French Ratatouille Recipe

The Word ratatouille comes from the occitan word “ratatolah” and somehow became a French dish from the Provence region, but people don’t have to be from Provence to prepare and enjoy this delicious dish.

The ratatouille is a summer Read more

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Chocolate Fondue

This is strawberry and other delicious fruits season, so I thought that I’ll show or remind you how to do a chocolate fondue.

For 6 Servings

– 300 gr of chocolate – Half a glass of milk – 40 Read more

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10 Great French Restaurants For You Next Visit To France

Le Nord –

I’m not going to lie to you, It’s a known fact that French restaurants are rather expensive.  Not only here in the US, but in France as well. I guess that’s because of the Read more

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Is The French Wine Industry In Crisis?

In the process of making this blog ever more interesting, and more outreaching to the public, I decided to start blogging more about new worth and interesting topics that are both newer and market targeted.

Of course, I will Read more

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Chocolate Walnut Cake

I know some of you might not like chocolate and some might not like walnuts, but the creativity of cooking means that you can take any basic recipe and replace it with the ingredients that you do like.

I Read more

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Five Most Favorite French Desserts

I don’t know about you, but as the Holidays are approaching, I’m starting to thing “sweet.” I could not spend the Holidays without treating me to some sweet, nice desserts. Not that I don’t do all throughout the year, Read more

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My Pear Tart Recipe

Here is the time to use seasonal fruits and make delicious desserts with them.

Last year at about this time of the year I had given you my apple tart recipe, and this year I thought I’ll share Read more

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Delicious Home Made Pizza From Scratch

Have you ever made a delicious home made pizza from scratch?

I’ve made the pizza that you can see below this past weekend.  I hadn’t made pizza in a very long while, but it turned out superb and Read more

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8 French Foods You Wont’ Find In The US

Cheese Truck

France is most definitely the country of food. I have to say that if you haven’t been to France, you can’t imagine how much food we have there.  Go to any food stores France, and you Read more

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Strawberry Blueberry Home Made Cake

With spring in full bloom and up coming summer I am going to share some nice seasonal recipes with you guys. Here is my Strawberry-Blueberry Home Made Cake. I hope you’ll try it and enjoy!

Here is a Read more

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5 Traditional Foods Real French People Cook At Home

This is an excellent guest post from my friend Annie Andre who lives in France with her family.  She coaches people how to move abroad on a budget, and today she wrote a post about 5 delicious traditional Read more

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France Traveler’s Practical Guide

In my series of useful posts for tourists I’ve written about how to use the  Paris Subway  and how to make sure French people won’t be rude to you, so far.  On this post I Read more

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Mardi Gras Day Of The Bugnes

Here it’s that time of the year, again!

What time is that? A time that happens every years around February or March, called Mardi Gras.

As I mentioned in my post last week about la Chandeleur, Read more

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La Chandeleur Crêpes Day In France

Like many traditions in France, la Chandeleur, a holiday celebrated on February 2nd has both pagan and religious backgrounds.

la Chandeleur is both a mixture of the  commemoration of “the light” and the presentation of Jesus Read more

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Is Wine Good For You?

It can be said that wine is part of French diet. Wine is served at every meal (except breakfast) and it is as common as the jar of water on every table. This is especially true for France, Italy Read more

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