Mother’s Day Special Dessert Recipe – My Strawberry French Delight

This is strawberry time and it means that Strawberry recipes has arrived.  Today I wanted to share one of my favorite OWN strawberry recipes with you which I called Strawberry French Delight.  This strawberry recipe started Read more

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Delightful Blissful Chocolate

Chocolate is loved by more than half of the U.S. adult population.  Americans spend about $55 per year per person in chocolate.  Yes, indeed chocolate is a delightful bliss, and chocolate lovers are not going to Read more

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Christmas Eve in France

Are you planning on going to spend a magical Christmas in Paris, France? At this time of the years, the city of light is getting dressed with the most beautiful Christmas lights you’d ever seen, and the city Read more

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The History Of Chocolat

Botanists say that wild cocoa trees likely grew in the Amazon and Orinoco valleys of South America thousands of years ago.  The history of chocolate shows that it was first the Mayas who cultivated the plant of the Read more

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A Tour Of Beaujolais Region

Beaujolais is a very important wine area of France and an ideal wine testing tour. Who has not heard of Beaujolais nouveau?

Beaujolais nouveau is released every year on the third Thursday of November. The most prominent Beaujolais nouveau Read more

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French Wine And Food

The author of this blog was born in France and what she misses the most in the country is probably the food and the wine.

France is the country of food. Lyon, the city where I was born Read more

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