4 Extra Juicy Tips Before You Order Your Writing

I see a lot of articles with advice for freelance writers, but very little if any for the companies and individuals who are in the market of ordering content for pay.  Are you looking to hire a freelance Read more

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5 Tips to Improve you Enlglish Writing Skills

5 Tips To Improve Your English Writing Skills

I read a lot of blogs written by non-native English speakers.  As a matter of fact, the web is full of blogs that belong to both foreign speakers who are still struggling to write in good English and Read more

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3 Freelancing Limiting Beliefs Guaranteed To Destroy Your Career And How To Conquer These Mental Blocks

Today I’m happy to present you with a guest blogger.

Ryan Biddulph who is a very talented and successful blogger and freelance writer has accepted my invitation to write a post for me as I’m facing some difficult times Read more

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Why Freelance Writing Is An Underpaid Business And How Can You Change That As A Writer

These past two weeks I’ve writing about tips for freelance writers’ clients should follow and tips for freelance writers to get higher paying clients.

This last post  has got a lot of comment discussions going Read more

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5 Key Points You Need To Know In Order To Get High Paying Clients

Last week I wrote a post for clients who order writing jobs. In that post I was giving the client tips to save them (and the writer they would hire) some time and money.

Today, I wanted to Read more

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How To Order Your Writing Jobs While Saving You Time And Money

We often read advice about how to write, how to pitch a blog post, and how to get clients as a freelance writer, but rarely if ever do we read articles about how to order a writing job.

The Read more

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How To Tremendously Improve Your Writing Style

Do choice of words matter at all when you write?  Stupid question, isn’t it?  Of course, they do.  The only problem is that at times the writer forgets that.

This past weekend I was watching Read more

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Has Business Writing Evolved For The Better?

What  would be your first answer to this this question? Well, if you’ve lived long enough, I’m sure you already know this truth about life; everything changes and evolves over time. Doesn’t it?

Look at languages, even though Read more

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Subconscious Writing How It Can Help You Write Better And Faster

For some time now I’ve noticed that when I put my mind into writing about any topic, may that be personal development, blogging, writing, describing a French city, a dish or anything else I may have to write for Read more

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Step By Step To Write Your Press Release

Recently I’ve been browsing through releases with a very specific goal in mind. What goal? Finding badly written (or not so well written) press releases to pitch their owners about my writing services.

The way I do it is Read more

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Copy Writing Vs. Content Marketing – What’s The Difference?

I think that it would be an understatement to say that there are many people (even online) who are a bit confused about the terms copywriting and content marketing.

You may be confused about the two yourself. Maybe Read more

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How To Manage Your Time Like A Pro For Your Home Based Business

Many of you reading this blog have a home based business, so I’m sure that this information will be helpful to you.

While having our home based business is our dream job for most of us, it also requires Read more

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What Prevents You To Make Great Money As A Freelance Writer?

There are two types of freelance writers.  On one hand you have the ones who make good money with very high paying writing jobs, but on the other hand, you have freelance writers who are writing for peanuts Read more

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My Writing Strategies for Creating Compelling Content

As some of you know, there are times when blogging is not your first priority in life, and right now, I’m going through some times that make blogging impossible for me, so I asked my good friend blogger and Read more

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New eBook 15 Easy Rules To Fire Up Your Writing!

Well, that’s about time, don’t you think?

Since I took down my older opt-in, months ago, I had not opt-in on this blog.

15 Easy Rules To Fire Up Your Writing is the title of my brand new writing Read more

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