5 Misleading Beliefs That Hold You Back

Five Misleading Beliefs That Hold You Back

There is nothing worse than a misleading belief.


Because a misleading belief  is very strong and will usually hold you back.


Because we don’t just have beliefs we are our beliefs. They are part of us. Read more

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How To Learn To Focus On Abundance?

You know what all personal development coach say, don’t you? What you focus on is what you will attract. Because what you focus on expends.

This means that if you don’t have enough of anything that you truly want Read more

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How Can Toastmasters Help You In Your Personal Life And Business

First off I wanted to let you know that I’m changing the day of my weekly post on this blog from Wednesday to Thursday.

The two main reason is that Wednesday is too close to Monday the day I Read more

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How To Attract The Right Clients For Your Business

I would be lying to you if I didn’t say that I’ve asked that question myself over and over.  As a matter of fact, for the longest time, my very situation was proof to me, and unfortunately to Read more

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How Much Negativity Are You Still Holding On And How To Get Rid Of It?

The more time you invest in personal development and coaching, the more you’ll become aware of your own negativity.

By the way, when I say negativity I don’t mean that you’re a complaining person. What I mean by negativity Read more

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How To Make Sure Your Positive Affirmations Work And See Results Once For All – Part Three

Before you start reading this post, if you haven’t read part one and part two yet, I suggest that you do this first, in order to get the whole spectrum of this topic.

We’ve all heard how many people Read more

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How To Make Sure Positive Affirmations Work And See Results Once For All – Part Two

This is part two of this series of three where I will be showing you how to make sure your positive affirmations work in order for you to see results as you practice them every day.

In part one Read more

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How To Make Sure Positive Affirmations Work And See Results Once For All – Part One

This is going to be an exciting series, and I hope that if you follow along (in practice) you’ll see how much you can change in your life in a short period of time.

If everything is rolling fine Read more

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Spiritual Awakening Have You Ever Had One Yet?

Sadly, some people live their entire life without ever touching the surface of their spirituality.  Curiously, in the comments of one of my blog posts a while back, I realized that some people actually link spirituality with religious Read more

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How To Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking

Do you have fear of public speaking? I know I used to.  But in my case, the theater killed it over two decades ago, and it never came back.

What about you? Are you someone who feels that Read more

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How To Train Your Brain To Enhance Your Life

Do you know that your brain can be trained? Well, of course I do, I can hear you say!  So how is it going with you?

Our brain uses energy, just like our body. If we run or Read more

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Why Knowing Your Values Can Change Your Life?

Many people are born, live and die without finding themselves, because we live busy lives stuck between trying to make living, making mistakes, worries and regrets.  I mean, really, unless we were born and raised under perfect Read more

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Finding Your True Identity And Breaking The Negative Patterns

This month of March is over, and I’m sure glad it is. Why am I saying this? Well, it’s interesting, because it’s also the month where I got to be a certified coach, so one should think that Read more

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Do You Want To Be Successful Or Do You Want To Be Right?

Yes, do you want to be successful or do you want to be right? Why am I asking this question you may ask? Well, we’ll see as we go along on this post.

It’s fair to say that there Read more

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What is Emotional Intelligence?

I’m so fortunate to have good blogger friends that were able to write my blog posts for me this week, so my blogs wouldn’t be empty for the second week in a row.

Writing a blog post takes more Read more

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