How To Make Sure Your Positive Affirmations Work And See Results Once For All – Part Three

How To Make Sure Your Affirmation WorkBefore you start reading this post, if you haven’t read part one and part two yet, I suggest that you do this first, in order to get the whole spectrum of this topic.

We’ve all heard how many people who have tried to include positive affirmations into their life, have not always been able to see tangible positive results.  I know it was certainly the case for me.

This lack of success is usually due to the fact that while we may repeat our affirmations every day, we, somehow, do not truly believe them.

It’s one thing to say “I’m a millionaire” but it’s another to truly feel and  believe that you are.

When we don’t believe our affirmations at a subconscious level, even though we might speak them out loud again and again to exhaustion at times, they won’t bring us the results we’re looking for.

In part two of this series I was talking about conscious ordering vs. subconscious receiving.  It’s a must that the two connect in order for our affirmations to work. When they do connect, however, affirmations can create miracles and you’d be amazed how positive affirmations can change your life. How much your might ask?

Well, very much so, I might say. Positive affirmations can help you:

  • Lose weight
  • Quite smoking
  • Increase your income
  • Find the perfect life partner
  • Find the perfect job
  • Start the career you’ve always wanted
  • Live your passion
  • Generate an extra million dollar
  • Get rid of any bad habit
  • Take on good habits
  • Change personality traits
  • Travel wherever you want in the world
  • Move wherever you want to move
  • Be successful at anything, etc…

They are many more affirmation out there  to change whatever it is you want to change in your life. So, what a waste it would be if your affirmation didn’t work because you don’t truly believe them, yet.

In my last post I talked about tapping your negative vibrations away first, while gradually tapping your positive affirmations in to emphasis your beliefs and getting rid of the negativity that gets in the way which prevents positive affirmations to work.

Today, I wanted to talk about another wonderful way of testing your own beliefs and improve the subconscious impact that you can have on your positive affirmations. For this I use a wonderful tool that I’ve come to love and use every day.  This tool can SHOW you what you wouldn’t otherwise see, which is your true subconscious beliefs.

What I’m talking about here is the pendulum.  If you’ve never used a pendulum before, you may not have any idea about what it really is and how you can use it to control your positive affirmations better. If so, then this post is for you!

Here is a little secret. I’ve started using pendulums only a few months ago, and I simply love it. I’ve learned so much about this in a short time, that I will be teaching some of these things to any of my clients who will want to learn more, and I will discuss the pendulum in upcoming posts as well.

You can use the pendulum for countless use in life, but for starters, you can use it to figure out if you truly believe your affirmations and adjust them as needed. This is what I want to discuss in this post today.

Using Pendulum for AffirmationsWhat is a Pendulum?

A pendulum is any sort of weight hanging on a string or chain.

A pendulum is NOT magic, so you can use any medallion on a chain, and you’ll have your pendulum. That’s what I used when I first started.

Then, I decided to purchase three beautiful pendulums made of opal gemstone and amethyst crystal (seen on the picture), because I wanted real pendulums that I could carry around with me at all time, but you don’t have to have that in order to do the exercises I’m going to mention here.

How Does a Pendulum Work?

Again, there is nothing magic (in the negative sense of the word) about how a pendulum work, and when you come to understand this, you will probably have a totally different view about this tool if you have a negative view about it.  As a matter of fact, if you have any doubt, you can actually use your body as a pendulum, and you’ll get the same result, but the pendulum is more practical. You’ll see why when you come to understand this.

The reason why a pendulum moves while you’re not moving the hand that holds it, it’s because the motion is caused by the subconscious mind. So, a pendulum shows you what you know subconsciously, which is otherwise basically impossible to see.

When asking questions, you subconscious mind sends undetectable contractions of the muscles that makes the pendulum move in one way or another, even if you actually refrain from moving your hand consciously.

Yes, that’s all there is to it. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

The Four Universal Signs of the Pendulum

The pendulum can show you for signs: Yes, no, I don’t know, or don’t want to answer, and I need more information.

1 – The Sign for YES

If you tell your pendulum give me a sign for YES while you’re making sure your hand is totally still, your pendulum will start moving from front to back, for most people, since this is the universal sign.  However, you may have a different sign of your own.  You will find that out when you try.

2 – The Sign for NO

If you ask the pendulum to give you a sign for NO, it will move from side to side (left to right), which is also the universal sign for no. Again, yours may be different.

3 – The Sign for I don’t want to answer/I don’t know

If you ask your pendulum to give you a sing for I DON”T WANT TO ANSWER, it will turn counter clock wise, which is the universal sign for this answer. For some people it may stay still.

4 – The Sign for I need more information

If you ask the pendulum to give you e a sign for I NEED MORE INFORMATION it will move in a slant way. Universal sign for this.

These are what we call the universal signs and they are mine as well.  They are called universal because just like most people are right handed, these are the signs most people get, but just like there are also some left handed people, some people do have slightly different signs.

For example your YES could be turning clockwise rather than front to back.  But it doesn’t matter, how YOUR pendulum decides to move, as long as YOU know what are your yes, no, don’t want to answer or need more information.

Before you do anything else with a pendulum you need to test your signs.

Testing Your Pendulum

Just stand or sit still, and place your pendulum in the hand that you use most and hold the pendulum in front of you at chest level.  Then ask (out loud or in your head it doesn’t matter at all) give me a sign for YES. In just about 2- 3 seconds your pendulum will give you your yes sign. Once that’s clear. Stop the pendulum and ask it “give me a sign for no” and you’ll see your pendulum giving you that sign as well.

Stop the pendulum and start again with the request “give me a sign for “I don’t know” and give me a sign for “I need more information.” Your pendulum will give you those signs as well.

[box type=”blue”]NOTE:

It worked instantly for me. However, each person is different.

If you’re not an open minded person, it may take longer for your pendulum to respond.  So if you feel that you’re one of those doubtful out there; tap those negative vibrations out BEFORE you use the pendulum.[/box]

If you’ve never used a pendulum before, you will feel that you’re meeting your subconscious mind for the first time.

As I said above, the subconscious mind of the person holding the pendulum causes the muscles to react unconsciously and that’s what moves the pendulum in one way or another. So in other words, your pendulum is that visible link between you and your subconscious mind.

I was so excited when I first tried this that I was jumping up and down. In my case I know for sure that’s the law of attraction that directed me to the pendulum, so if you’re reading this blog post, my guess is that’s the same thing for you.

Testing your Positive Affirmations with the Pendulum

One thing is sure is that the subconscious doesn’t lie (it cannot), thus your pendulum doesn’t lie either since it’s only a visible reflection of your subconscious mind.

When you want to test an affirmation, just hold your pendulum and say your affirmation.  Let’s say your affirmation is “I’m successful,” just hold the pendulum as you say “I’m successful” and see if you get a yes, no or I don’t know sign.

If you get a yes sign as you’re saying your affirmation, then you’re good to go. Your subconscious is actually believing that affirmation. However, if you get a no or I don’t know sign, it means that you don’t subconsciously believe your affirmation.

Now, how great is that? It’s marvelous, if you ask me.

For the first time you will finally know for sure if your affirmation have done any good for you so far or not.

Now, this all well and good you might say, but how do I make sure that I do believe my positive affirmation? That’s very easy, and it has worked for me like a charm.

How to to Test if you Believe your Affirmations Subconsciously Using the Pendulum

First off, do a basic test. Hold the pendulum and say, “my name is… (your real name),” and you’ll see the pendulum say yes.  Then say, “my name is… (another name),” and you’ll see your pendulum say no.  Once you’ve got that down, start testing your affirmations.

If you spotted that you do not truly believe an affirmation because of the use of the pendulum, you can also use the pendulum to make sure your affirmation goes to your subconscious mind.

In order to do this, all you need to do is hold your pendulum again, and keep saying your affirmation until your pendulum gives you a yes sign.  After just a few seconds (again may be longer for some) you’ll see that your pendulum will eventually give you a yes sign.

The reason why this happens is that while the pendulum is not “magical” on its own, it is a tool that links your conscious to your subconscious, so it has the power to switch a belief pretty fast.  This is really amazing.

Try again the next day and see how your pendulum reacts to your affirmations. If you get a yes right away this time, it’s a sign that you now subconsciously believe your affirmations. But if you get a know again, all you have to do is repeat the process until you get an instant yest every time you test your affirmation.

It’s a good thing to test your affirmations  regularly as you may have a relapse here and there when you’re still new at this. But over time, you will notice that your pendulum will keep saying yes.

I had planned to post a video, but I ran through a technical problem, however, I’ll be adding a video to this post later on.

I hope you enjoyed this. Let me know in the comment area, and ask me any question you may have that wasn’t clear for you yet.

For those who don’t know it yet, I am a life coach and I can teach you how to use the pendulum more fully in my coaching sessions.  Take advantage NOW as my fees will go up very soon.


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16 thoughts on “How To Make Sure Your Positive Affirmations Work And See Results Once For All – Part Three”

  1. Hi Sylviane,

    I am loving this series! Ah the pendulum – You have explained this perfectly. So many push this off by magic and it is not. Instead it IS something that comes from the subconscious.

    I have used them myself and it does work. For me, it started right away because I did have the understanding of how it really works. There was no magic to it, but rather my subconscious mind.

    I love the picture of the pendulums you use. The opal one is just so beautiful. Each pendulum will carry different energies, so it was good to see that you purchased a few.

    I want to thank you again for writing the truth about pendulums. Too many people think it is a magical process when it is not.

    donna merrill invites you to read..Blogging For Network MarketersMy Profile

    1. Hi Donna,

      For sure I don’t feel there’s much anything I could write about that you haven’t tried before 🙂 I was sure you did.

      I love those pendulums.

      Each night I do a very special prayer for my Sophie that involves meditation, and before and after that prayer, I take my pendulum and say “healing Sophie” over and over several times and the pendulum agrees with me, so it really increases my faith. Love that!

      Thanks you for coming my friend 🙂

  2. Hi Sylviane,

    Another great and amazing thing to learn. The Pendulum!! I have never heard about it but it is so cool that it links the conscious with the subconscious.

    Can the pendulum be used without the tapping or we have to do the tapping still? I mean can it be used on its own?? I know the tapping works to get rid of the negative beliefs and replace them with the positive ones.

    Thanks Sylviane for another great post and thank you for answering my questions. Have yourself a great rest of the week.

    Be Blessed,

    Neamat Tawadrous invites you to read..9 Ways On How To Develop the Entrepreneurial MindsetMy Profile

    1. Hi Neamat,

      Oh, yes, sure. The pendulum is a totally different thing, and can be used with or without tapping, and in any case they are never used together at the same time.

      In this case, it’s a useful tool to test our true beliefs, but pendulums are used for tons of different things.

      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed this series, Neamat, and nice having you back here for sure 🙂

  3. Hi Sylviane,

    First I have to say that I LOVE this series. Second I want to say that I do appreciate what you’re teaching here. I started doing the tapping video but I actually found a different one because when I was taught tapping you did it under the arm as well and the video you shared didn’t. I found one that taps for wealth period and I felt more comfortable with that one. I’ve been doing that twice daily since you shared it last week.

    So on to the pendulum. I use the pendulum but for other reasons. As you and I have talked before, I started using it to speak to my spirit guides. When you were talking here about the directions of the yes and nos, mine are reversed when I talk to my guides. All I’m able to ask them are yes, no or maybe. Now when I just tried it in the example you gave I’ll be darn but it actually went in the directions that you said.

    I also will tell you that when I said all of my affirmations I got all yeses. Yay!!! It really hasn’t been too terribly long that I’ve actually truly 100% believed that what I desire is mine. I don’t have to tell you how difficult it is to stay in that mind frame but I’ve been accomplishing it and I have to tell you that I think the tapping is really helping too. I just feel so darn good after I do it and I have been doing it twice a day.

    My session with you was a tremendous help also so I want to be sure and thank you for that as well. I think it’s been a combination of things that I’ve been doing and learning lately so with all of that I’m finally in the vortex as Abraham likes to say. I couldn’t be happier either. I’m just so excited.

    Thank you again Sylviane for all that you do, you’re an awesome teacher. By the way, I left a message in our Facebook group of ladies so be sure to pop in and check it out okay! Have a good weekend.

    Adrienne invites you to read..The Worlds Best Blogging AdviceMy Profile

    1. Hi Adrienne,

      I’m so, so glad you’re enjoying this!

      Actually this lady does tap under the arm too, but I don’t know why she doesn’t do it on this particular video.

      I do the underarm myself too. Indeed, the video you want to follow doesn’t matter. Eventually you’ll probably do it on your own without any video at all. I go to the park every evening , and after my walk I find a quiet place in the woods and do my own tapping session, then I huge a tree, which is good for the root chakra. I know that if someone has ever seen me they thought I was crazy LOL!

      Yes, tapping is GREAT. I had myself got lazy with it and now, man I do twice 10 minute a day. The feeling when we’re done is so good, isn’t it?

      As far as the pendulum, maybe you were not doing it right, that’s why you noticed that the pendulum was doing as I said. No sure. For one thing, I’ve learned from pendulum experts, you know. I didn’t know anything about it before. I don’t think I knew that you used to use pendulums. Men you’ve done it all girl!

      I had shot a video, but something went wrong and could never publish it, but will do later.

      OK, I’ll be sure to check that message. I’ve been so darn busy lately that I’ve barely been on Facebook, but will do later today.
      Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..How To Make Sure Your Positive Affirmations Work And See Results Once For All – Part ThreeMy Profile

      1. Yeah, I knew the video wouldn’t really matter but since I’m not that good with it yet I need to follow someone’s directions before I can just be able to do it on my own. The message of the one I’m following is more inline with what I wanted anyway.

        Actually when I started doing the pendulum I asked it to show me a yes and the pendulum moved in a particular direction. Then I did the same thing with a no and maybe so my spirit guide showed me these so when I asked him questions I would no what he was saying to me. It wasn’t my subconscious doing this at all, this is something totally different for me. Maybe that’s why the directions were different. Either way, I’m jumping for joy that I’m finally there ya know! Yay!!!

        I know you’ve been so busy so that’s why I thought I would just take this opportunity and tell you! Thanks!

        Adrienne invites you to read..The Worlds Best Blogging AdviceMy Profile

        1. Yes, now I get it. If you’ve used the pendulum to communicate with spirits it’s different in a way, and I don’t know all the details about that, but for beginners it’s always good to set our basic yes, no, I don’t know and I don’t want to answer.

          Guess what? Off topic I’ve asked my pendulum if my brother was trying to contact me about a month or so ago, and the pendulum said YES. Then he contacted me through his lawyer as you know a couple weeks ago.

          I was just replying to Donna that I am doing a special prayer for Sophie every single night that also involves meditation, and before and after the prayer session I take my pendulum and say “healing Sophie” over and over several time and my pendulum says YES very strongly, so it really helps me with my faith too 🙂

          1. One thing I have learned about talking with my spirit guides is if I want something really badly they’ll tell me what I want to hear because it’s my subconscious interfering. I have to tell them specifically to tell me the honest truth and don’t listen to what I want.

            Oh really? So he did try to contact you first himself. I wonder why he didn’t have any luck with that. I hope you two have connected by now but I hope to hear all about that soon.

            I do a special prayer for Sophie every single morning too as you already know so I’m not surprised that your pendulum is confirming this for you Sylviane. It’s like being in the vortex, you just know that you know and there is no need for explanation. That’s when things will start to come our way and Sophie’s healing is one of those major things. 🙂
            Adrienne invites you to read..The Worlds Best Blogging AdviceMy Profile

          2. Yes, Adrienne, it’s possible to influence our pendulum one way or another, so I have a couple of techniques that I use to fix that. I’ll do more posts and videos on the subject.

            No I mean that about a month before my brother did contact me through his lawyer the pendulum told me YES when I asked the question if my brother was trying to contact me. Now the lawyer told me what I asked him, which is that my brother contact me directly, but he hasn’t yet.

            I will forever be thankful to you Adrienne, for all the prayers you’re saying for my Sophie. If she’d met you she’d love you, and I’m sure you’d love her too. All my closest neighbors know and love her, because they see how friendly and loving she is 🙂
            Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..How To Make Sure Your Positive Affirmations Work And See Results Once For All – Part ThreeMy Profile

  4. Hi Sylviane,

    Interesting part yet again 🙂

    Yes, I’ve heard of the pendulum and many people use it even in our end, while some believe in hypnosis too, though for that they use other things and that’s a different topic altogether.

    I think the pendulum makes you believe or self affirms your beliefs. If you believe strongly in something and say a positive or yes, it would show you the yes signal, and if you don’t believe and are negative, it would show a no, quite like your subconscious as you mentioned, which works the same way, isn’t it?

    Haven’t really tried it out, but would love to, with more peaceful time in hand as if you rush through such things, they never work either.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂
    Harleena Singh invites you to read..The Best Gift You Can Give Your Dad On Father’s DayMy Profile

  5. Hi Sylviane

    I am also familiar with the pendulum but never used it. Again like i said in part two of this series I have friends that work in healing and use these tools. Now you have inspired me to not rely on other people and use some of these tools myself.

    I have never seen this as magic but sort of thought you had to be trained to use one so thank you so much for the explanation.

    I have loved these posts Sylviane.

    Sue Price invites you to read..Getting Through Hard TimesMy Profile

    1. Hi Sue,

      Maybe that’s why so many people do not use those tools, they feel that you have to have special skills, when you don’t really.

      I’ve recently purchased a book about the use of the pendulum, and while it says there that it may take a year of practice to totally master it, anyone can use a pendulum and practice on a regular basis, and become a master pendulum user.

      I have only 2-3 months of practice and it already works great for me. I hope you can try it.

      Thank you for coming.

  6. Hi Sylviane

    Actually glad you wrote it out instead of making a video. Much prefer to dwell on what is being said with the words. Will have to give this a try. Did not know that it would be a good way to program the subconscious and make sure it was getting through with the affirmations. Always wondered if what I wanted to believe was actually something I believed, now I see there is a way to find out. Will have to try this when I am alone for awhile tomorrow.

    Great series.


    1. Hi Mary,

      How are you? I miss your blog 🙂 but I hope you are doing what you really want to do.

      I’m so glad you came to this post and learned how you can make sure your affirmations are real to you. By the way, my last post has 2 videos that will now help you SEE how it works if it helps any.

      Thank you for coming and have a wonderful weekend.
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