What is Smart Strategic Content Marketing?

smart strategy content marketing

smart strategy content marketing

What is smart strategic content marking? Are you using it?

By the way, I think that I came up with the term. I should trademark it because I’m pretty darn sure someone will want to steal it from me.

I was actually surprised to find NO content with this great keyword phrase.  How cool is that!

Content Marketing Used to be Everything but Smart

As a freelance writer, I remember the days when content was pretty much trash. Yes, that’s right. My work itself wasn’t trash, but the type of content that my clients wanted me to write for them was.

They used to want lots of fluff, keyword stuffed content that had one reason to be there, and one only; rank high on search engines. What’s even more amazing is that back then it seemed to work pretty good for many. Maybe because those guys managed to find people who were very motivated to buy their product while they didn’t mind the low-quality content.

However, this doesn’t work anymore.  Not by any mean.

The potential customer and search engine, both, have become much smarter, and the days of the lazy, lousy, fluffy content marketer are over.  For those who value quality, it’s actually good news.  For the others, they’ve had to recycle themselves or get lost.

Today, content needs to make sense. It needs to be smart, valuable and attractive.  If you can’t create such content, it’s going to be hard for you nowadays.  And to be clear, I’m not necessarily talking about writing skills here – even though it can’t hurt – but I’m talking about using smart strategies to create content as you’re using it to promote yourself and your business.

So, let me dissect my headline here and explain what I mean by SMART, STRATEGIC and CONTENT MARKETING.

What is Smart?

Smart means that you need to use your brain when you create any type of content.  In other words, use common sense.

For example, a blog comment is content, right?


I’m not only referring to articles on your blog here, I’m talking about any type of content you’re smart enough to create the right way (or stupid enough to do the wrong way, depending) before you attach your name to it.

When you comment on a blog post using just a couple of sentences that add no value what so ever, or worse even when your comment is completely irrelevant to the post (I see that every week on my blogs) you are not being smart about your strategy, to say the least.

If you’re still using content marketing this way, you’re either very outdated, or you have no common sense.

So, wake up and smell the roses. This is almost 2015 now, and you need, you absolutely NEED to know better by now.  No excuse.

Smart content marketing means you don’t do convenient, you need to do smart.  You understand that you need to give before you can receive. You understand that you write for the benefits of others before your own because that’s how it works.

So even in the case of a blog comment, you’ve at least tried to understand what the blog post was all about and you’ve given it some thoughts before sharing your comment.  You could input ideas, ask a question, give your point of view, etc.  There are many ways to be smart about it.

It’s the same thing with your blog.  Your articles can’t be just fillers anymore. Those days are long gone.  You need to write smart and usable content that people are actually looking forward to.  It may not always be the easiest and more “convenient” thing to do, but you’re not the one that needs to be pleased here because if you do, your business simply won’t grow.

You need to write for the reader – the potential customer – not you.

That’s smart content strategy.

A clear and simple example I can think of is the long email I sent to my brother the other day.  I could have sent it in English, right? It’s faster and it saves an average of 2-3 words per sentence to write in English as opposed to French, but what good would it do when I write to my brother?  None. Zero. Nada.  Because my brother doesn’t speak English.

Do you get my point here?

Many folks that are not smart about their content marketing strategies are doing just that. They’re writing in their own little language that only THEY understand, and because of that, they are failing miserably.

So, come out of your little bubble and start writing smart and for the reader first. Then, and only then, will your potential buyer pay attention to you.

What is Strategic?

Many marketing strategies that used to work yesterday don’t necessarily work today.  Content strategy has changed as well.

That’s what I like to call; smart strategic content, which means to have substance in what you’re sharing, no matter what form you use to share it.  It could be an article, a video, a post in a forum, a comment on a blog, even a tweet.  Your content needs to be valuable and caters to the needs of the consumer/potential customer.

If you’re using a good strategy, you could get absolutely mind blowing results.  If you don’t you’ll probably get nothing.   Here are 3 examples that comes to mind and which will help you see my point, I’m sure.

Two Good and One Bad Examples

Don Purdum

Don Purdum is a very talented and smart marketer, plus he’s got a nice personality which is an asset in business nowadays.   In other words, he’s got a great strategy.

Here are few examples of what he does:

He writes incredibly good content that makes sense and that really helps the reader understand how business promotion works in today’s world.

When you first come to his blog, he doesn’t ignore you. He replies to your comment and acknowledges you. And in case you’re thinking that everyone does that, let me tell you that they don’t.

Chances are that if you come to his blog he will come visit yours as well, and if your content doesn’t suck it might even share it.

He may even chit chat with you in response to a photo you’ve posted on Facebook.  It’s a great way to acknowledge a new follower/friend.

This guy knows how to market. His strategy works like a charm.  Once you’ve met Don, you won’t forget him.  He comes out as a nice guy, not a full of himself king of blogger.

Yes, even something as simple as being nice should be part of your strategy if you’re smart and if you’re in business selling something.  This could go a long way.

What type of blogger/marketer are you?  Do you try to connect in a smart way with your readers?

Adrienne Smith

Adrienne Smith is an incredible relationship expert (even though I know she doesn’t like the term) but she really is, and very soon she will have a product to prove it.

Adrienne’s got an incredible community at her blog and many members of such community have become very good friends of hers, and ready to help her when she needs it.  She’s experiencing this right now.  She’s told me how flabbergasted she’s been by the kindness and help she’s been received.

I told her that she gave free, so she’s receiving free. This is not something we can make up and fake, it’s actually part of the laws of the universe.

Giving, that’s Adrienne’s strategy.

I know she’s given to many people and she’s given to me personally as well, and that’s why she receives exactly what she needs right now.  Knowing how to give while you are trying to build a community and sell a product online, it’s a smart marketing strategy.

Mister X

Mister X is actually also a real person, but I’m going to keep his name anonymous to protect the guilty.  You see, Mister X is talented, but he’s rather selfish, impatient and a bit lazy too.  He had the idea that just because he created a product, people would want to grab it instantly.  Turns out that he was wrong.

Yes, his product has a market and he was told by quite a few people that it was an excellent idea, but he wasn’t smart about his marketing strategy.

He refused to follow the advice I was giving him, which was, in short, doing what Don and Adrienne (any many others) are doing.  I was telling him to go out and build relationships with other entrepreneurs and potential buyers.  I was telling him that he had to give before he could receive. I was telling him to create a blog to make himself more visible and available to others, etc.

I was telling him all that good stuff, but it fell on deaf ears, until recently that is, because he got tired of falling flat on his face.

So not too long ago he decided to join a group where he heard that he had to give first before he could receive.  He finally got it. But it took him two years to do so. What a waste.

You see, Mister X had a very bad strategy to market his product, and his strategy didn’t work.

Don’t be like Mister X. If you have a product (a digital product, a service, a blog, etc…) don’t be selfish, don’t by lazy and don’t be impatient.  Use smart strategies to promote yourself and the results will follow.

What is Content Marketing?

To take my own example here, content marketing could be the sum of all the posts of this blog.  But that’s not all. Content marketing is also all your blog comments, your tweets, your Pinterest and Google+ blurbs, and other forum posts…

Content marketing is any type of content you attach your name to. When you post those horrendous photos and videos on Facebook and make me want to look for the unfriending button, that’s content marketing too. So, please, do yourself a favor and be smart about the content you’re putting out there.

Your content marketing should help, encourage, inform, educate and inspire people, not repel them.  If you create anything else, you’re wasting your precious time, and you should be doing something else.  When I get comments that tell me how I am doing, I know that I’m on the right track. What about you?

Here are some of the cool comments I get on a regular basis for my content on this blog:

Hello, Sylviane Nuccio, I’m very happy to find this Beautiful post about Effective Guest Post. I’m very thankful for this post which teaches so many valuable things in all over Guest.

Sylviane, These are great tips on how to submit a proposal to guest post on a “mammoth” blog. This is a topic that I honestly haven’t given much thought to but (as someone who receives numerous submissions daily) I can recognize that your advice is spot on.

Hi Sylviane, Your 5 points are awesome and unique, you know at times it will seem as if everything about blogging is not real, but reading through your post here has rekindled the fire in me; though I am not tired yet but your post activated something in me.

What a fantastic post!!!! I love that you write from your experiences and from the heart. That’s what makes you such a unique blogger and writer and it’s easy to get to know you. 

Hi Sylviane, You’ve embodied each tip beautifully during your recent difficult times. Kudos to you for that.

Hey Sylviane Brilliant post! First off, I must mention that it’s my first time on your blog and I was wondering where the heck I have been online all these while not finding you.

Your Turn

So, how are you doing with your OWN content strategy? Are you being smart about it? Are you building a community of readers, followers, friends? If not, it maybe because you’re not applying the good examples in this articles.

OK, your turn now, let us know what is your content strategy if you’ve got a smart one!

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58 thoughts on “What is Smart Strategic Content Marketing?”

  1. Hey Sylviane,

    I can definitely say I wasn’t a smart content marketer when I first got on the scene LOL.. but in due time it all changed.

    In the blogosphere one must practice the law of reciprocity. Better yet, just give because you like to see your fellowman grow and become successful. With this mindset it becomes inevitable that success will come back to you!

    After really realizing this, I too have given this advice to others that send me a message to look at their products/services/opportunities. Some of them got mad because I didn’t, while a very small portion of them actually listened. Not that I’m a big guru or anything, but I was speaking from experience.

    I always listen to my blogger friends like you. Because of you my writing has improved and I have to commend you for that! As long as bloggers are writing content that is of value to their direct audience, then they will receive value in return!

    Thanks for sharing Sylviane! I hope you have a great week ahead!
    Sherman Smith invites you to read..Kingged.com Review: Why You Want To Be Active On Kingged.comMy Profile

    1. Hi Sherman,

      Now that you’re saying this it made me think of a few people who I don’t even know who have asked me to look at this or that. At times, I even said yes, and then forgot all about them. WHY? Not because I did it on purpose, but I’m a busy person and while I won’t forget about someone with whom I have some type of connection, I will forget about someone who’s faceless, so to speak.

      Thus the need to build those relationships and be a real person to those who are trying to connect with us.

      I’m honored if I helped you with your writing in any way.

      Thank you for your great input, and have a wonderful week!

  2. Hey Sylviane,

    Superb post, you explained some special thing about content marketing with Mister X.I would more prefer to build relationship among other enterpreneur as it will surely help me to boost my product reach. As you can see Adrienne has a big community as compared to others.It will surely help her to promote her product to a great extent.
    Thanks for sharing
    Suprabhat invites you to read..How to build Email List and Why it is essential ?My Profile

    1. Hi Suprabhat,

      Yes, I’ve put those different examples out there to show people what works and what doesn’t. It’s actually pretty easy to figure out, but at times people just won’t do it for one reason or another.

      I know that it also takes time, but at the end of the day, if we want to grow we need to be willing to make the time as much as we can.

  3. Hello Sylviane Nuccio,

    What an interesting and informational post this is backed up with some realistic examples.

    Blog commenting is the best way to build relationships with other people out there and I still can’t understand how people can comment even without reading a word in the article.

    You have to give before you receive as you wrote in the post. So why not to reward the content creator with a real and legitimate comment for his/her efforts? And this do help a LOT in the long-term.

    Thanks for this wonderful post. I hope you have a great week ahead.

    Gurwinder Singh Bhinder
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    1. Hi Gurwinder,

      Yes, when you back up your statements by some tangible examples, it’s always best, isn’t it? I’m glad you enjoyed the post and thanks so much for your feedback 🙂

  4. Hi Sylviane,

    One has to give (without expectations) in order to receive. Starting with our blogs, we have to answer each and every comment! Then reciprocate. It’s an easy habit to have and one that is a must!

    When creating a blog post, we have to give something for our readers to take away to learn something. When visiting other posts, we do need to read the post…then give a good comment.

    Those one liners never work. It’s funny to me how people don’t understand that when they visit someone’s blog to comment, it is part of our reputation. If we leave a one liner or say great post…it only goes to show how Mr. X would do it he he he

    I know Don and Adrienne well and you have gave a fine example. But you forgot you lol. When you comment on posts you do leave a great one! You are personable and will always reciprocate….sorry..just had to put that in there lol.

    Also…share share share! After commenting share what you have just read on social media. Give it a good introduction too. Gosh…these people deserve it putting their time and energy into that blog post.

    Great advice!

    donna merrill invites you to read..The Perfect BlendMy Profile

    1. Hi Donna,

      And you 🙂 too. I didn’t forget me, but it wasn’t about me, even though I mentioned the great comments I get. I still don’t think that I’m doing enough somehow, because I don’t have enough time to do so, but yes, at least if I comment, as much as I have something to say, I will leave a decent comment.

      Just few days ago, I accepted a comment but sent an email to the sender asking her if this was or wasn’t some kind of spam, because I was “this close” to reject it. Well, she got offended, and said, if you thought it was a spam this is will be my last comment.

      So I replied to her that instead of getting offended, she might want to learn something from that, reminding her that at least I asked and that many other folks out there would have just deleted it. What an idiot 🙂 No wonder those folks have no success. They are so self centered that they don’t see the forest for the trees. If someone “thinks” that you comment might by a spam, it means that you’ve got room for improvement in this area, duh! 🙂 I tell ya!

      Thanks for your excellent input.

  5. Hi Sylviane,

    That’s a great article and very unique and yes, I never read about smart strategic content marketing before. Now, that’s a smart title to your post.

    I love the two examples of bloggers that you mentioned, Don and Adrienne and indeed they are the best and they know what they are doing and I too learn a lot from them. They are good givers and they always go the extra mile for their readers and visitors. Glad you mentioned that we have to give first to receive, that\’s a golden rule.

    Indeed, having a smart marketing strategy can take us to heights we never dreamed of reaching. I can’t say that I have a smart marketing strategy yet but I can say I am a work in progress and I try to learn all I can to better myself and my strategy.

    Thanks Sylviane for a great share as always!! Lots of value!! Have a great week ahead.

    Be Blessed,

    Neamat Tawadrous invites you to read..7 Tips To Be A Leader From Where You Are!!!My Profile

    1. HI Neamat,

      I think that we all are a work in progress you know, I haven’t swallowed the magic potion either 🙂 but I’m learning by observing others and see what works and what doesn’t. What’s smart and what’s not.

      Nowadays the market is tight, so even though I do not like to use the word competition, there are many other people out there that offer what we offer so we need to be as good as we can’t to stay on top of our game.

      thank you for your valuable input.

  6. Hi Sylviane,

    Reciprocity works in life and blogging is no exception. It is all about giving first. Some people leave such awesome comments and some people do not. I think like anything it is a skill that has to be learned.

    Oh and yes I love the term “smart strategic marketing” not sure about trademarking it but it is a good one 🙂

    Great post Sylviane.

    Hope your week is going well.

    Sue Price invites you to read..Empower Network Turns 3My Profile

    1. Hi Sue,

      Yes, reciprocity does work indeed. I know we’re all busy, tell me about that, but if you’re going to comment on a blog and don’t have time to read the post and leave a decent comment, maybe postpone it until you have more time. That’s what I do.

      Thank you for coming and for your input Sue.

  7. Hey Sylviane,
    A great “re-thought” on content marketing I must remark! I agree, you should trademark the term “Smart Strategic Content Marketing” because I personally have never read of any detailed article on it! 😉

    You are right on points with the definitions of “smart”, “strategic” and “content marketing”. In fact, my key takeaway which covers the points shared is taken from this excerpt

    Smart content marketing means you don’t do convenient, you need to do smart. You understand that you need to give before you can receive. You understand that you write for the benefits of others before your own, because that’s how it works.

    Every blogger or Internet marketer must understand that many of the “strategies” that worked “yesterday” are outdated “today”. To Follow what works in the now is ‘smart’ for me!

    Applying smart strategies in content marketing helps to produce valuable and rewarding results. Every smart marketer must understand this. Becoming a success story begins with it adopting a smart strategy in content marketing that creates REAL VALUE for the target audience.

    The two good examples of content marketers that apply smart strategic content marketing are on track.

    I admire Don Purdum for his consistency in replying comments and sharing ‘fresh’ contents that keep adding value to readers.

    I admire Adrienne Smith for her resilience in sticking with what she believes in – giving quality without compromise!

    By the way, you are very smart about the bad example “Mister X”. Unfortunately, many content marketers prefer to stick the convenient, lazy, and selfish strategies that exemplify Mister X.

    Awesome post!
    This comment also shared in kingged.com

    1. Hi Sunday,

      Thank you for that excellent and well thought out comment and now that I see that quote of mine, I really like it. I am going to tweet it 🙂

      I appreciate you, and have nothing else to add to this complete and great comment 🙂

  8. Hi Ms. Sylviane

    I hope you are doing well.

    Excellent post and since you have coined the phrase Smart Strategic Content Marketing, you should trademark it.

    I also like how you have define the words on this statement you came up with.

    There is still so much to learn, but hopefully I am betting in my writing then when I started.LOL

    One area that I need to seriously work on is checking in on the comments.

    Thank you for always making me think.

    Gladys invites you to read..Life Is Govern By Choices, They Shape Our Life StoryMy Profile

    1. Hi Gladys,

      I’m glad that you see some progress in what you’re doing and that’s the most important thing.

      Twice in a row I have not been fortunate leaving a comment on your blog, the comment just never went through for some reason, but I’ll try again.

      Thank you for coming here.

  9. Hi Sylviane,

    Oh wow, I’m so touched that you used me as an example and boy are you right.

    I know that we are oftentimes told that we are our brand and that whatever we put out there for all the world to see no matter what it is is a reflection of who we are. So how do you want to be seen? What do you want to be known for? Some people just don’t think and it continues to amaze me on a daily basis that they don’t get this.

    You are definitely right that it’s not just about our content but our comments and our conversations. We’ve oftentimes been told how quickly someone’s reputation can be destroyed by something they said.

    People need to be smart about this before moving forward because everything they do online is a reflection of what they are trying to accomplish.

    Putting your heart into what you\’re doing and reaching out to help others, man that does go a long way and as you mentioned, I’ve truly been touched by the generosity that people have shown me lately, you included Sylviane. Seriously, I never expected this I really didn’t but it\’s what comes back to you when you genuinely care about helping others. It’s such a beautiful thing.I love your term and I have a feeling that people will be picking it up soon. We’ll definitely know where we heard it first right! Just bring them back to this post and there ya go.

    Great share Sylviane and fabulous message. Now let’s see how many people will take your advice as we bring this year to a close and move into a new one. I’m hoping a LOT.

    Adrienne Smith invites you to read..You are CRAZY If You Are NOT Doing This On Your BlogMy Profile

    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Ah, that’s why I was hoping you’d come 🙂 So now you know.

      What you said here is a great reminder. We know how at times famous people have ruined their reputation forever because of something they did or said. That’s quite common in politic but it happens to other famous people at times, so it’s the same thing with us bloggers. We need to be smart how we show ourselves, that’s so important.

      Thank you for coming and I’m glad you enjoyed this.

  10. Hi Sylviane,

    First, I want to express my deep gratitude and appreciation for your incredibly kind words. I’m blown away and so appreciative.

    It’s funny, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about content marketing of late and I’ve coined the term “context marketing” in my recent article titled “The Decline of Content Blogging in a Context Age”.

    There is so much worthless content on the internet that helps no one, says nothing and means nothing that I get frustrated by what is happening out there.

    I explain in the article how content has been greatly exaggersated, misunderstood and abused and that context is what really makes each blogger and article relevant to the reader.

    I really believe in 2015 we are going to see a major weeding out of bad bloggers who are lazy and want all the results without all of the work!

    Just yesterday at my high-end networking meeting in Washington DC people were making excuses for why they couldn’t market online the right way. Really? Then don’t bother. It’s not that hard it just requires common sense, effort, networking with the right influencers, time and hard work.

    I agree with Donna’s comment by the way, you forgot yourself!!!!! You are a fantastic blogger and person and I would recommend your services to anyone!

    Thank you again for the kind words and for being uniquely you!!!!

    I hope you have a great finish to your week!

    ~ Don Purdum
    Don Purdum invites you to read..The Decline of Content Blogging in a Context AgeMy Profile

    1. Hi Don,

      Well, you’re very welcome and thank YOU for your kinds words 🙂

      Truth be told, and I shouldn’t say that as a life coach, I guess, but I always feel that I’m not that great, so that’s nice to hear from someone like you 🙂

      In this post I didn’t want to talk about me, so you and Adrienne really came handy since what you’re doing is really smart and it works, so it was perfect examples for this article.

      I did show off some of the great comments I’m getting which are what makes me want to keep on, and improve every day.

      I’m glad you took the time to come here and have a great rest of the week.

  11. Hi Sylviane,

    I’ve learned all about giving and receiving in the last 2 years. I didn’t know a thing about it the previous 2-3 years before that. I had mentors, but none who knew how to do it right. Then, by chance I met Adrienne and Donna Merrill and you and Sue and things started to change. I still don’t think I’ve got it down quite right yet, but I do know what to do and it is just a matter of implementing. One issue is time, as always.

    I plan to get better and better at it and giving my time and experience is a goal of mine.

    Thanks for making this so clear. Great read and important information to share.
    God bless,
    Barbara Charles invites you to read..Five Reasons It’s Better To Have Your Own BusinessMy Profile

    1. Hi Barbara,

      You’re not the only one, you know, when I started blogging in 2007 and even when I joined a marketing teaching program in 2008, giving wasn’t really the focus, it was about finding the right keywords back then. But no keyword can make us succeed to the extent that knowing how to build relationships can.

      Thank you for coming and have a great weekend.

  12. Hey Sylviane,You smashed, after reading your post it was like Wow, and the examples which you have delivered with great flow of understanding words helped me a lot to understand the basic need of content marketing in this competitive environment, to be true being in this particular field i was like a new comer till date but after reading your post it seems that I\’m a professional ready to demand success.. thanks a lot for this adorable post…have bookmarked it for future…

  13. Smart content marketing is a great tool in the industry today, and like you rightly stated, many folks that are not smart about their content marketing strategies are doing just that. They’re writing in their own little language that only themselves understand, and because of that they are failing miserably.

    I used to be in this category until I came across Adrienne Smith blog and book. She taught me that it is all about building relationship, writing and speaking the language of your audienc e – it is a give and take thing.

    1. Hi Emebu,

      I think we may all have done that at the beginning. I think I was too, in a way, because that’s what I was taught by people who didn’t understand that doing business means building relationships and that it really applies to any type of business.

      Thank you for your feedback.

  14. Hi Sylviane,

    I love seeing Don and Adrienne as examples and fully believe in giving before receiving. Smart post! I intend to help, help and help some more to detach myself from outcomes. Don and Adrienne are masters at marketing smartly because they market others through all of the value they share, through comments, through tweeting, through G Plus sharing and through the value they provide on their blogs. They are champions.

    I intend to be smart, to help, to post thorough comments, to create helpful blog posts and to naturally over deliver in all I do because sowing freely means receiving easily. I’ve no problems helping and being helped because it frees me even more and helps me become more creative for everybody, which helps me, and everybody whose lives I touch. Coin it Sylviane, trademark that term 😉

    Thanks so much! Looking forward to your next post my friend, and tweeting from Bali.

    Ryan Biddulph invites you to read..10 Tips for Writing Fabulously Intoxicating Blog TitlesMy Profile

    1. Hi Ryan,

      You’ve done a pretty good job yourself since you’ve started your blogging from paradise blog.

      I can’t wait to free myself from some still time consuming things that I have to do for a little while longer, but I’m getting there. 2015 should be a much better year for me to spread my wings more and much better than what I’m doing now.

      You’re blog’s been very inspiring to me 🙂 Thanks for coming.

  15. Ciao, Sylviane,

    Your title is intriguing! – had to check it out. 🙂

    You’re on point, and I remember the days when content was trash and folks tried to game the system, keyword stuffing… What a joke.

    You’re spot on, my friend, content definitely needs to make sense and needs to be written for human beings.

    Common sense is lacking a lot of places on the web I’ve noticed so glad you mentioned this also.

    I think your tough love is called for about waking up and smelling the roses. There is absolutely no excuse for being lazy and not truly reading the article to engage with the person that wrote it.

    We do need to write in a language of our target audience just like you wrote your letter to your brother in French because that’s what he understands.

    This is a wonderful point that you made, thanks for the reminder.It definitely helps to have systems and checks in place in order to keep my content strategy consistent and cohesive.

    Excellent article, and I will be sharing with my friends as usual. 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend, and I will talk to you soon.

    – Carol
    Carol Amato invites you to read..10 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Carol AmatoMy Profile

    1. Hi Carol,

      Back in the days, from 2008-2010 especially, I remember the type of trash that was on the web. I used to have a program where you had to write the SAME article in three different ways, and the tool would write them another multiple ways. You can only imagine what the result of that would be right?

      This was done for one thing only, spread the article all over the place to get more chances to be seen, but you can only imagine how empty that content ended up to be.

      I’ve never liked that and I thought it was really stupid way before Google did, as a matter of fact 🙂

      Thank you for your input Carol and have a wonderful week!

  16. Hi Sylviane! 🙂

    I was glued with your takeaways here just like this one, it’s one of my favorite “Smart content marketing means you don’t do convenient, you need to do smart.” I concur with this/you.

    It’s obvious that there are many marketers who look after receiving first, than giving. We cannot deny that. Erase that attitude if you ought to be prolific in content marketing or in whatever field you are in! Yes, I agree once again, with you, “You need to write for the reader – the potential customer – not you.”

    To wrap it up, it’s great that you explained it all well and clear here. Smart, Strategic and Content Marketing, these must be understood.

    This comment was left in kingged.com where this post was already “kingged” and shared for Internet marketers.

    1. Hi Metz,

      I’m glad that you enjoyed this article and that you are aware of the importance of creating smart content for the potential customer/reader.

      Thank you for coming and have a great week ahead.

  17. Hi Sylviane,

    Luckily I did not have a taste for “stupid” content marketing strategy. I just didn’t like those meaningless comments and link building strategies even though I knew a lot of people did and it seemed to work. I thought it was just wrong and didn’t feel like even exploring those.

    However, I did go out and comment on a lot of blogs which would never return the favor or respond to any comment. But then, I did get a few backlinks through them and I don’t mind it.

    Eventually, I caught up with some good people and then started to engage with them on a regular basis, you being one of them. 🙂

    You are right. Success is largely connected to your ability to connect to others and engage with them. In the face marketing, marketing without engagement or marketing without a smart strategy as you mentioned, isn’t going to yield any significant success to anybody. Not today and not in future. What is wrong, will never be right no matter what!

    Thanks for this wonderful post and some great testimonials. I hope it opens some eyes 🙂

    Kumar Gauraw invites you to read..6 Steps To Becoming A Successful Thought LeaderMy Profile

    1. Hi Kumar,

      Nice to see you. I’ve been out of the loop quite a bit lately, but I intended to come back stronger soon, especially when my site will be anew. I haven’t forgotten it, just some things that had to happen first.

      As for me, like you, I’ve never liked that link building just to be link building, but it used to be big in the past. I’m glad that marketing has gotten so much smarter these days, even though, there’re still some people who seem to be so much behind and still try to spam.

      Thank you so much for coming and have a wonderful day.

  18. Hi Sylviane
    It is an old saying that speaks of the basic tips to become a successful entrepreneur. It says \”Think globally and act locally\”. This is most fit for offline entrepreneurship. For online marketing the best advice is to \”Think globally and act globally\” because communication facilities have shrank the distances and physical impediments are not more in interacting with clients and even fast transportation modes easily deliver the products anywhere around the world. Who can better understand your point of smart content writing better than me as I have practical experience of this point. I have a blog in my local language Urdu and despite working on it for three years I could not have ranked it up in any search engine nor could have increased its traffic beyond a certain level. Thanks a lot for sharing a post on a wonderful topic and you are right your keyword is great and I wonder why no one has noted it. Thanks for pointing it here.
    Mi Muba invites you to read..How to write quality comments on 30 blog posts daily in 3½ hours?My Profile

    1. Hi Mi,

      I’m glad you like that keyword phrase, I thought it was pretty good too.

      I know what you mean about your blog in the Urdu language, you can reach out to so many more people the world over in English anyways.

      Maybe in the future I may have a blog all in French, who knows, but it’s still the second or third most spread language of the world, I don’t mean by the most people, because that is Chinese, by the way, not English 😉 but it’s spoken in Europe, North America, Africa and quite a few Islands of the Pacific ocean, so that might be cool to do that some day 🙂

      Thank you for your feedback and have a wonderful weekend.

  19. Thank you so much mommy Sylviane, i am very lucky to have followed your link from oracleblogger.com who portrayed you as one of his boss.

    I am hearing this “smart content marketing” stuff for the first time here, i am pretty new to blogging and i know i have a lot to learn, i want to say you are one i will learn much from. Thank you for being there!
    Osuofia invites you to read..4 Best Forex Trading Techniques For BeginnersMy Profile

    1. Hello Osuofia,

      Wow, that’s so sweet of him. Was just chatting with him on facebook this morning and that’s how I learned that he was selling his blog to follow other endeavors of his.

      Well, I’m very glad you found me, and soon my blog will have a totally new look with much more content you’ll be able to learn from if it’s your wish.

      Thank you for coming, and nice meeting you.

  20. H Sylviane,

    Great post.

    Smart strategic content marketing huh? I’m on my way to the trademarks office now. Lol. Jks.

    But it really is an interesting phrase and concept.

    You know, in a sense, I could understand where Mister X would be coming from because that’s the strategy I wanted to implement when I first started out. My mentality was to have a static website and just sell my Info Products. I didn’t see the need to spend all that time online and blogging and so forth.

    But I quickly learned that my strategy, same as Mister X’s, was flawed. And I corrected it.

    We should all be like yourself, Adrienne and Don. Because that’s the better way to go about it.

    Awesome post, Sylviane. Keep coming out with smart strategic awesome content.

    Hope you have an awesome weekend.

    – Andrew
    Andrew M. Warner invites you to read..For Best Results, Don’t Ever Make These Mistakes Before You Publish Your PostMy Profile

    1. Hi Andrew and sorry for late response here, but being busy as I’m revamping my blog(s) and they’ll all be merging together – in a very nice way – very soon, so I’ve stopped posting for now, while still doing my rounds of blog reading and commenting so people will keep me in mind.

      Of course, we would all want to be like Mister X, we would love it to come up with a product and have people just flockto it, right? Well he himself is seeing the errors of his thinking as well, now, and he gets it that he will have to give more of himself to others to get something back.

      Thank you for your input and have a great day!

    1. Hi Michael, I’m glad you’re back. My site is under a huge revamp right now. Should be ready by next week. I hope you’ll come and check it out.

      Nice to see you again and have a great day!

  21. My whole business (and sites) all run on content marketing. My whole SEO process for my business blog runs around basic content marketing processes.

    It’s great, effective and it shows your knowhow. Much like what you are doing Sylviane!

    Back in the day, a lot of content = BAD! Nowadays, they are still there, but a lot of those that produce quality stuff are getting better and better so that’s certainly a BIG part of the future.

    Keep up the wonderful work!
    Dennis invites you to read..Why Blogging Can Help Your SEO: An Easy Way to Increase your Impressions by 110%My Profile

  22. Hey Sylviane,
    This is Superb post, you explained some special thing about content marketing with Mister X.I would more prefer to build relationship among other enterpreneur as it will surely help me to boost my product reach. As you can see Adrienne has a big community as compared to others.It will surely help her to promote her product to a great extent.Thanks for sharing
    Jassica Bella invites you to read..Term life insurance rates & quotesMy Profile

  23. Hi Sylviane!!
    I am new to your blog and I must say I am very glad to be here because Enstine muki had introduced me to your blog and I must say I am very grateful for your wonderful articles.
    First and foremost, I will love to say good content is good but its not just delivering that alone. You will need to understand that the content has to be in line with your niche.
    Often times people are in a money making niche and they are often compelled to talk about something else thats to tell you the lack the information to present to the community which is why they often forget their main aim.
    Having said this, I will love for everyone to engage in smart content marketing.

    Thanks for sharing!!
    Vandefan invites you to read..How to Reduce Bounce RateMy Profile

    1. Hi Vandefan,

      Well, I’m so glad that Enstine introduce you to my blog. That’s great. By the way my blog’s look is going to be much different next time you come back. Much better 🙂 I hope you’ll like it, and I’ll see you at yours soon.

  24. Hi Sylviane,This is my first visit on your site and really got impressed. :)What an amazing and informative post indeed.I really inspire with your great opinion, strategic for content marketing and i thinkblog commenting is a best way to make relationship..Thanks for sharing…Keep Continuing.

  25. Great post! It’s another learning method about Smart Strategic Content Marketing. This is very helpful and useful for the bloggers. I learned and many great ideas here. Thanks for sharing this.

  26. Hi Sylviane,

    How are you? Been sometime now dear friend! I hope you are doing good and great article you got there.

    I recently revamped everything I know about blogging and content writing. Consider it smart strategic content marketing? Maybe 🙂

    I would say it boils down to what you are good in. Instead of finding what you may good in, focus in what you are ALREADY good in and trust me, that would be the best strategy for you.

    Keep it up!
    Reginald Chan invites you to read..12 Content Curation Tools To Overcome Writer’s Block ForeverMy Profile

  27. Hi Sylviane,

    “Smart strategic content marking” may indeed be available. And if so, you probably should trademark it. It’s a good one. (I only have the “smart” and “content” in my trademarked tagline.) I would agree that having a great relationship-oriented strategy is very important.

    Too many would-be content marketers believe that if they just throw more posts out there, the results will pour in.


    1. Hi Cole,

      Great, I’m glad you like it.

      Yes, content alone is not enough anymore. God forbid those awful articles that used to circulate on the web when I first started writing for it. But am I glad those days are gone.

      I’m sorry if my blog gave you some trouble to post your comment it seems, as I just removed the /// in the middle of the text. Soon I’ll have a brand new design and theme, and hopeful this type of issues will be gone for ever.

  28. I wish I had seen this earlier. What an awesome post. I loved it from start to finish. You are right that keyword stuffing isn’t value. It is rubbish and won’t get you far with your readers.

    I love the bloggers mentioned to portray this point. The are super engagers and prolific writers.

    Today, solving people’s problem is smart strategic content. Thanks for sharing.
    ikechi invites you to read..Ask Yourself…Am I Where I Want To Be?My Profile

    1. Hi Ikechi, and welcome to my blog.

      I am very pleased that you like this post start to finish 🙂 what a nice compliment.

      I’m glad to meet you and I will be sure to check you out soon 🙂

      Happy holidays to you!

  29. Hi Sylviane,

    The days of keyword stuffed content are long gone. Search engines and the consumers have evolved, as you have very rightly mentioned. Thanks to the advancement, ‘Real Content’ is still valued and not the lousy ones.

    Very important point mentioned about commenting on blog posts. You should write comments to express your point of view and to add value, not merely for link building. A smart strategy will do you a lot of good as you pointed out.

    I loved your examples. These are real life scenarios that we often observe. In the end I think building relationship and content marketing go hand in hand. The more you give to the community, the more shall you receive. I really enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for sharing and you have a great week ahead!

    Arpit Roy
    Arpit Roy invites you to read..12 Step Checklist for Content Marketing After You Publish a New Blog PostMy Profile

    1. Hello and welcome here Arpit,

      I glad you enjoyed this post from last year, and I hope you will come again.

      Relationship building is a huge part of our business, and I feel that more an more people are starting to get it, which is good news.

      Thanks you for your great input.

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