French Ratatouille Recipe

French RatatouilleThe Word ratatouille comes from the occitan word “ratatolah” and somehow became a French dish from the Provence region, but people don’t have to be from Provence to prepare and enjoy this delicious dish.

The ratatouille is a summer dish since the ingredients are summer vegetables.

So today, I wanted to show you how I make my French ratatouille as I’ve learned to make it many, many years ago since my mother and my uncles’s wife made the best ratatouilles ever.

As you follow along the instructions you can also see a step by step in images.


  • One fresh onion
  • 3-4 garlic cloves
  • 4 fresh medium size french tomatoes
  • 4 zucchinis
  • 3 squashes
  • 2 green papers
  • 2 red peppers
  • A handful of fresh parsley
  • half a pound of sausage meat (just do without this if you’re vegetarian)
  • Vegetable Goya seasoning
  • Salt & paper
  • 3-7 table spoons of olive oil

In a kitchen mixer, mix the garlic, fresh onion and parsley until completely chopped thin. In a big cooking pan, pour the olive oil and wait until hot. When oil is ready, pour that mix in it.

When the onions start getting a golden color, pour the sausage meat and let cook until he meat is very well done (getting a bit brownish).

Ratatouille Step 1

In the meantime, you should have cut the zucchinis and squashes in small squares. When the onion/sausage mix is well done, pour the zucchinis/squashes. Mix well and cover until partially cooked.

Ratatouille Step 2

By then, you should have your papers cut in small cubs as well, and add them to the mix. Stir and and cover and let cook a little bit.

Ratatouille Step 3


Ratatouille Step 4

In the meantime, you should have boiled or steamed your tomatoes, so you can peel the skin easily. When your tomatoes are peeled, but them up and pour them into a mixer. than mix the tomatoes until you obtain a nice smooth sauce.

Ratatatouille Step 5

Then, pour that sauce into your mixed vegetables. and add some Goya vegetable seasoning, salt and paper.

Ratatouille Step 7


Ratatouille Step 6

Let cook at low to medium low heat for about an hour.

Ratatouille Step 8


Your mix should have changed color and look very appetizing.  You can serve ratatouille with rice, couscous or even home fries.

Serve together and enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed reading this recipe. Now, what don’t you try it? let me know what you think in the comment area below.


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6 thoughts on “French Ratatouille Recipe”

  1. Hi Sylviane,
    This sounds amazing. I’m use to making ratatouille with eggplant. I’m going to have to try this one next. I can’t wait. Oooh with a nice, crusty bread and glass of wine! Yum. Thanks for sharing. Have an awesome weekend.
    Lisa Magoulas invites you to read..Healthy Snack IdeasMy Profile

    1. Hi Lisa,

      That’s right with crusty bread and wine, hummmm so good.

      In fact, yes, a lot of people do put eggplants in ratatouille, but I like eggplants only when it’s cut very thin and blackened, so I do not like it in ratatouille, but that’s just me.

      By the way I have another dish with eggplants coming up here soon 🙂

      Thanks for coming by.
      Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..French Ratatouille RecipeMy Profile

  2. Hi Sylviane,

    Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. I’ve tried it a few times myself, but it was not as good as this one! As a vegetarian, I use fake ground meat that is made from vegetable protein. That wasn’t in my recipe, neither were a few other ingredients.

    Summer is around the corner and I’m growing most of the vegetables in this recipe in my garden. I just put this in my “recipe folder” on my desk top.

    I am so excited to make this!

    donna merrill invites you to read..Taking Time For Your SelfMy Profile

    1. Hi Donna,

      I’m so glad you’re excited about this recipe. It’s really good. by any mean the saussage meat can be replaced by verggy ground or nothing at all, and it’s still delicious.

      Let me know how it goes 🙂
      Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..French Ratatouille RecipeMy Profile

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