How To Make Sure Positive Affirmations Work And See Results Once For All – Part Two

How To Make Sure Your Affirmation WorkThis is part two of this series of three where I will be showing you how to make sure your positive affirmations work in order for you to see results as you practice them every day.

In part one, I talked about the basis knowledge we need to have in order to create our affirmations the right way, and I also discussed the fact that we need to destroy negative patterns, so we can actually believe our new positive affirmations.

In part one of this series I also emphasized the fact that any affirmation that you do NOT believe won’t work for you, so the trick is to make sure that one way or another you can learn to believe your positive affirmations.

In order to do this, I found two ways that really work, not only for me, but apparently for most people who have had issues with subconsciously believing they own affirmations of success.
So, today I wanted to start with the number one technique which will probably be the easiest of the two – at least for some of you.  However, I they both work great for me, and I use them both all the time.

Just a note before we start, though. These two techniques will always work best on open minded people. If you are a close minded person it might not work for you.  This is just part of some of the Laws of the Universe. You’ll receive in accordance to what you send out.

There’s little hope for you to receive abundance if what you are projecting is doubt.

Releasing your Negative Pattern by Tapping it Away

One of the best ways to un-block some deep down subconscious beliefs that may be blocking positive results is to tap them away.

I was introduced to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also called tapping back in April 2007. The way tapping works is very similar to the way acupuncture works (that’s why it’s also called acupuncture without needles).  Instead of planting golden needles into specific areas of the body to heal other parts of the body as well as organs, EFT uses tapping on different parts of the body (mainly the upper part) to release emotional and mental blocks that may be located in totally different parts of your body as well as you conscious and subconscious mind.

If you are not familiar at all with tapping, EFT tutorial page, so you can better understand how tapping works.

Tapping has not been known – at least to the general public – for very long. As a matter of fact, I speak to people on a regular basis that have never heard of this wonderful method yet, and among those who have heard of it, many have not yet tried it.

If this is you, let me tell you that EFT works.  As long as you do it right and on a daily basis, you’ll see some results if you practice EFT.

Make sure you get into the habit of tapping each morning before you start your day, and before you go to bed.  But if you prefer doing it other times of the day, that’s fine too.  What’s important to understand is that tapping sessions work best over time, especially if there’s lots of negative feelings you need to get rid of.

Conscious vs. Subconscious

When your affirmations don’t work, or even if you feel deep down that you’re just saying I’m wealthy, I’m successful or I’m healthy, but truly don’t believe a word of what you’re saying, it’s because you have blockages that are preventing your affirmations to go from your conscious ordering to your subconscious receiving.

As I have explained in previous posts over the years on this blog, we have “gate keepers” which job is to prevent anything that is not useful (or new) to penetrate our subconscious mind.  At least not easily. This is actually a natural protection for us, but unfortunately it can also be a problem to let new useful and wanted information to get in.

Normally, over time repetition with the belief and feelings that go with them, should work, but in some cases, if there is an underlying deeper issue, it can prevent any type of affirmations you may be practicing to work at all. Because there’s something totally blocking any new ideas.

That’s why only wanting something consciously and matching that want or desire – what’s called being in alignment – are two different things.

As long as there’s no alignment, no match, there’s no positive result, even with positive affirmations.

Affirming and Confirming Negative Feelings and Blockages

In my last week’s post I was giving the example of vaccination, which is basically mimicking a virus in order to prevent such virus (the real one) to invade the body. I nicknamed it killing with kindness. Let’s give the body a sample of that bad stuff, so it can better defend itself against the more dangerous real version.

You know, as they say, don’t turn your back to your enemy, but rather try to know them, so you can better fight against them.

It’s the process that we are using with typing.  We accept our negative vibrations and beliefs in order to better get rid of them. Once you do, you will better be able to let new fresh information in.

So, here is how it’s done…

Make sure you have 5 minutes of uninterrupted time at hand. Also, tapping should be done when you’re alone.

1)      Start with the karate chop point and tap away all your negative feelings. As you tap, say out loud what you feel is blocking you.  Totally admit it to yourself and to the universe that you have that block or blocks in you. Start you sentence why the statement “even though…” (see video).

2)      Then tap the points shown on the video or specified on my EFT page saying out loud again your negative feelings, and lack of attracting what you want one by one. This is the time to totally speak out your negative stuff. Do that for two to three rounds (as shown on the video).

3)      Then keep going as you gradually insert positive affirmations, as you progress in your tapping and affirmations until you now emphasis the positive until the negative goes away.

Watch the video below which is a very good demonstration of how it done.

Your tapping session should last at no less than 5 minutes at the time. Do this twice a day.

Once you’re done notice how you feel.  If you’ve done it right, you should feel a sense of relief. You should feel lighter than before you started. You should feel in a good mood and with an overall well being feeling.

Practice this until you see a difference in your feelings and results with your affirmations. Don’t give up. It may take a week, it may take a month, it all depends on YOU.  Let me know how it goes.

See the video demonstration on what to do…


I value your comments and thoughts. Don’t forget to share them below…

Also, make sure you read part three.

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17 thoughts on “How To Make Sure Positive Affirmations Work And See Results Once For All – Part Two”

  1. Hi Sylviane,

    So glad you wrote this post about tapping. I’ve gone through EFT years ago and it DOES WORK!!!

    I still use it now from time to time in order to “fix” a problem. It especially comes in handy if I’m going through an emotion that gets me anxious.

    I sure hope people will give this a try!

    donna merrill invites you to read..Taking Time For Your SelfMy Profile

    1. Hi Donna,

      I’m glad you are already very familiar with tapping.

      As I was writing this post I realized that I’ve been tapping for 7 years now, but these past couple of months I’ve decided to really bring it to the next level. What I mean by that is really, really tap the bad stuff out on a regular basis, and I have to admit that it’s the best way to get rid of negative feelings and emotions.

      Sorry for the late reply here 🙂 and thanks for coming, even though you know all about this already.

  2. Hi Sylviane,

    My friend Connie turned me onto tapping several years ago so although I don’t practice it regularly I know about it and it did help me at that particular time when she introduced me to it.

    I think it was earlier this year perhaps that I ran across some guy’s site about tapping and I read a little more about it and found it more interesting. I consciously don’t have any thoughts holding me back but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there right!

    I already have a morning ritual so maybe I should add this one to is since you recommended around 5 minutes twice a day. I’m going to give it a go so thanks for bringing this up. Anything I can do to help me move forward I definitely will.

    I appreciate this advice and thanks so much.

    Adrienne invites you to read..3 Tools For Coming Up With Blog Post IdeasMy Profile

    1. Hi Adrienne,

      I’m glad you know about tapping, but many of us who know about it don’t even use it as much as we should.

      This past few months, as life threw more stuff at me, I’ve decided to reengage with my tapping to REALLY tap the bad stuff out my body, and every time I do I really feel that it works great.

      I’ve been tapping for 7 years now, but I have to admit that I’ve not been regular enough at it, so recently I’ve decided to start my own “tapping campaign” and I do at least 5 minutes twice a day. It really works for me and I love it.

      I believe that there’s nothing better to get rid of negative feelings and emotions, than tapping.

      Thank you for your support, Adrienne, and have a great day!

  3. Hi Sylviane,

    WOW, that’s really amazing!! I never knew or heard of the EFT or the Tapping it away thing. I just went to the tutorial page and read about it and I watched the video and now I get it. OMG, there is a lot for me to learn about this. I have to re-watch to the video and learn how to do it properly. I am so glad to learn something new.

    My question Sylviane,is there a science behind this Tapping Technique or how they discovered that it works with the emotions?? Sorry if it is a silly question but I am curious.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this Sylviane and for educating us about all these stuff. Have yourself a great rest of the week.

    Be Blessed,

    Neamat Tawadrous invites you to read..5 Tips On How To Establish Authority In Your BusinessMy Profile

    1. Hi Neamat,

      How glad I am that you’re learning such cool things here, and that you are curious about it. Sorry for such late reply, but I’m so busy these days that I can’t even keep up with my own blogs at times 🙂

      Well, in brief, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) comes from Dr. Roger Callahan’s TFT (Thought Filed Therapy) He had a client with an unbelievable phobia of water, to the point that it was hard for her to take a bath or going out when it rained.

      He came up with the ideas of helping her with tapping under her eye, which is where the stomach meridian begins. Sure enough she was relieved basically instantly.

      In 1991 Gary Craig who was originally an engineer and then dedicated all his time to personal development took the idea of TFT and developed EFT. So as you see, EFT is young.

      Carol Look is an expert with EFT. She wrote several books about it and has helped thousand of people with not only lack of success, but bad habits, phobias, and even physical diseases.

      I’ve been tapping for 7 years myself, but as I was saying above, I’ve been slacking at times. I’ve started to tap twice a day now and really take the bad stuff away.

      Tapping really works, and I love it! Try it and let me know 🙂

      Thank you for your visit here.

  4. Wow Sylviane,

    Heard about EFT but didn’t know about tapping. I didn’t know it was so involved, but I’m very curious and very interesting in trying this out. I’d love to see how effective this can be. I know you are very good at it and I’d love to see some improvement by making affirmations. I’d love to find a few minutes to do this and see how effective it is in changing my life.

    Great post.
    Barbara Charles invites you to read..Using Personality: How To Attract People In BusinessMy Profile

    1. Hi Barbara,

      If you try it I’m sure you’ll love it.

      As I was saying to my replies above, I’ve been tapping for 7 years now. Time flies 🙂 But I’ve been slacking at it a lot too.

      But these past few months as life threw more stuff at me I seriously increased my meditations and tapping. I tap twice a day for at least 5-7 minutes. I don’t know anything better than tapping to get rid of negative feelings and blockages. It really works.

      Thank you for coming by and have a great weekend!

  5. Hi Sylviane,

    Wonderful video that explained everything so well 🙂

    I’ve read your earlier post on positive affirmations and this one about tapping, and the one you wrote about EFT too, though just haven’t been able to take out time for it as yet. I need a solid break to practice all of these. The lady in the video surely was working her way to positively believing what she was wanting in her life, and that belief truly helps.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂
    Harleena Singh invites you to read..Warning: Sitting Is The New SmokingMy Profile

    1. Hi Harleena,

      I guess it’s all about putting it into a habit. All it takes is 5 minutes twice a day for faster results.

      As I was saying to the other gals above, I do not know anything better than tapping to get rid of negative feelings and emotions. It really works for me, and since I’ve been slacking at it over the years, I’ve decided to get back strong with it.

      I hope you’ll try it soon. Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

      Thanks for coming.

  6. Hi Sylviane,
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful EFT technique. My wife and I just watched this video and we really enjoyed it.

    I have been a practitioner of positive self talk for the longest time but I did not know about the EFT.I can see why this technique would yield tremendous results.

    I am going to dig deeper into this as you have created enough curiosity through your post.

    Kumar Gauraw invites you to read..What You Should Know About Email Open RatesMy Profile

  7. I have a friend who is sort of a psychic (but he won’t admit it) who told me about the concept of tapping. I have been curious ever since, because he said I have some negative vibes in me that is potentially blocking success. I tried to research a bit on it but I was afraid to try it myself. Great thing I ran across this video. Thank you very much for sharing this, Slyviane!
    Alexis invites you to read..How to Change Your PerspectiveMy Profile

    1. Hi Alexis, and welcome here.

      There nothing to be afraid of about taping whatsoever, so please, tap to your heart content, and you’ll get lots of relief.

      How sad that your friend is denying his psychic abilities, it’s probably because he doesn’t know that it’s actually a natural ability that we all have, it’s just that some people have it more naturally than others, but there’s nothing to fear about that either.

      I’m glad you found my blog.
      Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..How To Make Sure Positive Affirmations Work And See Results Once For All – Part TwoMy Profile

  8. Hi Sylviane

    I have know of EFT and tapping for some years and have a couple of friends who use it regularly in their healing practices. So I have had sessions where someone else assists me to do it but I have never used it like this myself.

    Thanks for the video and great post to remind me.

    There are many tools we learn of and can use.

    Thanks Sylviane.

    Sue Price invites you to read..Getting Through Hard TimesMy Profile

    1. Hi Sue,

      Sorry for the late reply here.

      I hope you can integrate tapping into your daily life, because it’s really great. I tap about 7-10 minutes twice a day now, because there are a few things that I’m really working on right now, and I know that tapping will help me in this regard.

      Have a wonderful weekend!

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