10 Unusual Writing Tips to Be a Better Content Creator

Are you an avid writer? Do you make sure that you proofread thoroughly?  That’s great, but there is more to this than just doing this to be a better writer. This article will dive into 10 unusual writing tips Read more

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Nailing the Perfect Essay: A Quick 6 Writing Tips Guide

While other students are struggling writing their essays, we will try to convince you that composing a great paper is quite simple. It should not take several days and nights. The most important thing is a reasonable approach, self-confidence Read more

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plagiarism free tools

Best Plagiarism Checkers to Find Duplicate content

Whether you are an author, a web content developer, an academic writer, a student or a business professional, plagiarism could cost you much. Writing 100% original content is always your best bet when you write valuable and informative content Read more

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The Downsides Of Being A Freelance Writer



Being a freelance writer, copywriter, content writer, blogger, author or wordsmith of any variety isn’t all sunshine and rainbows and pretty blooms.

Sure, it comes with a thousand plus points, like being your own boss, working Read more

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5 Great Reasons to Hire a Content Writer

We’ve all heard it before: Content is king.

No matter how beautiful and functional your website is, if its content isn’t useful, informative, or engaging, your site visitors won’t be compelled to convert to customers or want to return Read more

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write professional academic essay

How to Write a Professional Academic Essay

You need to write your professional academic essay and maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by the task at hand.

Even though it might not be your first one, it’s back to square one again, and the challenge is real every Read more

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are blog posts useless content

Are Blog Posts Useless Self-Promoting Content?

You manage a Linkedin group, and you feel offended when someone submit a link to their last blog post.

Yes, you.

Why am I saying this?

Few days ago, as I was joining a new Linkedin group, and was Read more

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Why you're making a huge mistake if you're not publishing on Linkedin

Why You’re Making A Huge Mistake If You’re Not Publishing On Linkedin

I wanted to write this blog post for both my potential clients, which are small to large businesses trying to promote themselves through content marketing, and my blogger friends who seem to be missing in action when it comes Read more

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How To Create Killer Headlines For Your Business's Blog

How to Create Killer Headlines For Your Business’s Blog

It turns out that while taking a look at my latest blog posts, for this past year, I realized that I didn’t have a recent post about headlines.

So much so, that I wasn’t able to find the last Read more

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Wrie attractive post in English as a second language

How to Write Attractive Posts Even if English is Your Second Language

how to write attractive posts even if English is your second language.

Is writing difficult?

Is writing even more difficult if English is your second language?

I know many online business owners/bloggers who write in English are not writing Read more

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How To Make Your Reader Relate To You

How To Make Your Readers Relate To You


Writing is the action of thinking they say.

But what if your thoughts are all over the place?

Then your writing might not be as good as it could be.

If you have a business and writing is Read more

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How To Skyrocket Your Creativity By Using A Single Word

How To Skyrocket Your Creativity By Using A Single Word!

This is my second guest of the year.

I’ve been blessed to meet some wonderful writers and bloggers during the second part of last year, and I’ve invited some over to my blog.

Today I ‘m very pleased Read more

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What is Descriptive Writing

What Is Descriptive Writing And Should Bloggers Use It?

Descriptive writing is supposed to be a style that’s used in fiction.

It’s a writing style where the writer is basically painting an image that you can see with your mind’s eyes as your read.

Have you ever heard Read more

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8 Steps Or 2260 Words To Help You Find High Paying Clients For Your Freelance Writing Business

How can I Find High Paying Clients?

This is definitely one of the questions I get the most.

While a small number of freelance writers have found their own specific ways to land high paying clients for their writing Read more

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5 Top Ways For Writers To Make Big Bucks Online And Offline

It’s not a secret that if you love to write, you can find many opportunities to make a very comfortable living, in today’s internet world.

I’ve read recently that in order to make lots of money writing, what you Read more

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