear how it works for your personal development or travel blogs.

    Here’s the thing with Kingged. I’m not part of that site at all yet people are sharing my content and showing up on my blog. That’s how Don found me to be exact. The one thing I do not like about that platform is when they come to my blog and comment on my post that was shared on their site, they leave the links to Kingged. You know me, if you don’t leave your blog link it gets removed and I’ve told them and told them and told them yet they completely ignore my wishes. That alone puts a bad taste in my mouth. I can’t even go and visit their blogs because they never leave their own links, just that one.

    I remember when Jane came out with DoSplash but I haven’t been to that one either. I have an issue with platforms that you have to vote on the content and stuff. I haven’t had much luck with those types of sites. I am talking from a few years back now that I would vote on their posts and comment yet they never seemed to visit mine. I mean it doesn’t have to be a you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours but I did this for a few years and never got anywhere so you can imagine the frustration. Then I heard Google devalued them all so I instantly just left them. I would think that’s still the case which makes me nervous about joining any of them again. Just not sure what to do to be honest with you. I haven’t gotten a clear answer on that yet.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here Sylviane and I know you don’t have a lot of time to promote your posts but at least you’re admitting that instead of being like everyone else and just expecting it to come.

    I wish you the best moving forward now girl. Great share!

    Adrienne invites you to read..Please Tell Me You Date Your Blog PostsMy Profile

    1. I Adrienne,

      I actually found Don’s post on DoSplash. I use those sites because they are good spots to find people who might be interested in what I blog about. In other words, to build relationships, and adding spots where I can link my blog posts to.

      You see, in your case, you’ve got tons of people coming to your blog already, so you really don’t even need them, but I sure do. Blog commenting alone doesn’t do it for me, because I would have to go on like 30-50 blogs each week and I can’t do this 🙂 Plus some of those bloggers have no interest in visiting me back. So now I’d rather go to these type of sites and affirm that I’m attracting the right people 🙂

      I totally know what you mean about some people on Kingged who link to kingged rather then their own blog and that’s their loss, because when they do this I don’t visit their blog, and I can even eliminate that kingged link just with a click as you know :).

      However I’ve never told them anything, but you gave me an idea here, I’m going to start asking them why the heck they’re doing this. For the life of me I wouldn’t ever understand why someone would link to another site, unless they make money doing this.

      Now, yes, I found one of your posts there once and I knew that you hadn’t posted it yourself. Well, all the best to you, but that also is still weird 🙂

      Thank you for sharing all of this info.

      By the way, yes it was very interesting that Don responded to my question with a post. Cool! And you commented on it, and all of this created this post.

    2. Hey Adrienne,

      I completely understand where you’re coming from with Kingged… definitely do!

      However, whoever is leaving hyperlinks to Kingged and NOT their site is not following instructions from the Kingged community.

      They should mention that they found the post on Kingged, but it DOES NOT have to be a hyperlink at all, and CERTAINLY not in place of their own site link.

      As you know, I use Disqus commenting system, and also am a member of Kingged.

      Once in a while, if I check out new posts in the community and comment on the original blog (that’s how I connected with you), yet never leave a hyperlink, just mention I saw it on Kingged.

      I have NO patience for people that break a blog owner’s rules, period – as that is just plain rude and disrespectful!

      It does take effort on my part to go in and edit the comment to remove the links from them, if they leave a Kingged hyperlink, but I do value the comment and interaction and have formed some nice friendships with folks, which I really value.

      Just another perspective to add to the mix. 🙂

      Talk soon,
      – Carol
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      1. Hey Carol,

        Then every single person that has found me through Kingged is not following instructions because they’re literally driving me nuts.

        I’m constantly removing all the links and I also don’t like them telling me where they found me. To me they are just advertising that platform on my blog and I don’t like that at all. I guess I’m going to have to specifically add to my commenting rules and point out this platform too just like I did with Empower Network.

        Either way, I’ll email Kingsley but I don’t see this ending the problem.

        Thanks Carol.

        Adrienne invites you to read..Please Tell Me You Date Your Blog PostsMy Profile

        1. Yes, I can understand where you’re coming from, Adrienne, as you feel that by keeping on saying “I found you on Kingged” would turn to be promotional after a while especially if the same person keeps on saying it for each post they find there.

          In my case, having been so bad with my blog comments lately, and having seen my other two blog comments drop dramatically I’ll take it even if you’d tell me each week that you’ve found me wherever 🙂

          But in your case, having the amount of comments that you’re getting, you’re perspective is bound to be different, so you are most likely not going to want to deal with that on each of your post if you feel that they are promoting their stuff, or if you simply don’t like it.

          However, to me, Empower Network was way worse than that fact. Those people had no intention in building relationship and I felt like commenting on my blog was so forced for them that I didn’t want them either. I’ll take Kingged people over Empower Network people any time 🙂

          So, that’s my two cents on that.

          1. Right, Kingged is completely different than Empower Network, and is like comparing apples to power drills…

            But, I can definitely understand the extra work behind removing links.

            I personally don’t mind them telling me where they found me.. I don’t allow hyperlinks, so will remove them, but always leave the Kingged name on there.

            Everyone’s experience is different, and it can be a real downer to constantly be removing links…

            It’s a good community and I’ve met some really cool people that are really interested in connecting.

            Carol Amato invites you to read..7 Simple Tips To Help Your Blog Posts Get DiscoveredMy Profile

    3. Hello Adrienne,

      This will be the second or even third time I am responding to your comment about Kingged.com. I remember asking you, in Enstine’s blog, to let me know personally if you have any problems about our platform or how our members share your posts or comment on your posts, but no personal message from you. I even see you responding to a few of your posts on Kingged, but none mentioned you had any problems with our platform, nor did you ever contact me about any issue.

      Anyway, to respond specifically to this issue you brought up now about people leaving links to Kingged when they comment on your blog: From what I can see one of our inhouse staff members (Sunday) leaves actual link back to the original post on Kingged. The others only mention that they found the post on Kingged. I don’t see anything wrong with mentioning that they found the post on Kingged. We have had lots of cases when bloggers asked our commenters where/how they found their posts. Some even specifically ask what the link of the shared post is so they can visit the shared post directly. Mentioning that the post was found shared on our platform allows the original content owners to visit and respond to comments or questions.

      Now, let’s talk about this, Adrienne… what is wrong with that? We at Kingged.com have received MILLIONS of visits and have sent over 70% of that traffic right back to bloggers and we haven’t charged a dime doing this for over a year now. Some other platforms charge members to have posts shared but we have been doing this completely free for over a year now, and intend to keep doing that for free. If our users provide your blog with valuable traffic, comments and engagement, what is wrong with mentioning that they found the post on Kingged, so that you could visit to respond to comments or questions, if any?!

      Still on this, you even mentioned that Don of Unveiltheweb.com found you because your post was shared on Kingged.com. That’s obviously just one of the HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS of visits we have sent your way, all for free. And despite all this, you still have a problem with our commenters mentioning that they found your post shared on our platform?! But didn’t they?! Confusing, to say the least.

      Or are you thinking we will steal your traffic even though we send you all the free traffic each time your post is shared on our platform?! You are an awesome blogger and you already have your audience who will always be with you because of how much value you bring to them. No one that take that from you, ever! Again, I don’t get it!

      And if you are talking about the fact that some people put Kingged.com as their website url when they comment on your blog, that’s because those are our in-house staff members. We have had anywhere between 3 to 5+ in-house staff members contributing to blog discussions for the past 1+ year now.

      Again, I don’t see anything wrong with that. If you work for a company and you contribute in blog discussions on behalf of that company, what’s wrong with putting the company’s url in the url section? What’s most important is that they read your posts and leave valuable comments, not junk, not spam and certainly not one-liners/generic type comments. We are very very strict about our in-house staff members or even normal site members making spammy, junk or one-liner/generic type comments!

      Anyway, despite all I have said, if you don’t like our members sharing your posts on Kingged or commenting on your posts, then just let me know and we will put a block to your domain on our platform, so that any content from your blog doesn’t get shared again. No matter what I say, it’s still your blog and you have the right to decide what you want or do not want.
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      1. Kingley,

        I’m not going to use someone elses blog to debate about another site which is once again why I’m not going to respond to your comment in this way.

        You also have to understand that it’s MY blog and it’s MY rules. All I ask is that people respect MY rules or don’t visit. It’s really as plain as that. If you don’t like it, don’t comment.

        I tell you what, I’ll email you today and explain exactly my issue with your commenters so that you can stop leaving your long responses from this point forward. Be on the lookout for that sometime today.

        Adrienne invites you to read..Please Tell Me You Date Your Blog PostsMy Profile

        1. Hi Adrienne,

          I hope you guys can make peace 🙂 But man, I tell you this blog post is probably THE MOST convesation going makeer I EVER had. So, you can talk here, doesn’t bother me at all. This is LIVE and I love it 🙂

        2. Thanks for your short response, Adrienne. I don’t think we are debating anything here. I am just stating things as they are, as I have always done each time I respond to your comments about Kingged. I have nothing to hide about our platform.

          Anyway, I look forward to your email and hope we can find a common ground, but yes, you are right about your blog being your blog. That’s why I concluded my last comment with:

          “If you don’t like our members sharing your posts on Kingged or commenting on your posts, then just let me know and we will put a block to your domain on our platform, so that any content from your blog doesn’t get shared again. No matter what I say, it’s still your blog and you have the right to decide what you want or do not want.”
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      2. Traffic and comments are good as long as they are genuine, and kingged has help me with both, so I certainly hope that you guys can find an amicable solution and celebrate this positive fact! Maybe it’s just a big misunderstanding 🙂

        I myself didn’t understand why people left a link from Kingged, but thankfully it’s all clear to me now. I didn’t even know why people kept saying “I found you on Kingged” because of my failure to read your rules and regulartions page I guess, and that’s more clear to me now as well.

        1. Thank you, Sylviane, for realizing not only that “traffic and comments are good as long as they are genuine” but most importantly acknowledging that Kingged.com has helped you with both… all for free!

          Yes, I hope Adrienne and I can resolve this amicably. I look forward to her email. But regardless, it’s her blog and if she doesn’t want our members sharing her posts nor commenting on them, we have no problem with stopping. It’s her call.

          Also, good to know you know understand why our members add that they found a particular post on Kingged, when they leave their comments.
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          1. I don’t see anything wrong for your staff members, who works with you at kingged.com to leave their links back to your company…because first of all, they represent your company. So for me, although I haven’t use you guys to post my articles on there, this is pretty cool to me. No biggy. Anyway, thanks for explaining to us how this works!

            Angela McCall invites you to read..Video Blogging Challenge 16 | How to Do a Cheap PodcastMy Profile

          2. Thanks a lot, Angela, for seeing this our way.

            That’s what I have been trying to explain to Adrienne. Those who comment and put Kingged.com in the url field do that because they are our in-house staff members, and that’s their url.

            For example, I, for one, don’t have a blog, so when I comment on other blogs I have to include Kingged.com as my url because I am part of the Kingged.com staff team.
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  4. Hey Sylviane,

    You made a valid point here. The best sites to promote your blog on are the site geared towards your niche. I use to promote on stumbleupon but my traffic and leads were in stagnation, so I had to go else where.

    I just started using Kingged.com about 2 weeks ago. I do have to say that I feel right at home since it’s within the niche I’m in. I never heard of Dosplash but I’ll have to check it out when I make time for it. Having minimum time is a drag, but I highly commend those people like yourself that can make the time, especially if they’re writing on 3 blogs or more each week!

    Thanks for sharing! I hope you’re having a great week!
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    1. Hi Sherman,

      Yes, when it comes to those social sites, we need to test the waters and goes where it works for our particular blog or niche. StumbleUpon is bad for blogging niches, but it is great for other niches that have nothing to do with this.

      Kingged brought me traffic right away, but I do not spend enough time there. It’s just that this year has not been a piece of cake for me so far and I do what I can at this point.

      When you can you should give a try to DoSplash, there are good people there too.

      Thank you for coming and have a wonderful day!

  5. Hi sylviane,

    Content is king and your blog is the kingdom. I have not seen any kingdom that does not try to sound it presence.

    There is need for promotion and just as you point out, these communities don’t work for everybody. You have to figure out what’s your target community. Kingged for example drives good traffic to my blog. That’s simply because of the points you have mentioned.

    I’m not as active enough on Jane’s platform. It’s difficult to be active on every available platform except one is full time.

    Thanks for mentioning Don’s post. I will be going to check that out this moment. Do have a wonderful week ahead
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    1. Hi Enstine,

      So very well said. You sound like a poet 🙂

      Indeed, each platform will work more or less for each one of us, and we need to test drive and see what platform works best for us. There’s only 24 hours in a day, so we need to spend our time there wisely.

      Thanks for dropping by, always appreciated 🙂

  6. Hi Sylviane,

    I stopped using Stumbledupon for the same reason that everyone says they bring too much bounce rate.

    Never heard of DoSplash but I will check them out.

    I’ve heard of kingged.com but I have never tried them yet. I think when it comes to marketing, they are prolly the right social media to use. In fact, when I wrote the guest post for Harleena, a lot of them came from kingged.com. So I will check them out as soon as possible.

    Anyway, interesting post. Great job! Thank you for sharing your opinion and thoughts about “If Content is King…” Seems like this is the main talk of the blogosphere.

    Have a great evening!

    Angela McCall invites you to read..Video Blogging Challenge 15 | Why Quality Content is Not Enough Today?My Profile

    1. Hi Angela and nice seeing you here.

      Of course we can’t be everywhere, even though, I at times shake my head when I see few guys out there that seem to be 🙂 but for the rest of us, it’s not easy to be everywhere, so spending time where it really counts is the best way to go.

      I also get lots of traffic from Kingged, and I haven’t even put much effort in it yet either, so that’s a good place to try. I hope you will.

      Thanks for coming and take care.

    2. Hello Angela,

      Good to see you here and good to hear that you got a lot of visitors from Kingged.com when you wrote guest post for Harleena. It must be a KINGLIKE content that you wrote because we pride ourselves at helping to promote such content, for free, 🙂

      Feel free to check us out and let me know if you run into any problems. I am always available on the site.

      Kingsley invites you to read..Kingged.com: A Must Use For BloggersMy Profile

    1. Hi Kostas,

      I only wish it was “enough” right? But we know better. I’m glad you’re going to try StumbleUpon again, depending on the niche it might do great as I explained in the post.

      Thank you for your input.

  7. Hello Sylviane,I arrived at your website via google plus. I knew about stumbleupon, but I am happy that I came to know about the other two. There is one more website called ViralContentBuzz which helps to get some views. Also, sometimes my article gets featured on Zite which helps me get 15,000 views, but that happened 1-2 times. My website gets 400-600 views per day, but I want to cross 1000 views, can you help me and tell me more about your post sharing strategy?

    1. Hi Sumeet,

      I do not know about Zite, but will check it out. Yes I use Viral Content Buzz on a regular basis, but I’m not sure it brought me direct traffic yet. To me nothing has brought as direct and as rapid traffic as Kingged has so far.

      I’m glad you found my post and commented here. Thanks for coming.

  8. Hi sylviane,

    landed on your blog for the first time, some nice discussion going on here, even I have stopped using Stumbledupon because of bounce rate.

    I believe Stumble is good only for viral sites with catchy images which may bring users on board otherwise it’s difficult because of how the stumble works.

    Interesting post..
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    1. Hi Dhiraj,

      Very good point you made about Stumble. The way it works makes it the way it turns out to be for many bloggers I hear. Images work great on Stumble. I think it’s great for travel blogs.

      I’m so glad you found me and will check you out too!

  9. Hi Sylviane,Its good to read your post today and I am so glad to submit the same here for the readers of kingged. Its really good to note that you mentioned Kingged in the list, though i have an account at stumplupon i still doubt it can occupy the first place!instead Kingged can surely claim that place since it really give a great traffic flow to your page. Of course though Content is KING, if you are not making a shout out it remains there still as a so called Content King. You need to do a great promotion even if the content is king too. :-)Thanks, Sylviane for the intro of these platforms for promotion, I never visited Dosplash, need to check!May you have a great day today :-)Ann P VHey, Sylviane I found this today and submitted at kingged.com the Internet Marketing Social Website. and I posted this comment there. Thanks for the suggestions. May you have a good day.-)

    1. Hi Ann,

      Well, thank you for sharing my post there, while I haven’t even myself yet.

      Just want to specify that I haven’t mentioned these sites in any particular order of importance or anything like that, so don’t worry about that 🙂 I really like Kingged too, but I haven’t have the time to spend enough time there, but will try to improve that!

      Thank you so much for coming and commenting here.

    2. Thanks, Ann, for finding this post and for sharing it on Kingged. I probably wouldn’t have found it, at least not now, if you hadn’t shared it.

      And that’s what this is all about – awesome Kinggers like you finding awesome KINGLIKE posts like this and sharing it for others to see, read, “king” and re-share, 🙂
      Kingsley invites you to read..Let Kingged.com Help Your Blog Make Money… With Ease!My Profile

  10. Hi Sylviane,

    Thank you for pointing out these social sharing sites and telling us what works and what doesn’t. Especially niche specific blogs. Stumbleupon always confused the heck out of me. I felt like I was in a whirlwind on that platform. Yes, my content was shared, but the bounce rates were high so I left.

    I gave Kingged a peek while on this post, and I will return there to check it out to see if it is a good fit.

    Content King? No, we have to put ourselves “out there” and find the best ways to do so where people are interested in our niche.

    Again, thanks for giving the pros and cons here. I can understand how things work so much better now.

    donna merrill invites you to read..Sidebar BlindnessMy Profile

    1. Hi Donna,

      Kingged brought me instant traffic, and since then it hasn’t stopped, even though it kind of goes down when I don’t participate much, but that’s the whole theme of the post, right? We can’t get something for nothing, and that’s true for everything.

      I haven’t seen you in a while because I haven’t been on facebook much at all lately. Sophie’s got a urinary tract infection over the weekend so I was busy with that and rushed her to the vet yesterday morning. She’s under control now and already better though, but like I needed that 🙂

      Anyways, that’s life. Hope you’re well.

  11. Hi Sylviane,

    Great and Interesting Post as always.

    Content is still King and will be King and it can create lots of buzz and provide lots of value to those who are seeking the information, but all this will not get any attention if no one knows about it.

    You mentioned great sites here to promote our content. I heard about StumbleUpon but I have never tried it before and I don’t think I will try it since it is not for the marketing niche. But I will definitely make some time to try Kinnged and DoSplash and see if I can get more eyeballs to my blog.

    Thanks Sylviane for an interesting post and information. Have a great week ahead.

    Be Blessed,

    Neamat Tawadrous invites you to read..5 Benefits To The Power Of Humility In Leadership!My Profile

    1. Hi Neamat,

      Well said. Before we go and share we do need that king content, indeed. Nothing worth sharing no need to share it. But, once we’ve got that content we need to get busy.

      No I wouldn’t advise you to use Stumble in your niche, but YES, I would definitely advise you to try Kingged and DoSplash.

      Kingged brought me instant traffic the very first day I posted there, and your content would do great there too. DoSplash allowed me to meet the person from whom this very post was born on my first participation there and he’s just submitted a HUGE comment. Which I’m getting ready to reply to. So, all good things to expect, I guess.

      Thank you very much for coming as always and let me know how it goes when you try those.

    2. Hello Neamat,

      I see you joined Kingged.com obviously because of this post. Welcome on board and feel free to contact me personally on the site if you run into any problems. And feel free to share your KINGLIKE content in the right category. We have a moderation process to weed out spammers, but your shared content should get approved within 48 hours.

      Kingsley invites you to read..Kingged.com: A Must Use For BloggersMy Profile

  12. Hello Sylviane,

    Great information you shared via this article……!!!

    Because everyone here shouting only “content is King” repeatedly but your article point out that not only content is important for your website but other factors also needful.

    Every website owner thinks that my website having original and good content, I am safe from Google penalties as well as accordingly get good position in search engine ranking but if he/she don’t doing anything to promote their website then how his/her website achieve this?

    This article concludes that besides good content, your website needs other promotional methods to promote your content.

    I found this post on kingged.com
    Gangadhar invites you to read..Free High PR Article Directory Submission Sites List to Promote Your Content on InternetMy Profile

    1. Hi Gangadhar,

      Yes, it’s important to promote your content indeed.

      I’m glad you found my post on Kingged which I know someone else posted there, and thanks for coming.

  13. WOW! Thank you for a really great article Sylviane! I appreciate the shout-outs and I’m loving the conversation.

    We have to give people a reason to to stay on our site. If they are there because of one article they wanted to read, they are probably not going to navigate to other articles or pages unless you give them a reason to, and even then they may or probably won’t. However, if we keep offering great articles with titles that appeal; we can earn them over as we build trust and as we engage with their content as they come back one article at a time.

    On the third article in the series titled “If Someone Only Visits One Page on My Website, Is It A Big Deal?” there were a few really interesting comments that made a lot of sense to me (out of respect for your blog I won’t post the link here):

    “I have a list of sites I visit EVERY DAY and I never look at more than one page when visiting. I come back for what’s new. What bounce rates don’t consider is repeat visitors that are current on the site’s articles.”

    “When I am new to a site- I visit a lot of pages but once I am familiar and a regular visitor, I probably only hit one or two.”

    FYI – I kinda agree about leaving the link for Kingged. I’m loving the site but I completely get Adrienne’s point and won’t be doing that moving forward. But, the site has been great for me and my audience is growing rapidly.

    One thing I’m working to do is find websites where my audience hangs out – ie not bloggers. My audience is small business owners so there are many resources I’m researching to find and network with them. One source that is working great are groups in Facebook and Google+, as well as groups on LinkedIn. I LOVE LinkedIn.

    Thank you again for the super kind words. Can’t wait to dive deeper into your posts and connect with you!!!!!

    Don Purdum invites you to read..Why Should I Visit Your Website, Stay On It, or Buy From You?My Profile

    1. Wow, for me too! Lots of things you’ve included in this comment.

      I would love to connect with you on Facebook and Linkedin. I love linkedin as well and it’s a great connector. I haven’t read the article you’re talking about but you could shoot me a link there.

      I do the same thing you do, when I visit a blog for the first time I click on several pages – ALWAYS. Just like I did few days ago when I landed at your place. That’s the best way to get to know who this person is all about. Then, like you again, I visit only one page, the last post.

      I love kingged. I as was saying in several of my replies here, I’ve got traffic from there on day one, and still getting people coming to my blog from there on a regular basis even though I really don’t participate there much at all due to lack of time.

      I’ve never really understood why people link to Kingged though, and especially when someone ask them to stop. So I understand Adrienne’s frustration with that 🙂

      DoSplash is where I found you and three blog posts have been born from that as up now 🙂 1) your reply to my question post, 2) this post and 3) one of my blogger friends just wrote a post because of this post 🙂 How cool is that? That alone could be the topic of another post yet!

      I’m glad we connected and I’ll look you up on those social media.

      Thanks for coming, and for your great comment.

      1. I beat you to it on FB and LI, lol…

        The reason they do it on Kingged is because there is a financial incentive to help promote the website while it’s starting up. I did it a few times and I did earn $5.

        I do think there is an interesting article there about the power of social networking that starts with an article that is shared out. I have several planned over the next few weeks but it’s definitely one worth pursuing.

        Don Purdum invites you to read..Why Should I Visit Your Website, Stay On It, or Buy From You?My Profile

        1. Hi again Don,

          I know you did. I have a sick kiddy to take care of on top of my work, so that’s not been easy to keep things up these days. I did accepted both invites and was browsing few pics on your Facebook 🙂

          Ah, that’s what I thought, but wasn’t sure. Now that makes sense, but that’s not going to be welcome everywhere for sure.

        2. Good to see you here, Don, adding more value to this discussion. Good also, to see that you have got a lot of traffic and engagement from having your post shared on Kingged.

          Regarding why our members mention that they found posts on Kingged, please see my very detailed comment above, in response to Adrienne about this. I explained why/how this happens and why there’s nothing wrong with it. But if any blogger has any problem with it, they can let us know and we can simply block their domains from getting shared on Kingged.

          Of course feel free to let me know if there’s any issue you have with Kingged or our contributors/members. As you know you can PM me on the site and I am usually quick to respond.
          Kingsley invites you to read..Making Your #Infographic Go #Viral : Why Yours Will Be the Next Big ThingMy Profile

  14. Hi Ms.Sylviane
    I hope you has a great 4th of July.
    First, thank you for sharing another important aspect of blogging. Since I have been blogging, I kept hearing “content is King”, and I am learning that it’s important that we create eye opening content, but if I don’t use social media to promote what I wrote, then it will be just another post.

    I signed up for Dosplash.
    Gladys invites you to read..The Importance of ConcentrationMy Profile

    1. Hi Gladys,

      Yes, that’s correct. Content is still and even more important than ever, but once we’ve created this marvelous content we need to promote it so it can get under the right people’s eyes.

      Sorry I haven’t even replied to your other comment on my previous post, but just been a bit overwhelmed recently and trying to keep up with it all.

      Thanks for your feedback.

  15. Hi Sylviane,

    Great post. I agree on stumbleupon, I just remove the signal on my blog. Now just focus on fb, twitter, g+ and linkedin where I can find targeted readers better.

    Content will be king after it finds the people. We need to be active to promote our own content.

    Thanks for this post. Wish you have a great week
    Okto invites you to read..Top 6 Types of Website Contents Visitors LoveMy Profile

    1. Hi Okto,

      Yes, that’s correct, our great content starts being useful once the right people are able to find it. Yes, it’s better to concentrate on the social media sites that work for you.

      Thanks for your input here.

  16. Ciao Sylviane,

    Love the title, was immediately intrigued. 🙂

    Yeah, when you said: “So, it seems that the competition for great content is getting even tougher,” I thought to myself, “Yep, I agree wholeheartedly!”

    It starts with great content that is well written and formatted nicely in order to get someone to keep their eyeballs on it long enough . . . to actually consume some of the concepts and principles found within, so they’re willing to click those social sharing buttons!

    Then the work begins/continues, you’re right!

    Love, love, love StumbleUpon as I get quite a bit of traffic from there. It’s all in the category you choose… My bounce rate is 10.29%.

    I do like Kingged and don’t mind if someone puts that they found my blog post on the Kingged community. I don’t allow links on my comments, so it’s no big deal to me if they mention where they heard about me. But, I think it’s all about balance!

    Never heard of DoSplash, girl, and will check it out! Thank you so much!

    I log into BizSugar once per week to check things out. I was a featured member there and have a link to my content from BizSugar which is on the first page of Google when I search for my name – cool beans!

    Love Triberr, as Adrienne gave me some tips in that department…Have since started my own Tribe, but again, it’s slow going because checking people out and keeping up with sharing other people’s content is time consuming.

    Loved this article, Sylviane, and am gonna share it as soon as I finish this comment! 🙂

    Have a good evening.
    – Carol Amato
    Carol Amato invites you to read..7 Simple Tips To Help Your Blog Posts Get DiscoveredMy Profile

    1. Good to see you here too, Carol.

      Like I responded to Don above, regarding why our members mention that they found posts on Kingged, please see my very detailed comment above, in response to Adrienne about this. I explained why/how this happens and why there’s nothing wrong with it. But if any blogger has any problem with it, they can let us know and we can simply block their domains from getting shared on Kingged.

      Of course feel free to let me know if there’s any issue you have with Kingged or our contributors/members. As you know you can PM me on the site and I am usually quick to respond.
      Kingsley invites you to read..Let Kingged.com Help Your Blog Make Money… With Ease!My Profile

    2. Ciao, ciao Bella!
      Sure love to have met you as you’re sharing great comments on my blog 🙂

      I’m so glad that finally someone has something positive to say about StumbleUpon. I have no doubt that it’s all about the niche and as you said the category you choose I’m sure.

      I love BizSugar, but this week I haven’t even put this post on there yet. I’m dealing with my kitty who is not too well right now, plus the thousands other things I’ve got to do. I only wish I didn’t have to sleep and I would still be busy 🙂

      DoSplash is relatively new, but man am I surprised you don’t know about it, since I’ve seen you everywhere. It was created by Jane Sheeba, who’s a very successful and popular blogger. Since I go to her blog regularly I’ve known from it from day one, but with this post I realize that many people still don’t.

      Triberr, is something I belong to, but haven’t been involved in very well at all so far. Just need to make the extra time for it.

      Thank you so much for your great input.

  17. Content is King, but we need to worry about sharing, web design, your engagement. Sharing your awesome blog post to StumbleUpon, Kingged.com or any social media platforms, or book marketing sites are vital to the blogging world. Traffic, visitors and viewers, sales, relationship, PR and so on are the reasons why sharing is necessary.

    I met StumbleUpon days ago and not so active with the website, I need to understand how to use it correctly.

    While Kingged.com is not just an internet marketing, social book marketing and curation site, now, it is also a place to earn money by winning as a top commentator with relevancy, value and quality to the topic, of course.

    I found this post shared on Kingged.com, the Internet marketing social bookmarking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

    1. Hi Metz,

      Yes, StumbleUpon can be a bit confusing at first, but in the end it’s like any other site. You share you stuff and try to comment and create relationships with others.

      Yes, I think that if you get really serious on Kingged you can actually make good money. I haven’t really thus far, but I love the site. See that post? I didn’t even shared it myself 🙂 Someone else did it while I didn’t even know. That’s the first time this happens to me as far as I know. Kingged works!

      Thanks so much for coming.

  18. Hello Sylviane,

    Too bad am late to this, but as the saying goes – better late than never, right? 🙂

    First, thanks a lot for taking the time to write this and of course for mentioning Kingged as one of the 3 sites to consider for blog posts promotion!

    It’s a good thing that we continue sending a ton of traffic to bloggers completely free. Like I said in my response on Don’s post about this same topic, we have actually sent over 70% of the MILLIONS of visits we have received right over to the blogs that have their posts shared on Kingged.

    And has it cost us a staggering amount of money to get the traffic that we send completely free to bloggers? Of course, but we believe in helping to get as much exposure as possible to the truly KINGLIKE content out there. I hate seeing truly awesome content that just lies buried in a blog, just because it didn’t “get out there”. I felt that more should be done to help in promoting truly awesome KINGLIKE content. And that’s why I created Kingged.com

    So, yes, that’s the very concept behind Kingged.com… from the conceptualization to the very domain name, 🙂 Like I have said repeatedly, we believe that a particular piece of Content is King but ONLY if it reaches the right people who crown it King. It’s not enough to write an awesome content, it should reach the right people who will help make it King.

    And that’s what we help our members to achieve at Kingged. The right content shared on our platform reaches lots more people. And the more people like and crown it king, it gets to the frontpage and reaches even more people.

    Apart from just crowning (kingging) a post, our members also engage massively with the posts shared on our site through commenting and even re-sharing the posts on other social networks.

    Still on the issue of this, I blame Google and those Google proponents who keep preaching the “just write and they will come” message. That’s not true, especially today! Of course people who came up with this thought the “build it and they will come” business concept applies to content on the Internet. Maybe it did… back in the day when only a few hundred or few thousand blogs existed. Certainly not today when there are many millions of blogs out there with many thousands or even hundreds of thousands of blog posts being published daily!

    So, yes, “write it and they will come” doesn’t work, especially today. If you write a post that deserves the “Content is King” mantra, you need to promote it to get to the right people who will help “get it out there” where it gets crowned (kingged 😉 ) and appreciated… and promoted even more!

    Thanks again, Sylviane, for writing this and for mentioning Kingged.com. Of course I found this shared on Kingged and I “kingged” it, 🙂
    Kingsley invites you to read..If Content Is King Do You Need To Worry About Anything Else?My Profile

    1. Hello Kingsley!

      Well, I’ll take this opportunity to let you know that I’ve been intending to write about Kingged for a little while and this was a good opportunity. Even though my very busy life has prevented me to participate there as much as I would like to, I love Kingged, and YES it has made a difference for me for this blog. I remember getting instant traffic with it.

      My only wish is that you had more various niches that have nothing to do with blogging/writing/marketing niches, but other than that, it’s great.

      Now because of my lack of time, this week I haven’t even shared this post there at all! But then I didn’t have to worry about it, because someone else did it for me without me even knowing it at first. So, yes, I love that site, and my intention is to use it way more than I have so far. I just have to find a way 🙂

      Thank you very much for coming and for your great input.

      1. Yes, Sylviane, it’s interesting that Ann shared your post on Kingged even before you did. That’s the power of the right platforms helping to promote the right content, 🙂

        You wrote the right content and it got shared in the right platforms, and it’s getting you even more traffic than you expected! But of course, it starts with writing an awesome KINGLIKE post, 😉

        Re your request for more niches/categories to be added to Kingged, we have received similar requests and will give it more consideration, moving forward.

        Thanks again.
        Kingsley invites you to read..Attract, Engage, Convert – How to Better Measure and Optimize Content Marketing PerformanceMy Profile

        1. Hi again Kingsley,

          I know, I actually haven’t posted this myself at all this time on Kingged, because there’s already 70+ comments here, and I thought that since someone shared it that was enough for this one post 🙂 Yes, I have to say it’s powerful, really love it!

  19. A very interesting conversation going on in Sylviane Nuccio’s blog with the above title. Content is king but without promotion it is powerless. Therefore, a blogger should be pursue the best means of promoting the content he/she has created.

    StumbleUpon, Kingged.com, and DoSplash are top websites for promoting contents. Its important to re-emphasize that following the rules of these websites readily give the user the leverage of making the most of the content shared.

    As an ardent user of Kingged.com, I know that being ACTIVE in the rules of engagement makes the difference for the members. This platform drives in viable traffic and every blogger must key into this.

    Meanwhile, Don Purdum’s post on “If Content is King why isn’t Anyone Reading my Blog?” is revealing!

    On the above going conversation about leaving links and mentions of Kingged on other blogs, I hope Kingsley’s explanations have clarified the “Why” and “How” questions for many bloggers.

    Adrienne Smith should understand his point of argument. We understand that its “Her Blog” and “Her Rules’. Nobody is disrespecting her rules here but she is getting the whole thing wrong.

    I sincerely hope that PEACE will reign at the end of the day!

    I have shared this comment in kingged.com where this post was found and “kingged” for its value to Internet marketers.

    Sunday – kingged.com contributor


    1. Hi Sunday,

      I also was wondering before why people always said “I saw your post on Kingged” but it never bothered me. However, a blog is the private property of each individual and some may or may not accept that, went it’s repetitive as they feel that you’re promoting on their blog. That’s what Adrienne feels.

      For example, as a blogger and writer that has posted and tempted to post on many different big and popular blogs, I can tell you that they all have their particular rules and tastes. For example, I’ve presented very good and interesting posts to some of them who refused to publish me. Like you I may have felt it’s not fair, and they just don’t get it, but at the end of the day it’s their blog and they make the decision, not me. So, that’s how it goes. See what I mean?

      But as you can see in the comments most bloggers don’t mind that you say that you’ve found them through Kingged, so you still have plenty of places where you can go. As for the link those who mind can always take it off, just don’t included it in the comment.

      Thank you for coming and I really appreciate the extra traffic and ongoing discussion I’m getting from Kingged.

  20. Hi Sylviane,as you said, just creating content isn\’t enough, it is only the top of the iceberg. The hard and time consuming work needs to be done after hitting the publish button, to get your content seen by as many eyeballs as possible.Usually I use the main social media sites like Twitter, Facebook or Google+ for promotion, and although I heard about DoSplash before, I never used it.Thanks for sharing these reources. Seeing that you have some great experience with them they seem to be worth to try.Have an awesome day,Torsten
    Torsten Mueller invites you to read..5 Easy Ways To Increase Social Shares Of Your ContentMy Profile

    1. Hi Torsten,

      Yes, it’s a good things to always use the big social media guys out there, but there are many ohters that actually may even bring us way more traffic and good connections, so it’s alwyas a good thing to try them out and see what happens for us on a personal level with them.

      Welcome here and thank you for your input.

  21. Hey Sylviane,

    Thanks SO much for the kind mention of DoSplash. I appreciate that very much.

    Quality content coupled with “putting it out there” matters a lot. And you know, it is not just you promote your content anywhere, but if you put it front of the right eyeballs, it sure gets what it deserves. Blogging communities are a great way to put your content out there in front of the right eyeballs. And the thing I like a lot about blogging communities is that they act as a source where I can find useful information. I personally use DoSplash to “find” a lot of content and that saves me a lot of time 🙂

    Thanks again for the shoutout.

    Jane invites you to read..DoSplash Top Publisher Interview: David LeonhardtMy Profile

    1. Hi Jane,

      My pleasure. I’ve just stated to use DoSplash and like it so far.

      One thing I wanted to mention is that for some reasons when I change my details in my profile, like my picture, it’s not saving. And also it showed that I had 0 shared when I knew I had already one when I went back this morning. It seems like nothing I do register. Any idea on what he problem might me?

  22. Hello Sylviane
    It was so common in recent past to write a great post fully following the SEO rules and search engines used to lift it on top of search pages and a flux of visitors arrive at it from there. It is called organic traffic.
    But now competition has stiffened fiercely. How search engines can rank hundreds of posts worthy of top positions at search pages. Obviously they have to rank with their criteria but because of huge number an equally awesome post can get below 100 position and we can’t see it at first five search pages. It means it is missed by many.
    So the way out is not rely on organic traffic only and equally promote your post in social media and bookmarking sites. This you pointed out here in this post and well covered the main places where a post can be promoted to get huge traffic on it.
    So now simply creating great contents is not king but its promotion is also part of the king.
    Thanks for writing another wonderful post that does have huge value for all.
    Mi Muba invites you to read..10 ways to make money blogging by selling benefitsMy Profile

    1. Hi Mi,

      Yes, and I remember those days. I knew how to rank on first 3 results of first page in 72 hours. But I haven’t even tried that for a while, because things a way different now, as you mentioned. That’s why we definitely have to do our best to promote our post ourselves.

      Thank you for your feedback and for coming.

  23. Hi Sylviane,

    I came across your blog in a group that we are in together, and I like everything that you had to say in this post, and I really have to agree with the StumbleUpon comment of them bouncing right back out, except for the niches that you mentioned.

    I want to say thank you that provided a few other options for people to look into, and I have to admit that I had not heard of a couple of them, and I consider myself a pretty seasoned blogger.

    Have a great day and thank you!
    Robert Strong invites you to read..Tips To Create A Powerful Facebook Marketing StrategyMy Profile

    1. Hi Robert,

      Well, nice meeting you here and I’m glad you found my blog somewhere and landed on it.

      I certainly appreciate the compliment, especially if you’re a seasoned blogger. Thank you for coming and I’ll come visit you too, very soon.

  24. Hey Sylviane,

    from the starting days I have been reading that content is king.
    I totally agree with your points that content is not the only thing to concentrate on.
    Promotion of our blog post matters a lot for which we can use Stumbleupon. Doing comments at others blog is also a good way.

    I haven’t used other blogs you have mentioned above. May be I will use them soon.;)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts,

    Have a nice day.:)

    Ravi Chahar invites you to read..Beginners Guide To Tell How To Install A WordPress Theme?My Profile

    1. Hi Ravi,

      Yes, indeed. While content is king there are other things that need to be done about our blog posts and promotion is a biggy.

      Thanks you for your input and have a great day ahead!

  25. Hi Sylvianne,

    You have shared an interesting and at the same time a controversial topic.From the SEO perspective, content is king, and if you are a blogger that really wants to focus on organic traffic, then concentrate on delivering top notch quality content.

    The definition of this top notch quality content should be the type that people will naturally want to share among friends, colleagues and even their enemies on social media platforms and other bookmarking sites.SEO is a constantly changing world of its own, and at the moment, if you invest on top notch quality, then don\’t worry about doing SEO and even promoting the content, it will naturally climb to the top of Google SERP.

    As to the use of stumbleupon and kinged; again, from the SEO perspective, those sources are not authoritative enough because of diluted link sources; therefore, do no waste your time there if you are thinking of getting backlinks.

    Those are my little cents…thanks for sharing…and it’s great to be back on your blog again after this long break ( taking care of my new born baby).

    James invites you to read..Responsive best Google Adsense ready wordpress themesMy Profile

  26. Hi Sylvianne,

    You have shared an interesting and at the same time a controversial topic.From the SEO perspective, content is king, and if you are a blogger that really wants to focus on organic traffic, then concentrate on delivering top notch quality content.

    The definition of this top notch quality content should be the type that people will naturally want to share among friends, colleagues and even their enemies on social media platforms and other bookmarking sites.SEO is a constantly changing world of its own, and at the moment, if you invest on top notch quality, then don\’t worry about doing SEO and even promoting the content, it will naturally climb to the top of Google SERP.

    As to the use of stumbleupon and kinged; again, from the SEO perspective, those sources are not authoritative enough because of diluted link sources; therefore, do no waste your time there if you are thinking of getting backlinks.

    Those are my little cents…thanks for sharing…and its great to be back on your blog again after this long break ( taking care of my new born baby).

    James invites you to read..Responsive best Google Adsense ready wordpress themesMy Profile

  27. Hey Sylviane

    It is my 1st time here and i found your article very much useful for me. As i found Do Splash here, i didn\’t knew about it before but from now i will also add this in my Blog submission list.You should also include reddit in this section as it is the powerful source of TrafficRegardsSuprabhat

  28. I do hope I wouldn’t be beheaded if I tell the world that I found this post on Kingged as well. Hahaha!
    I read the argument which was being channeled out between Kingsley and Madam Adrienne.

    But back to the main issue on board though, in as much as SU not being something favouring blogging niches, I do think it is worth using as well as I have had a couple of my posts getting more traffic through it.

  29. Hello Sylviane!

    Building a constant audience is one of the most difficult task to accomplish for a brand new blog.
    And here comes online marketing and social media.
    Plus, if you have already some good relationships with influential bloggers of your niche, then things become much easier.
    You can use blog commenting, or even ask for a shout out!

    I find blogging communities a great way not only to build traffic to a fresh blog, but also to create new connections with interesting people in blogosphere
    (By the way, I’ve created a blogging community named “Klinkk” – have you ever paid a visit there?).

    I want to let you know I pointed out to this article from my latest blog post, see the link in the CommentLuv section.

    Thanks for sharing and have a fantastic day, Sylviane! 🙂
    Erik Emanuelli invites you to read..6 Tips for Creating An Effective BlogMy Profile

  30. Hi All Here,

    Nice to be here again!

    Hey, this post created a slight storm here at kingged and also at Sylviane’s page!

    Though I am a bit late here to respond I am so glad that Ann brought out this post here. That’s really good to know. 🙂

    With all due respect towards Adrienne, I differ with her opinion or her unpleasant reaction towards the people who mention about her post found at kingged.com. at her place.

    I don’t find anything wrong in mentioning that I found this post at so and so place or page.

    Of course as she said it’s her blog and her rules if anybody break that rules she got every right to take action accordingly but at the same time people who are members and regular visitors at kingged.com are supposed to follow the stipulated rules at kingged.com too. Whoever may be each one has got their own rules let us try to follow these as much as we can. !! 🙂

    Though most of them from kingged.com are not directly posting the backlinks there in the comment box. But mentioning that they are here via kingged.com is not a big problem to many of them.

    Anyways, before meeting/visiting kingged wherever I visit I used to mention that I am here via so and so pages or I mention their names in the comment box. I think that is a good thing to make known who am I and from where I am from etc… even before reading the comment, I fully support this practice and i could not find any objection to this type of comments. And to tell you the truth. several of my comments I posted at Adrienne’s places I mentioned this note before or at the end of the comment for this I think there was no displeasure expressed by Adrienne 🙂

    Anyways Kingsley very well explained the things in the above comment. Thanks.

    I am sure Adrienne too might have noticed the traffic flow from kingged to her pages!!!

    As mentioned elsewhere, No doubt that will be a tremendous one. 🙂

    Of course as Adrienne, is no doubt a well-established blogger/writer she may not need that type of traffic to her blog page and after all it’s her blog and her rules let her decide who to comment and who not to comment 🙂

    Anyways, after all we are all bloggers from different nations cast creed and language. Of course belongs to different category, as someone said, let peace prevail among us.
    Let us continue blogging with a mutual understanding!

    All Good Wishes to Adrienne and Kingsley and all kinggers!!!

    Happy Blogging!

    May you all have a wonderful day. 🙂

    Best Regards
    ~ Philip Ariel
    PS: Thanks Ann P V for sharing this here 🙂

    PS: Hey Sylviane, I am not afraid instead more bold to say that I found this post at kingged.com Thanks for sharing this. Keep sharing
    Philip Varghese Ariel invites you to read..Adding Your Picture To Word Press Blog Comments Helps Brand You (A Guest Post by Chery Schmidt)My Profile

  31. Great article Sylviane!

    Your advice about actively promoting your blog posts, certainly took me a while to figure out! I was of the mistaken belief that good to great content would some how magically drive traffic!

    What a reality check! But thank goodness I found the likes of Donna & David Merrill and Adrienne Smith. Your advice is exactly right your real work begins after you hit the publish button.

    Although I’ve heard of both Kingged and Dosplash. I’ve yet to use either platform yet

    Thanks for sharing!
    Mark invites you to read..Why These Examples Of Target Marketing Really Work! Part SixMy Profile

  32. Content is surely the king but to rule, A king needs a kingdom. Promotion is equally required as creating killer content.Stumbleupon is the best site I think, you can see a lot interesting stuffs which makes you smile. Many of my posts got more than 2k traffic alone from this site. Even a post got 4.5K hits. Blogging community like kingged, klinkk and others are good for traffic and engagement. I am glad that you wrote down the post, Sylviane.

    1. Hi Atish, and thank you for your input about StumbleUpon which is the site that get the most controversies. Some people love it saying it brings them so much traffic and some say the opposite, complaining about the bounce rate.

      I really think that it depends what nice your blog is about and maybe how you use the site that can make the difference.

      Thank you so much for your input.

  33. Hi Sylviane,

    Really great post and topic.

    The thing is, content is less and less maintaining it’s status as king and people are starting to realize that it’s really all about promotion. That’s what gets exposure to the content that’s created.

    Regarding StumbleUpon, I’m through with them as a good, reliable traffic source. I had the same experiences as Adrienne and yourself.

    The sites mentioned here are all site that I frequent quite often and are great places to promote your content on. But like what Don was mentioning, you do have to spend a considerable amount of time promoting your content. I’m realizing that now.

    Great post. Have a great day and week.

    – Andrew

    Great post.
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  34. Hi Sylviane.Thanks for the heads up on DoSplash, and your comments on StumbleUpon. In addition to this, I also use BizSugar and Inbound – both of which are great platforms to share content and find content.I am already using Kingged. And I love it. And just for your info, you left me a comment on my blog and on Kingged.Because you did that, I checked out your blog, and I checked out you. First and foremost, you have a really great writing style with clarity and simpleness running through it. Second of all, your content is worthy, helpful and thoughtful.After spending 15 minutes on your blog, and reading some of the posts, I went back to your homepage, and hit the star to bookmark it. You are filed under \’Blogging Superstars\’. Just like other superstars, like Adrienne, Ryan et al.Without Kingged, I would not have found you.Have a great day.

  35. Hello Sylvanie,

    I think, writing quality content is enough when you have a decent number of readers who will share your content. But if you don’t have sufficient readers,then using sites like StumbleUpon, Kingged, BizSugar, DoSplash is must for content promotion.Otherwise all efforts will go into vain.
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