Why Should You Use Article Directories To Promote Your Blog

I am going to be play the “advocate of the devil” here!

Why? Because, I have recently written a couple of blog posts that emphasized the advantages in spending more time blogging than writing articles for directories.

However, I wanted to tell you on this post why you should use article directories to promote your blog.

Article marketing is mostly used and even known by people who are trying to sell products online such as affiliate marekters.  Through their articles they lead readers to a landing page or a squeeze page that is intended to sell a product.

However, do you know that you can use article marketing just to promote your blog as well, without trying to sell anything at all?

Writing articles that relate to your blog theme is a very good way to give good quality back-links to your site and bring you new readers and followers which will eventually grow your list.

Article directories are free and some of them have a very high PR (page rank) that will give some juice to your blog.

When you start a new blog it can take months for your site to be found in the search engines, even while doing a search using all your exact keywords.  However, by submitting an article with a link to your blog to an article directory, you are adopting their search engine ranking.  Because of this, you can go from not being found at all to getting listed on the first page of the search results in just a matter of a few days.  A great boost to your blog URL!

You do not use article directories to “replace” your blog posts, we made that clear on a previous blog post, but it’s meant to give back-links to your blog and advertise it for free.  Article marketing is actually better than many other form of advertisement.

How Does Article Marketing Work?

The most popular article directories are already well known and ranked on search engines.  To give you an idea, even after Google slap some time ago, ezinearticles.com got a beating, alright, but they got their act back together by doing some clean up and they are back on track.

Different search engines have different search ranking algorithms, but they still all use similar ranking model.  When you submit your article to popular article directories, your article is borrowing some of that popularity as it will live on their domain.  Using your specific keywords, your article will be listed in the top ranking for those keywords and get spidered regularly by the search engines.

There is nothing hard about writing articles that can rank high on search engines.  You do not need to be an SEO expert. Just pick the right keywords, the ones you want to rank for, and write your article according the basic rules of article writing.  If you do you, will get fast ranking, fast traffic and superior quality back-links.

Article Writing Tips in a Nutshell

Your article should be (ideally) between 450-650 words.  This will make any article directory happy and get you listed within engines easily.  This type of article size is also a good one to provide great information on any topic you might be writing about.  Shorter would be too short, and longer would be too long for an online article.  Keep the longer pieces for your blog.

Always use your keyword phrase in your title and sub-headings when possible.  Your keyword phrase should also be spread about in your article at a rate of about 2%.  That’s about 1 time every 100 words.

Keep your reader awake. If your article is boring it won’t be read.  A good way to keep your reader awake is to use some persuasive writing tips, talk directly to the reader and tell them a story.  Write a review or answer questions that you know of your audience to have.

For those who keep saying “I can’t write” I would say one thing, forget that you are writing an article and just tell your story.  Give step by step instructions, add your personal touch and just talk to your audience. Don’t’ forget, people respond best on an emotional level, so don’t forget to sound like you are a real human just like them trying to help.

If you are going to use article directories to promote your blog and get new followers in the process, you want to make sure they are high ranking sites and do-follow as well.

You can also gain an audience using no-follow directories and I will never tell you not to use them, because some of them are good directories, however, if you are looking for building back-links I will advise you to use do-follow directories.

My 10 Top Do-follow Article Directory list!

1-     TheFreeLibrary – PR8 – Do-follow

Originally this directory was reserved to classic literacy works, but it is now open to reports and articles of any kind.  It’s also a great resource of inspiration for writers.

2-     Squidoo – PR7 – Do-follow

If you’d look back at Squidoo 2 to 3 years ago a lot of change has happened.  Squidoo has now a rather large list of topics they do NOT want anymore such as ‘money’, ‘internet marketing’, ‘diet’ and more.  However, if you write an article within the topics that Squidoo loves, your article will rank pretty high, indeed.  Make sure you check their terms and conditions before you post your article on their site.

3-     EzineArticles – PR6 – Do-follow

Even after Google slap, ezinearticles.com is still a very good article directory ranking very well on Google.  Make sure your read their rules and regulations as well, since they have made some changes after being penalized by Google a year ago.

4-      Suite101 – PR6 – Do-follow

This directory used to have a PR of 7 and is now down to PR6, however, it’s still a very good directory.  You will have to fill out a form explaining why you want to write for Suite101 and provide some samples of your writings.  Not the kind of directory for beginners, but great if you can write well.

5-     Hubpages – PR6 – Do-follow

Hubpages is a little bit like Squidoo, but they do accept more topics then Squidoo does.  It’s a very good alternative to Squidoo all together if you don’t want to have to follow Squidoo strict rules or if your blog covers a topic that Squidoo is not accepting.

6-     WebProNews – PR6 – Do-follow

As long as you make sure that you provide ONLY original and unique content this site is known to generate good traffic.  They will also give you more the back-links if you provide good articles.

7-     Gather – PR6 – Do-follow

Gather accept articles right away with no problem and can rank them pretty well on search engines.  It also has an inside networking that you can take advantage of.

8-      Brighthub – PR6 – Do-follow

Brighthub is focusing on high quality content for their readers.  When you write an article for Brighthub, make sure that you are writing about what you know well and be as accurate as possible.

9-     ArticleAlley – PR5 – Do-follow

AlleyArticle has over a million pages of content and has kept growing since its creation in 2004.  Like any good article directory they expect your article to be of good value for their reader and original.

10-  IdeaMarketers – PR5 – Do-follow

IdMarketers accept articles right away and they give you different avenues you can use to promote your articles and therefore your link.

Before you start posting on any of the article directories above I would advise you to make sure you read their terms and conditions and read a few articles that have been published there as well.

This might seem like a lot to do, but you would be wasting more time if you posted an article that is rejected because you didn’t understand what type of article such directory approves.

Good writing and good blog promoting!


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12 thoughts on “Why Should You Use Article Directories To Promote Your Blog”

  1. Great post Sylviane, I think most people have forgotton about Article Marketing and the power it brings for backlinks and traffic. This post is great refresher and I’m amazed that these sites are dofollow.

    I think it’s time to get my writing hat back on.


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  2. Hi Des,

    Yes, these sites are do follow as up now anyway, but that could change someday. In any case for now there are pretty high in PR and will give your blog a link back as well as bring traffic which is all good 🙂

  3. Great post Sylviane and I agree with you. Article marketing will never be dead. It’s a little more time consuming and you may not get a whole lot of traffic to your blog but you are linking from very high PR sites so that in itself is a huge plus for implementing this into your marketing strategy.

    I started this strategy when I first started marketing and got a lot of recognition from it. Of course with Google Panda hit, EZine Articles got a huge slap on the wrist. Although my content was all unique it seems like people stopped searching for articles as much. Either way, it’s something I need to get back to doing even if it is time consuming. I have always enjoyed writing so it’s a great way to get recognized as well.

    Thanks for this reminder, it’s greatly appreciated.

    Merry Christmas and I wish you all the best for the upcoming year.

    Adrienne invites you to read..Merry Christmas EveryoneMy Profile

    1. Hi Adrienne,

      It’s true that article marketing can be time consuming, but it’s worth it still. It’s just one more way to get more backlinks and traffic as well.

      Happy Holidays to you too 🙂 Adrienne.

  4. I agree Sylviane that it’s still worthwhile writing and submitting articles to high PR article directories or sites. Squidoo fell out of favor with Google for a while but it seems to have made a come back.

    A writer I know always said it was a good idea to publish your blog post to EzineArticles but you have to change it quite a lot for it to be accepted as original. In fact, there used to be, or maybe still is a plugin that enabled you to do this straight from your blog. It’s a good idea to wait until your post is indexed before you do this or the article in the directory could get indexed and ranked first.

    Sandy Halliday invites you to read..I’ve Added Thank Me Later Plugin To My BlogMy Profile

    1. Hi Sandy,

      Yes, I agree, you need to have first established your blog or your post if you are linking a post on an article on a directory, not only with EzineArticles but any directory for that matter.

      Very good point, Sandy. Thanks for bringing it up!

  5. Hi Sylviane Nuccio
    The article directories is basic need to promote the article very well. It is helpful article to those who works on article writing. I am searching these type of articles after some time.
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  6. If you have the time to create content for article marketing and blogging, then you should take advantage of both since they can boost your rankings and your site traffic up. Some people would compare blogging with article marketing, but if you ask me, I think it would be better if you did both.

  7. Hi Sylviane, This is a very handy directory. What was the Google slap with EZine? I started off submitting my blog posts to EZine but had to alter them so much and had so little traffic coming from them that I gave up.

    Have you ever used article directories as a reader? I was just wondering who uses them as a source for information.

    Thanks for this very informative post!

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      I’ve seen you around a lot:) Nice to see you here!
      In the past I have used article directories as a reader, yes, and of course as a writer a lot. I still use article directories but much less these days.

      When Google slap happened Ezine was affected big time because they had accepted a lot of low quality articles (article meant to sell too much) for a long time. However, because of Google slap they went from accepting a lot of low quality articles to being very picky. I never had much problem with them though, myself, because I write on this directory since 2006 under a handful of pen names and even for clients. I have like more than 500 articles on there all together, so by now I just know what they like. Once in a while I have a request to adjust here and there, so I do as per their request, but they have never bugged me more than that.

      I can’t blame you for now wanting to adjust an article for ever for them 🙂 I wouldn’t either.

      Now I read blogs much more than articles on directories though 🙂

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