Happy Holidays – This Is For You My Readers And Supporters!

On this last post of the year I wanted to give  a big thank you to the readers and supporters of this blog.

Starting towards the middle of last year and especially throughout this year Read more

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Don’t Fool Yourself Content Alone Is Not All You Need To Generate Traffic

You know how we always say content is king?  Is it really?

Well, of course posting valuable content on your blog is important, because without it who is going to want to come to your blog, right?

That’s Read more

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How Much Has Your Blog And Online Business Grown This Year 2012?

This is December, guys! Can you believe it? This year really flew by.  For us bloggers, online marketers and entrepreneurs it’s time to evaluate what we’ve done so far, and what we want to accomplish next years with Read more

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5 Reasons Why People Will Stop Commenting On Your Blog

A lot of readers of this blog would tell you that I’m pretty good with blog commenting.  I was told a couple of times that I am everywhere, and that reassured me that I’m doing fine with Read more

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Are You Socializing To Build Your Online Business?

I know a lot of bloggers and internet marketers who are not only masters at using social media, but they know and understand all too well the benefits of socializing and building relationships.

However, there are also the ones Read more

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Disable Comments – Now What?

Few days ago I stumbled upon a strange enough post on ProBlogger that I had to read.  Why do I say strange? Well, judge for yourself… the title was “Disable Comments for a Better Blog“. By Read more

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Passing Along The Sisterhood Of The World’s Bloggers Award

A couple of weeks ago I was awarded with the Sisterhood of the World’s Bloggers Award by Harleena Singh, fellow blogger and freelance writer.

I have to say that I was surprised and didn’t expect it.  Then, Read more

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Five Blogging Lessons I Learned From A Mother Bird

Few weeks ago I’ve noticed a bird’s nest sitting on the curve of the gutter next to my entrance door.  The next time I looked at the nest, a mother bird was sitting on it.

As I have Read more

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Persuasive Article Marketing Has A New Look!

I know this blog is reserved for writing related topics, but for the occasion I wanted to use my own writing skills to tell you how proud I am of my new  look and mentioned a couple of Read more

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Is Guest Posting Worth It?

I stumbled upon a blog post the other day which was describing all the reasons why you shouldn’t waste your time guest posting on other blogs.

A couple of the reasons that were mentioned were that –  a) Read more

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Happy New Year And Happy Writing!

It’s been a very good year for me and for my writing, because this year was the year I really started to master my “thing” much better and started this blog to help people improve their blog and article Read more

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Why Should You Use Article Directories To Promote Your Blog

I am going to be play the “advocate of the devil” here!

Why? Because, I have recently written a couple of blog posts that emphasized the advantages in spending more time blogging than writing articles for directories.

However, I Read more

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Five Golden Rules To Leave Blog Comments That Will Benefit You And Your Site

It’s quite amazing to me that some people still lose their time trying to leave useless and meaningless blog comments that will never be approved.

There is actually a very easy way to leave comments on other blogs that Read more

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What Is The Difference Between An Article And A Blog Post?

I am often asked the question, what is the difference between an article and a blog post, and sometimes I get emails from people confusing my blog with an article directory.

For these two reasons, I decided Read more

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Blog Commenting – A Solid Way to Increase Your Traffic with Very Little Writing

Blog commenting is one of the best ways to build natural traffic to your site.  If done correctly, blog commenting will bring you traffic in two different ways.  However, if not done correctly you might just be Read more

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