How To Write Superior Quality Content While Getting Top Ranking On Search Engines

Many people used to think that it was impossible to write superior quality content while getting top ranking on Google at the same time. Of course, this is not true, and this article will explain to you exactly Read more

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The Purpose Of Writing Articles Online

Why Do You Write Articles?

Why do you write articles? Whether you are a lawyer, a business owner or an online marketer, the purpose of writing articles is to make yourself and your product or business known.

We are Read more

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What Is The Difference Between Writing A Press Release and writing An Article?

The difference between writing a press release and writing an article can’t be confused. Even though the two are a writing piece of 400 to 500 words both have a very different purpose and, therefore, require a different kind Read more

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250 Word Versus 400 Word Articles – What Is The Big Deal?

You can read whole forum threads which are talking about the subject of articles length these days.  This is mostly due to the fact that EzineArticles has decided to no longer accept articles with a minimum of 250 Read more

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Content Farm Definition – Are You Affected?

There has been a lot said lately about content farm and it has a lot to do with Google having got tired of junk content that they’ve found themselves ranking high and promoting “unknowingly”.

So, for the ones Read more

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5 Fundamental Steps To Submit A Great Article

Before you are going to be able to submit your article and for our article brings you positive results, which means  a lot or readers and ultimately some profit, you need to actually write the article.  Here Read more

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The Secret of Writing Articles About Any Subject Fast

Have you always thought that you need to know a subject like the back of your hand in order to be able to write about it?  If this is what you have been thinking, you probably have limited Read more

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How to Influence People With Your Written Words

For some reasons the word “influencing” might sound like a negative word for many people.  This is due to the fact that people use this skill for selfish reasons to make people do what they want them to Read more

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What Is Good Content For Your Article?

Very few internet marketer teachers are teaching how to write persuasive articles.  What is more emphasized on is good content, valuable content, etc…  But really what is valuable content?

This a good question because valuable content can Read more

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