Why You Must Heal Your Subconscious Issues To Clear The Way For What You Want

healing the subconscious mind

healing your subconscious issues

Even after you’ve consulted with one coach after another, you may still have what we call subconscious issues.

Maybe you’ve even hired a very expensive coach only to find out that you haven’t progressed that much.

Believe me, I know the feeling, that has happened to me more than once in the past. But one thing I can tell you it’s that if you haven’t been able to make progress in your life, career or financial situation, it’s because you have

But one thing I can tell you it’s that if you haven’t been able to make progress in your life, career or financial situation, it’s because you have subconscious issues, also called block.

Those are blocks that will keep on coming between you and what you want.

There is a huge invisible factor that is always there, no matter what, and that factor is called the subconscious mind. Unless you learn how to change its programming it will always deliver based on what’s in there.

Unless you learn how to change its programming it will always deliver you stuff based on what’s in there.

Let’s see why…


What Makes your Subconscious Mind?

Your subconscious mind is that part of your person that is pretty much unknown to you. It is the part of yourself that you’re not aware of.

And that’s why it’s very sneaky and elusive to most of us.

It’s hard enough to control what we say and do consciously, so how in the world are we supposed to find out what’s deep down in our subconscious mind?

Plus, the subconscious mind does a very good job at not revealing itself to us, unless we find ways that are not well known or popular yet, by any means.

Our subconscious mind is what makes us do things or not do things that we seem totally unaware of.

Our subconscious mind is also responsible for most of the content of our dreams,  our intuition, what we are attracted to or repulsed by, and just about anything we like or don’t like in general in life.

But most of all, our subconscious mind is where all the unwanted that we’ve been through in our life is stored as well. Small or big.

So, for most of us, the majority of our subconscious programming is “bad programming” we’ll say. Data that we want to get rid of.

You might have heard or read that the subconscious mind is like the tape of a recorder, because it has been recorded with your early life’s events, without judgment whatsoever, taking is as it was, just like a recorder. The problem is that what was recorded, is then played over and over all throughout our life.

A very easy to understand example of this fact is relationships we form, which I’ve recently written about in great details. If you subconscious was messed up in regards to interaction with other human beings in any way, chances are you’ve attracted less than desirable relationships.

Again, this is just an example, the subconscious works the same way for everything in life.

You might have also heard that since the subconscious mind is like a tape, we can simply tape over it with new information, just like on a real tape, so that the information will be changed to your liking. And that is true too. Many people have done that and it worked.

At least, to a point.

But what I’m here to tell you is that if it hasn’t worked for you, it’s because you haven’t done an important thing that you must do in order to make sure you don’t carry any type of residue that could make you fail or fall from grace when you expect it the least.

You need to clean up behind the scene, so to speak.


What’s the Behind the Scene?

Have you ever heard of someone who seemed to have it all, yet they’ve fallen from grace big time? Or maybe you’ve even seen one of those great spiritual teachers that ended badly themselves.

I’m thinking of a popular life coach who appeared in the movie The Secret who ended up in jail.

Why do such things happen?

These type situations are usually due to an unhealed subconscious mind.

And what does an unhealed subconscious mind do?

More often than not, it comes back with a vengeance. Which means that sooner or later, when you expect it the least it will start showing its ugly head again.

The subconscious mind can show its ugly head in many different forms, but at this stage a very common form known to most coaches is diseases.

Diseases that can go from a simple recurring common cold to deadly cancer.

Sometimes your subconscious mind will send you mild signals such as a recurring cold to let you know that you have some serious unhealed subconscious issues that need your attention. If you ignore those signs, you may be heading for something more serious in the future.

However, if you are able to recognize that a mild body discomfort is often time an alarm for you to take action and that you do take such action, your chances of full recovery are high.

I remember years ago a clairvoyant friend of my mother told her that her recurring common cold was due to some internal issues. Sadly neither my mother nor I knew, back then, what to do with such information. So we did nothing, even though, even back then, I was convinced that that person was right.

Just 2 to 3 years later, my mother was diagnosed with dementia which I know now to be directly related to some subconscious issues she had.

Our life is like a show. We have a tendency to be so focused on what’s happening in front of us, that we forget about what’s going on behind the scene which is where the show is actually managed and controlled.

When you are watching an actual show, like a play, you see the actors on the stage, but what you might not be aware of it’s that there are actually more people behind the stage, making sure that the actors are dressed and made up correctly.

That the lightning is right, that the décor and the furniture are just as they need to be where they need to be.

You even have someone who follows every word being said by the actors to make sure that nothing is forgotten or added.

You have people taking care of putting away the costumes, cleaning, helping the actors change, and so on…

So, while you’re enjoying a beautifully organized show, it can only happen because the show is well run from behind the scene.

If it was messy and unorganized from behind the scene, it wouldn’t take long to show up on the other side. Even if it took a while, eventually, sooner or later, it would happen.

It’s the same thing with us. Subconscious issues do exist. 

When it’s not right behind the scene (our subconscious mind), eventually, sooner or later, it does show up in front of us, also known as our life.

That’s why we see so many rich and famous people being totally dysfunctional. That’s why we even hear of people who teach others, falling themselves at times.

They have serious subconscious issues that have never been resolved to start with.

That’s why it’s essential that you heal your subconscious first and foremost.

But how do you do that, you might ask?


How to Heal you Subconscious Issues

I’m not going to beat around the bush here, while I can give you some advice about healing your subconscious mind, there’s only so much you can do on your own.

If you are truly wanting to heal your subconscious mind, you will need a coach to help you with that.

This said, here are some tips you can start applying right now.


1- Face your Pains and Hurts

Think about what has hurt you the most in the past. Especially between 0 and 16 years of age.

This is the one time where you’re allowed to go as negative as it needs to go.

Try to find out what has really affected you negatively in your young life.

Some of it will be easy to find, but some of it won’t be, because the mind is a master at repressing bad memories for survival, and that’s why a coach can be most helpful.


2- Face your Fears

Get to know your fears up close and personal. Do not try to run away from them.

Think about what you fear the most, and try to find out WHY you have such fear.

Fears are often not based on fact, but more on perceptions.

  • Some people fear of being alone, yet they’ve never been alone.
  • Some people fear of losing what they have, yet they’ve never lost it.
  • Some people fear of speaking in public, yet they’ve never had to speak publicly before.
  • Some people fear of being judged, etc.

What do you fear?

The more you’ll get in touch with your fears, the sooner you’ll be able to heal your subconscious mind from fears.


3- Admit Openly to what you Want

You’d be surprised to know how many people do not ever openly admit to themselves and to others about what they truly want.

We live in societies where some things are OK to want, while other things are not OK to want.

For example, it’s OK to want to have a family, but it’s not OK to want to be rich. subconscious issues.

This is just a basic example, but there are many things like that which are dictated by society but are far removed from our true self.

Your true self knows what you really want, but because of the family or society you were born in, you may have learned to suppress it.

As a matter of fact, where ever you were born, even in the best of circumstances, chances are that they were some underlining rules of what was OK to want and what wasn’t.

Even though I was fortunate to be born in a place where freedom was abundant, I was still able to find some of those “not allowed” things to want in my subconscious programming, so my guess is so will you.

This is just a starting point, there are many other things you can do to get in touch with what’s deep inside your subconscious mind, and I can’t reveal them all in a blog post. However, I’ve revealed enough tips for you to become more conscious about what’s going on behind the scene – your subconscious mind – so you can start fixing the issues and reap the rewards. Subconscious issues.

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24 thoughts on “Why You Must Heal Your Subconscious Issues To Clear The Way For What You Want”

  1. Wow.. this is a great read. something that’s unique in a way that you share to us our subconscious side. this is definitely worth reading. I’ll be sure to follow these tips and I know I’m gonna need a lot of time. But better start than do nothing. thanks for the great post..

  2. Hi Sylviane,

    I love this topic and you have constructed this post so well. I like the way you gave the analogy that we are looking in front of us like a play…but don’t look deep inside or “behind us” where that subconscious mind is.

    Through the years I’ve worked on my subconscious mind and made so many breakthroughs in my life. You must know that I am a firm believer of those “signals” our subconscious mind gives us. We have to learn how to recognize it, and then do something about it. If not, it is like your mother that didn’t listen to an intuitive.

    But there is no end to it. I believe from the bottom of my heart that it is an ongoing process. We cannot go for a few sessions here and there in our lives, but need to listen. Because that subconscious mind is huge.

    I am so glad you are there to help! Thank goodness I know you well and trust you because the next time my subconscious starts tapping me on the shoulder, you are there to help.

    Donna Merrill invites you to read..Your Blog Is Your Business CardMy Profile

    1. Hi Donna,

      Oh, yes, you’re right, there is no end to it, we can investigate our subconscious as long as we live, and we will find something. However, just like a garden, once we took care of the very bad big weeds, then we can just maintain, and it’s easier and clearer.

      There’s so much to the subconscious mind, it’s really the deep side of the iceberg, very little is evident, very much is not.

      Thank you so much for coming and for your input Donna.

  3. Hi Sylviane,

    Recognising the powerful help your subconscious can be to you is a great gift. Many years ago, I discovered this. It helped my raise myself up from anxiety that had crippled me and ended my business.

    I went on a search for self-help and read many great books on the subject. Moving forward nearly twenty-five years, I don’t always look to my subconscious as much as I should. But, it helped me move forward with my latest blog (after my last 3 failed). I asked my subconscious for help and out of this, I got the idea to get to know popular bloggers and share their content (and not to be shy about it). It worked and they began to notice me.

    Later on, I came across top influencers teaching reaching out to popular bloggers as the only really successful blogging strategy for getting traffic. A brilliant example of how opening up to help from your subconscious, don’t you think? It’s like a connection gets made between different thoughts.

    A place to start is to say thanks for everything positive in your life. Even if you have very little. There’s always something to start. However small.

    Thanks for talking about this topic, Sylviane.

    – Tom
    Tom Southern invites you to read..Blogging Tips, Strategies And Tactics: How To Sort Through The Pile and Find The One That’ll (Actually) Work For YouMy Profile

    1. Hi Tom,

      I love what you’re saying here, very interesting. So many people don’t even think of questioning and asking to their subconscious, yet the subconscious is alive and well and will answer.

      As a matter of fact, an easy test I give to my client is to take a string with a weight, such as a neck chain with a medallion and holding it as you would hold a pendulum, and ask the question, is my name… (what ever your name is)? and your pendulum will say yes. Then ask the same questions with a made up name and your pendulum will say no. This is just one little test, there are many more. But the point is that it tells you that your subconscious knows everything.

      I’m glad you asked your subconscious for help and followed what you heard.

      Thanks for your valuable input.


  4. Hi Sylviane,

    I had a lot of training in the military from some great universities on this very subject and I believe you are spot on.

    The interesting thing about our subconscious is that it doesn’t know the truth from lie, fact from fiction or the reality from virtual reality; it only knows what we put in our minds over-and-over again.

    That’s why the stories we tell ourselves are so important because whether they are true or not you start to believe they are.

    It starts with little things like:

    I’m not smart enough
    I’m not good looking enough
    No one loves me
    I can’t do that

    and on and on it goes. Tell yourself these stories long enough and your subconscious believes they are true and then it leaks out everywhere.

    It sabotages ones success and future.

    That’s why your article today is so important!!!!!

    Thanks for bringing this much needed topic up Sylviane! I know many are going to be blessed to learn how your conscious mind and subconscious mind inform one another without us even knowing it.

    Have a great week!

    ~ Don Purdum
    Don Purdum invites you to read..What are the Secrets to a Highly Successful Business Website?My Profile

    1. Hi Don,

      Yes, that’s right, the subconscious doesn’t know fact from fiction, truth from lie and so on. That’s why even going to see a movie that affects us in a negative way is bad food for the subconscious, because if we are frighten, disgusted and anything in between it’s as good as real for the subconscious mind.

      Stories we tell ourselves are the same things. What we keep telling ourselves become prophecy, so we need to be very careful with that too.

      Thanks you for coming Don and for your excellent comment.


  5. Hi Sylviane,

    Gosh…there are so many things you said here that I could chime in on. I’ll pick the few that stand out the most.

    For starters, when you said that whatever is unhealed in your subconscious mind can and eventually does come back with a vengeance, you weren’t kidding.

    Every time our buttons are being pushed – it’s the perfect time to go within. This is an opportunity to see what’s been stored back there – just waiting for a good release. We often erroneously confuse the situation and try to solve it from the outside, or blame others when in fact, it’s really a good opportunity to gain some clarity into what resides within us lurking in the shadows.

    It isn’t always so easy to do what’s necessary to take those few moments and become neutral enough to question what’s going on within us as we’re emotionally reacting to something. It takes time, thought and practice. I usually tell people (and did this myself) to try to start with the smaller incidents since they are less dramatic and may allow for some room to practice this technique. I’ve done this and this is why I can now remember to do this more often.

    Second, you mention facing your own stuff. That’s exactly what I do as well. I literally invite my pain to hang out. I treat it like a guest and ask it what it has to tell me – about me (or maybe others)…but at least by doing this I can gain some clarity into whether or not it’s my issue, or something the person I’m interacting with could own if it turns out that it’s theirs.

    Either way…standing still in the midst of your own storm is the key to not being swept away with it.

    And lastly, you made reference to us being like characters on a show. That’s exactly how I view it.

    We are actors on the big screen called life’s performance. We are the ACTORS…but we confuse ourselves as being the characters.

    For me, when I am in the midst of something, I remember that I am an actor. I can step back if necessary and review the entire scene by stepping out of character. I can watch my own performance from this perspective and see a lot more that I would ever be able to see if I were only a character (ego) – as from this place (awareness – observer), I know the entire script, the directors and the writers (if I can see clearly enough).

    This exercise is exactly how I caught myself ruminating in some negative thoughts the other day. I witnessed them. Then I was like “oh…looky here at what I’m doing. I’m being Negative Nelly again – over something insignificant. Time to question my actions and get straight about my real intentions…which is to enjoy what I’m doing and be present. Nice to see I’m obviously still capable of engaging in this nonsense, but at least I could view it right after engaging in it”.

    And that’s exactly what I did.

    For me, it didn’t have to be a dramatic event for me to see what was going on. I was allowing myself to get swept away in my previously recorded inner-conversations – and they had nothing new to tell me.
    Just a reminder that I still have work to do in regard to being present and re-recording some new dialogue – but I had to be aware of the old recordings first – and view them as a spectator.

    Very enlightening topic Sylviane – and one we all need to pay closer attention to as out thoughts and feelings, especially those hidden ones that lurk in the shadows of our (subconscious) minds are the ones that run our lives.

    Not an easy road to take…but a rewarding one.
    Excellent post as usual.
    Dana invites you to read..Are We Aware of What We’re Thinking?My Profile

    1. Hi Dana,

      So nice to read your great comment of someone that really gets it.

      We are all a work in progress, so don’t worry. No matter how much we know about this stuff, we will catch ourselves going places we don’t want to go, and that we even know better than going there, but that’s part of our learning process, I guess. I still catch myself having negative thoughts and feelings at times, the only thing is that now, like you, I can at least catch myself and stop, even though it’s not always easy.

      However, I’m so much better at it then I use to be, so much more in control of my life, and it’s a good feeling.

      Thank you for coming and sharing your wonderful thoughts and experience with us.

      Have a great day!


  6. Hi Sylviane,

    Wonderful post indeed 🙂

    Working on your subconscious mind isn’t easy, but if you don’t then you cannot heal all the pain and hurt that exists, which reveals itself over time.

    Yes, fighting your fears is one of the best ways to heal your subconscious mind – nothing works better. Coming out in the open with what you want again is tough for the introverts especially, who suppress their desires to no end. Wish they’d learn from such posts.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
    Harleena Singh invites you to read..Guide To Healthy Living – The MEN ApproachMy Profile

    1. Hi Harleena,

      Nice to see you back.

      Yes, the road is pretty much blocked until we work from the inside out, and the inside is that good old subconscious part of us. That’s where all our fears and even our personality traits are, so that’s the place to go to change and improve.

      Thank you for your input and have a wonderful day!

  7. Hi Sylviane,

    The subconscious is the center of a man’s being…this is because, things one would dare not admit are lodged well within the subconscious and at the time least expected, these thoughts and well concealed emotions come out and plague one, big time.

    Your article is a starting point for anyone who wishes to master the art of brilliantly clearing out one’s subconscious for a powerful and amazing life.

    Do enjoy the day.

    Akaahan Terungwa
    Akaahan Terungwa invites you to read..August/September NTP Blog Hop: Taking Time Off And A Million Other Awesome EntriesMy Profile

  8. Hey Sylviane,

    Having dealt with a LOT of my issues I know that what you’re saying is true. I think the best scenario you gave me when we spoke was that your subconscious mind is like a tape recorder that plays over and over and over and over and over again… Unless WE change the tape that’s being played then we’ll never move forward.

    You can never have what you truly desire if you still have some issues that need to be addressed. We can say all the right things, think them at the time but deep down inside (and we ALL know this) something is still saying – yeah right! This will NEVER happen to you…but you just keep thinking those thoughts.

    I would love to meet the person who has been able to do this all on their own. There is some awesome information out there that explains how this all works. We can even learn all about the subconscious mind but until we have someone who helps us dig down deep to understand what the issues are, WHY we keep having these issues, why they are flaring up and how we can stop them then they’re never ever going to get to where they truly want to be.

    I’ve worked with two life coaches now, you being one of them. I highly recommend your book too and yes guys, I bought it. I wanted to not only support Sylviane but hear her entire story that has helped her deal with her own issues. It’s great too.

    Thanks for sharing this Sylviane and I still need to write that 2nd review for you. I haven’t forgotten, I’ve just been SO busy these past few weeks.

    Have a great rest of your week and enjoy.

    Adrienne invites you to read..5 Reasons Your Blog Will Never ProgressMy Profile

    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Yes, you get it girl, no matter what pretty thoughts we think in our head (and that’s a good thing to do) if our subconscious programming is still too heavy, those pretty thoughts are going to be written out so to speak. That has happened to me and I’ve seen it happen to many people as well. That’s why there is a French saying that says, chase your natural habits and they’ll get back running. That’s exactly right.

      In order to succeed in changing anything, we much go to the source of WHERE it happens. To fix a car, a mechanic must go to the source of the break down, to fix our “natural habits” we much go to the source as well, which is the subconscious mind.

      The reason I know that one can’t help himself is that even those that I do help often tend to come back again with those same “habits” for a while, so needles to say that they wouldn’t make it at all on their own. Habits/thoughts/beliefs can be taken off though, but they tend to stick by nature.

      For example, even though I’m in France right now, the English language wants to kick in all the time I noticed. The other day I was yelling at that poor dog wondering why the heck he wasn’t listening to me, and then I realized that it was because I was speaking English to him. Poor dog, he’s a French dog 🙂 and when I spoke French he listened right away. So even though I know that, the English programming kicked it. It’s the same thing for everything we do, but we don’t see it. it’s tricky.

      Thank you so much for your great support Adrienne, and I appreciate it so much. No problem take you’re time, I understand. I often tell people that I have a friend in Texas, and that friend is you 🙂

      You have a great day!


  9. “Have you ever heard of someone who seemed to have it all, yet they’ve fallen from grace big time?”

    Hi Sylviane, that’s a great question. And I am vividly reminded of my late wife. She was a superstar yet ended up in a hospital ward in excruciating pain from the effects of chronic substance abuse from the previous 10 years.

    How could a person who was top student in her school, who went onto achieve success in the medical field, and then in the sales field – a person who was lauded by everyone who knew her – end up like that?

    Unresolved issues. Issues that can be traced back to her childhood. Yet she tried therapy, she tried coaches, she tried self help programs – but to no avail.

    It’s hard to say it, but coaching etc has virtually zero effect if the client has not made a solid commitment to the process of change.

    That said, readers who want change and are prepared to do something about it should read your post carefully – and then take action

    Thanks Sylviane

    Kim Willis invites you to read..5 Steps to Getting Big Ticket Sales For Your BusinessMy Profile

    1. Hi Kim,

      I’m sorry to hear that, but indeed, your late wife is the perfect example of what I’m discussing in this post.

      It’s true if the client is not ready to do the work, the coach won’t be able to help. However, she may not have seen a coach that specialized in the subconscious mind. There are all kind of coaches out there, and at times it takes to find the right one. Very sad when people can’t heal the root of the problem.

      Thank you for sharing this.


  10. Hey Sylviane,

    As you were using the example of how the subconscious is like with actors and what goes on behind the curtains, I was thinking about my job in IT. Although we have a very attractive setting at the school sites, what really goes on behind the scenes is the actually network system itself which are the Servers and Network Switches. Sometimes there are problems we don’t notice or ignored, and those problems are aggregated through time until it really hits!

    Same thing with the subconscious. There may have been problems aggregating throughout your life and you do the same thing. You either don’t take notice or you ignore it, then all of a sudden it really hits you. And I tell you it’s not the best feeling and it can really put a hurting on your journey to success.

    Sometimes you have to go back to basics to solve the problems within our lives. In this case, we have to look at our childhood and analyze our conditioning. I’ve never had a coach but from what I’ve been reading the can really help with this. But just like what Kim said, you have to be committed to get the problems solved.

    Thanks for sharing Sylviane! Have a great weekend!
    Sherman Smith invites you to read..My Top 6 Posts For The Month Of SeptemberMy Profile

  11. Hi,

    Your post are always inspirational and really much awaited for me.I am so glad to visit your website again and again .I am happy to read your post and will bookmark the link also for more post of your blog.

    1. Hi Jerry,

      So nice to hear that my posts are inspirational, and sorry for not having published any this past week or so, but will be back at it soon.

      Thank you for coming.


    1. Hi Dennis, and so sorry for the late reply.

      I’m glad you could connect with this type of information and that you’ve realized that your results in life were affected by your subconscious mind programming.

      Hope you’ll have a great day ahead!

  12. Hi Sylviane,

    While reading, this thought came to mind:

    Physician, heal thyself. It is sort of a biblical proverb meaning that people should take care of their own defects and not just correct the faults of others.

    Sometimes it is hard to recognize that we do have another conscious working against what we consciously plan and think we are working for.

    Therefore we over look our “faults” and dismiss that our lack of progress or forward movement in our life is caused by ourselves…

    We are failing at living a positive accomplished life and it is Not the fault of others who are perceived as having it easier with advantages that we don’t.
    Skipper Works

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