Going back to France after 15 years

How Does It feel To Go Back Home To France After 15 Years

When the plane touched down on French soil at 11:28 AM in August 20, 2015, I smiled and I said to myself, happy birthday Sylviane!

Yes, it’s been 15 years since I was last on French ground, almost to Read more

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Interview with author Jessica Pasa

Interview With Book Author Jessica Pasa

I met Jessica on a Linkedin Group we both belong to. Interview with Jessica Pasa

She got my attention because she wrote a book about her experience living in France.

As a matter fact, here love/hate relationship with France Read more

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France Sixth Country That Likes My Blog

France Sixth Country That Likes My Blog!

I know.

I usually I don’t post this type of topics on this section of my blog.

But this happens to my my 500th post on my blog.  So, I feel that this topic actually fits the Read more

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French Social Rules Don't Be Awkward

French Social Rules Don’t Be Awkward

I have noticed that people love to read articles about differences in cultures, because cultures are something that amazes us as humans. At least some of us.

I’ve written several articles in the past about differences between cultures Read more

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Je Suis Charlien the Huge March

Je Suis Charlie The Huge March

Last week I wrote a post on my travel section about what happened in France on January 7th at the headquarters of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

This hit close to home, and while being someone who rarely Read more

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Charlie Hebdo France Has Been Hurt Because Of A Cartoon

Charlie Hebdo France Has Been Hurt Because Of A Cartoon

France and the rest of Europe, really, as well as the rest of the world have felt the hurt.

Many countries in Europe, and all over the world, such as Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg,  Italy, Spain, Poland, the UK, Read more

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7 American Products Found In France Which Prove That French Don’t Hate Americans

French Hate Americans! Really? Did You Know About This?

I have to say that I find it strange at times when I hear that French hate Americans. I assume that as in most cases when people make statements like Read more

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The History Of The Euro

Can you believe it? It’s been 15 years already that the Euro was introduced to Europe as the new currency to exchange for goods.

Well, to be precise, from January 1, 1999 to January 1, 2002 Euro currency was Read more

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Why French People May Be Rude To You And How To Avoid It

Some people say that French people are rude, which by the way, it’s more of a rumor than the real truth.

But let me ask you this! Have you ever asked yourself why you might have found yourself in Read more

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Best And Most Popular Posts About France And French Language Of 2013

I was going to write a totally different post today announcing something new that I’m doing and that relates to the topic of this blog, but since this thing includes the creation of a new page, I decided to Read more

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10 Best French Christmas Songs And Carols

Last week I wrote about the the customs of Christmas in France, and today, since this is 4 days before Christmas eve, I think that it only make sense to keep with my Christmas theme.

Christmas songs and Read more

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What Are The Traditions of “Noël” French Christmas?

Christmas time “Noël” in French, is a wonderful time of the year in France.

Christmas season in France actually starts on December 6 with Saint Nicolas’ day (in the North) until January 6 “la fete des Rois” which I’ve Read more

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The Month Of November’s 3 Celebrations In France

If you would ever get a culture shock in France it would be during the month of November, because while France doesn’t have a Thanksgiving day, there are 3 celebrations that are very different than the American Thanksgiving you Read more

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10 Typical French Gestures

Are you aware that when you travel to a different country or to a different culture, not only the language is different, but a lot of the gestures as well? Yes, gestures are pretty much part of a culture.

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How Would You Feel If Your Favorite Singer Came Into Your Living-Room?

Today, in conclusion of my summer series of cool posts, I wanted to tell you about something that I found so very cool, indeed.  I’m talking about a French TV show that I found on YouTube.

The goal Read more

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