What Is Holosync And How Can It Improve Your Life?

In my last post about attracting money I’ve mentioned several methods that are known to bring about more success and money.  One of them was Holosync.

This was the one method I mentioned that got the most attention. Read more

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How To Become A Money Magnet – Part Two

This is part of this summer series about how to become a money magnet.  Attracting money is something we all want, yet something so many of us tend to reject subconsciously.  I even noticed that in few Read more

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How To Become A Money Magnet – Part One

“Become used to the fact that being “rich” is your natural state”

This summer I thought I would write a manifesting money post series.  A step by step on how to become a money magnet.

If you Read more

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Why Change Is Good

Do you like change?

Most people resist change, even though, change is part of life. Nothing stays still. Everything changes.

Every living thing goes though many changes from the time they are born to the time they die.

Landscapes Read more

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The Law of Attraction – Are You Missing The Point?

I’ve written posts that explains the Law of Attraction in the past, but it was before this blog was actually read by anyone.  So, I thought that a brand new fresh post about the Law of Attraction and Read more

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How To Use Your Natural Senses To Attract What You Want In Your Life

I’m sure that if you landed on this article you are someone interested about the Law of Attraction.

However,  there is still a huge gap for a lot people between being interested in the Law of Attraction, Read more

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Ask For The Life That You Want

So, what do you want for Christmas? In recent posts I talked about giving thanks and receiving, but what about asking?

Some people, young or not so young, make a list of physical items that they may want Read more

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3 Easy Ways Of Giving Thanks That Will Benefit You

Have you ever thought about the benefits of being thankful and grateful for what you have every day?  Since this is Thanksgiving week, I thought that it would be appropriate to write about giving thanks and the benefits Read more

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The law of Relativity The Law That Help Us Know What Is What

This my last post of this series on the Laws of the Universe. If it’s your first time here you can read each one of the posts of this series listed at the end of this article in Read more

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The Law Of Deliberate Creation The Direct Ally Of The Law Of Attraction

The difference between the Law of Attraction and the Law of Deliberate Creation is that the law of attraction works like a boomerang.  Whatever energy we send out through our thoughts, emotions and vibrations will undeniably come back Read more

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The Law Of Polarity The Law Of Transformation And Creation

What is important in understanding the Law of Polarity is the ability to understand the power of transformation – The 7 Essential Universal Laws by Christy Whitman

The Law of Polarity is a law of the Universe that is Read more

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The Law Of Cause And Effect Are You Conscious Of It?

This is my fourth post on this series of the Laws of the Universe.  After the Law of Resistance,  The Law of Allowing, and the Law of Detachment.  Today we are going to Read more

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Why Do You Need To Use The Law Of Detachment To Attract What You Want

The law of detachment is another very important law of the Universe.  The law of detachment is rather easy to understand compare to maybe more tricky laws such as the Law of Resistance or the Law of Allowing Read more

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How Does The Law Of Resistance Affect Your Life?

What we call the “law of attraction” actually includes many other laws that a lot of people are not aware of.  Often, when people say that the law of attraction doesn’t work it’s because they are actually ignoring Read more

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Is There Such Thing As Coincidences And Bad Luck?

Do you think that there is such thing as coincidences, luck or lack thereof? Well, a lot of people do.

However, I am here to tell you that there is really no such thing as a true victim of Read more

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