the relationship between tidiness and state of mind

The Curious Relationship Between Tidiness And Your State Of Mind

Tidying up is something that most adults do instinctively. We want to create order in our environment because it makes us feel good. 

But sometimes, we let things slip. If it happens occasionally, it’s no big deal. For Read more

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the psychological effects of social exclusion ostracism

Social Exclusion and Ostracism: What are the Psychological Effects?

If I’d ask you the question, have you’ve ever felt socially excluded at least once in your life, I’m sure that you would say yes.

And if I’d ask you how it felt, I’m sure you would say that Read more

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5 crucial reasons you new year resolution never worked

5 Crucial Reasons Your New Year Resolution Has Always Failed

You’ve made New Year resolutions so many times before, that you’ve decided to stop because you know that they don’t work.

Some people like to say that you shouldn’t even bother with New Year Resolutions because you can make Read more

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why is it hard to get what you want

Why Imagination Beats Logic : And What does it have to do with your Success

You think you know what you want, and you’re realizing that it’s tough to get it.

You want to lose weight, but you can’t.

You want to stop smoking, but you can’t.

You want to find the ideal partner, Read more

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Reset the thermostat of your subconscious mind

How Your Thoughts Affect Your Life’s Results

Maybe you’ve been wondering why your life has unfolded the way it has.

When I was younger, I remember wondering why some young women my age had already been able to find the right partner and just seemed Read more

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Finding success amid suffering

How You Can Create Success Amid Your Suffering

You are going through tough times that are affecting you mentally, emotionally and even physically. And you are thinking, will it ever end?

Well, while some of your sufferings will most likely end, some of it may never do. Read more

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Why not enter a relationship before being financially secure

Why Single Moms Need To Be Financially Secure Before Moving Into A New Relationship

You are a single mom, and while you’ve managed to live on your own, and raise your kids decently enough, you wish you could meet a rich prince charming to eliminate every single little financial worry you may Read more

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Is Suffering Necessary to Create Happiness

Is Suffering Necessary To Create Happiness?

You’ve had your share of hard time and pain.

From a young age you were told and taught that in order to see good things happening, you had to get through the bad. In order to see relief, you Read more

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healing the subconscious mind

Why You Must Heal Your Subconscious Issues To Clear The Way For What You Want

Even after you’ve consulted with one coach after another, you may still have what we call subconscious issues.

Maybe you’ve even hired a very expensive coach only to find out that you haven’t progressed that much.

Believe me, I Read more

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What you need to know before starting relationship

What You Need To Know About Yourself Before You Move Into A Relationship

About half marriages, not only in the United States, but in many other modern countries of the world, end in divorce

And that doesn’t include relationships without marriage, which many also end in separation.

Yet again, not all marriages Read more

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Why you're suffering from Low Self Esteem

Why You Are Suffering From Low Self Esteem

Many people that I have known throughout my life, and many others who have reached out to me for help, have been affected by a wide spread issue that exists the world over.

The issue they are suffering from Read more

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Why Should You Always Listen To Your Intuition

Why You Should Always Listen To Your Intuition


It was a rainy day and I was leaving the house to go to work that morning.

I said good bye to my mother and aunt who were here in North Carolina for their regular 3 month stay Read more

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Are you responsible for the way people act towards you

Are You Responsible For The Way People Act Towards You?

Have you ever trusted someone who turned out to be not so trustworthy after all?

Have you ever thought you knew someone so well, but yet they did something you’d never thought they would do?

Have you ever had Read more

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47 Facts About The Subconscious Mind

47 Facts About The Subconscious Mind You Need To Know

What is the subconscious, and how does it affect your life? Here is what 26 experts on the mind and submind have to say about the subconscious mind.

But before you read on, if your life hasn’t been to Read more

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Do All Good Things Have A Price?

Do All Good Things Come With A Price?

Ok, I’m going to let it all out!

Unless you didn’t get it from my last post, I hired a life coach.

No, way!

You call yourself a life coach and you hired one for yourself?

Well, are Read more

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