How To Write Superior Quality Content While Getting Top Ranking On Search Engines

Superior Quality ContentMany people used to think that it was impossible to write superior quality content while getting top ranking on Google at the same time.
Of course, this is not true, and this article will explain to you exactly why.

To begin with, there is a lot of contradictory comments about what makes an article or a blog post rank well on Google, however, among all those contradictory comments everyone seems to agree that superior quality content is now essential for good ranking.

However, don’t be fooled, the only reason why everyone agrees NOW that superior quality content is a must is because of the big clean up that Google has done sweeping away all the “content farm” and other low-quality materials out there. Before then, there were a lot of people who wrote entire eBooks telling you how to trick your readers as well as the search engines with less than the minimum required for any kind of superior quality content.

First off let’s get clear on what I call superior quality content

Quality content means valuable content that is meant to educate, inform or even enlighten the reader.  If to that you can add decent grammar, avoid spelling errors and write in short clear paragraphs with subtitles and bullet points when needed that will do the trick.

However, even me who has always been proud of writing good valuable content, even though maybe not always “superior quality content” I have to say that I have thought that I was stupid to lose so much time and put so much effort in writing good stuff. Yes, that’s how good those internet marketers were at encouraging low-quality content, and it worked for a while, anyway. But as we all know, those days are over!

So, now that all their bad articles are gone from the search engines, and they have come to the conclusion that superior quality content is a must to please the search engines, let see what else internet marketers can agree on to help your articles or blog post rank well.

How much keywords density you need to put within your content

Again, there are a lot of different ideas when it comes to the keywords density that you need to put in your content and there are even some people who like to argue WHERE exactly your keywords should be. The truth is that from what I’ve learned from a couple of  SEO expert, the exact percentage of keywords in your content first doesn’t improve the content and secondly doesn’t really improve its ranking either.

This is just not so, even though many people think that it is.  What is really going to improve your SEO is the off-page optimization NOT on page one.  Especially if you are going to concentrate so much on your keywords at the cost of losing superior quality content – which in most cases, you will.

The best method to use is first, concentrate on writing superior quality content and ONLY then check on your keyword density. Anywhere around 2% should be fine, but guess what, less than 2% works fine as well.  Some people go up to 3%, but I would only advise the latter if your article is at least between 850 and 1000 words. 3% keyword density in a 400-word article would be just terribly wrong and there is little chance that your article would make any sense at all. It is sometimes the case even with 2% for such short articles anyway.

Bottom line; make sure you use your keywords wisely, but do not focus solely on that, especially if it’s at the risk of spoiling the quality of your article. To make sure you will be fine, the following is what works for with search engines.

Put your keyword phrase once or twice in your title (depending on the type of title). For example in my title above my keyword phrase appears only once. But here is another title type: Buying and selling websites – Why would you want to be buying or selling your website? In this title, I have my keyword phrase twice, which works well in Google search engine as well.

While adding your keywords in your content, make sure you don’t force the keywords in there. The rule of thumb that I found out for myself is that every time I force my keyword or keyword phrase in my content it affects its quality in a negative way. This is a very important point to remember as it will affect the superior quality of your content.

Bottom line, as long as you put your keyword phrase near the beginning (right), a few times within the article and at the end toward the (left) if possible you will be just fine as far as the on-page optimization goes.

Other tricks to get top ranking on a search engine that will NOT affect your superior quality content in a negative way!

Meta Description Tag

Make sure you are using your “meta description” tag. If you have a WordPress blog you will find this under your post on your dashboard, and it’s called just that “meta description”. There, make sure that you write a quick description of your “superior quality content” using your keyword phrase twice. Example: How to write superior quality content? You must read this article to make sure that you write superior quality content every time while ranking high in search engines.

Meta Keyword Description Tag

Make sure you are using your “meta keyword description” space as well which you will find right under your meta description on WordPress. Just write your keywords with maybe different spellings or even spacing depending on your keywords and separate them by a comma, such as this: superior quality content, superior quality article, superior quality articles, superior quality blog content, superior quality website content, etc… You get the idea!

More important tricks for your keywords to make sure that your superior quality content ranks high

1) Make sure you place your keyword phrase in your header and near the beginning of your post, as well as near the end or right at the end of the last paragraph.

2) Make sure you use your main keywords as an anchor text that will link to another internal page of your blog or site.

3) Make sure you use your main keywords as an anchor text linking to an authority site with a no follow tag. If you don’t know how it’s done here it is: <href=http://theauthoritysite rel=”nofollow”> your anchor text keyword phrase</a>

4) Make sure all your outgoing links have the no follow tag rel=”nofollow”

5) Make sure your superior quality content has your keyword phrase on a bold, underline and italicize display once or twice in your post. For example superior quality content.

6) Make sure you add an “alt tag” to your image on your blog post. It should look something like this:

<img src”header.jpg” alt=”Superior Quality Content” width=”300″ height=”183″ />

If you follow these easy, but MOST IMPORTANT tips, your posts should please Google and rank pretty well. Just always remember that the tips above are off-page optimization and the ones that really count in the world of search engines along with your superior quality content.


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  1. In the last sentence you have written “…the tips above are off-page optimization …”.
    I guess that it’s an on-page optimization.

  2. True, its important to keep the keyword density in mind in order to avoid looking like spam. With Google Panda around its good to see the increase of good high quality content and good link building practices.

  3. Practically everyone on the internet trying to explain what makes a good site will say to you, ‘Content is King’ and ‘You neede good content’, but I believe that this is still not taken seriously enough by the majority of webmasters.

    There are still too many sites around which have no real content, nothing original, or are just plain boring. What many people don’t realise, though, is that good content does more than just keep your visitors interested and give you a good site. It can also help you to promote your website.

    1. I couldn’t agree more with this, Ralph. There are many good reasons why quality content is important.

      Another important thing you need to look professional is have your own avatar, so when you comment on people’s blog you show as YOU, not as an anonymous default avatar.

      Thanks for coming and leaving your feedbacks.

  4. Among the main targets of SEO one is to increase the page rank of the websites. It affects the visibility as well as popularity. But it’s a quite complicated task to get an excellent page rank in search engines.

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