How To Become A Money Magnet – Part Two

How to Become a Money Magnet Part 2This is part of this summer series about how to become a money magnet.  Attracting money is something we all want, yet something so many of us tend to reject subconsciously.  I even noticed that in few of the comments I’ve got on last week’s post.  By the way, if you’ve missed it, make sure you read it as well.

Several of you have mentioned things in your comments last week that tells me that you have some issues with money.  No doubt.  But don’t worry too much, most of us do.  The only thing you need to work on is to make a switch in your beliefs to change things around.

Now, do you really have to do this? No, not if you want to stay where you are.  However, if you do want to attract more money in your life; if you really, truly want to become financially free one day, you might want to consider making that switch.

As Albert Einstein said, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Why Some People have Money and Some don’t?

As you may recall, last week I mentioned quantum physics because it is related to what we do have and don’t have, because quantum physics is where non-defined waves of ideas can transform to real physical things.  And that goes for everything – what people call circumstances, events, people they meet, and indeed, money.

I guess I will never say it enough – what you truly believe about anything and everything in life, from being overweight or skinny, looking younger for your age or older, being healthy or sick to even how many years you will live, all have something to do with your BELIEFS.  I’ve seen so many real life examples of this over the years before and after I knew about all the LOA thing, it can actually be quite scary, unless you start taking control.

People who have money, just have a totally different belief about their relation to money than those who don’t.  This is not something anyone can put in your mind, though.  This is something a life coach can explain to you, but you will be the one who needs to apply it.  I could tell you what foods are good for you, but you would be the one needing to buy it, cook it and eat it.  I’m sure you get my point here, don’t you?

Every day I hear things that proves to me that some people are just looking for trouble.  What do I mean by that? Listen to people around you, and even yourself, and notice what you’re hearing.  People often talk about their concerns.  This is the proof that they subconsciously expect negative things to happen to them.  I hear this ALL the time.  Then, they wonder why their life sucks, and why they’re broke.

A year or so ago I’ve mentioned in a post on this blog how one day I was so nervous about getting in an accident with my rental car because of a previous accident with my own car that I “created” a car (that wasn’t even there) to bump into me.  This is not a story, guys. It’s TRUE!

This car wasn’t there, and in a matter of 2 seconds it was, ready for me to smash into, since I wished it so bad. I l will never forget that day. Ever.

How do this relates to money?

The reason why you don’t have money is that you are pushing it away, somehow, or preventing it to get in.  That’s all.  We are so skilled at this that we are finding an array of ways to do it. What we need is find ways to do it the other way around.

“To make the manifestation process work for us, we have to put aside all our ill-defined wave ideas about money.”  Dr. Robert Anthony

So, what are YOUR ill-defined wave ideas about money?

Is it Bad to Ask for Money?

I bet a lot of you would answer no to this question.  If so, do you ask for money?  Do you have daily affirmations to attract money?  Why not?

Do you know that the more specific you are about what you want the better and faster the Universe will deliver?  And that works for everything. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

The best way to ask for money is to affirm that you have such money on a daily basis while making sure your feelings agree with your words.  Affirmations of abundance won’t work if you say them with feelings of lack, fear or even doubt.

Affirmations of a specific number by a certain date has worked miracles for a lot of people who have done that.  And this doesn’t work on with money but anything else.

What about prayers?

What’s the Difference between Prayers and Affirmations?

Good question isn’t it?  Do you think that your prayers can make up for your beliefs and can replace affirmations and visualizations?

From my own experience I would answer no to this question.  Having been very heavy in prayers in the past, while having all the negative beliefs you can think of and not even knowing about affirmations, I know – for me at least – that prayers alone just don’t work.

But to answer this question much deeper let’s analyze two ways of paying for what you want.

Prayers that don’t Work

No matter to whom you are praying to, if you pray as a victim who needs help and has no power what so ever to make things better for yourself, no prayer in the world will change a thing for you.  Your mind, your thoughts, your feelings, you’re whole being is one of a victim, and you’ll get victim results.

In other words, you are praying but not expecting to receive what you’re asking. Thus you don’t receive.

Raise your hand if you managed to get anything positive from paying this way.

Prayers that do Work

Now, prayers that do work are not the begging prayers, but the ones that are said with the CONVICTION that you have already received what you’re paying for.  Did you noticed, I emphasis the word conviction?  If you’re not convinced you won’t get what you’re asking for in prayer.

The reason why such prayers work is because they are affirmations prayers, and they don’t put you in a victim feeling and vibration, but rather that of a victor.

From my experience there is no positive results that come from a victim place. Ever.  Not even in all the prayers in the world.  People who have prayed for cure or health have received it ONLY when they were convinced that it would be so.  The others have not.  That why people call this miracles. A better word for not understanding what was going on in that person’s mind.

A True Life Example

My mother had a strong belief that she would have sunshine when she needed it. I mean she STRONGLY believed it.  She actually often “affirmed” I attract good weather.  One day it was the morning of the wedding of her niece (my cousin) and it was grey sky with a light rain.

I will never forget.  She said, no event of mine has seen a bad weather, I know the sun will come out before the wedding.  It did.  We had a beautiful sunshine the whole day.

For decades, my mother always had good weather when she needed it.  This was so strong in her that we were sure that as long as my mother was around, and we would have sunshine for anything we would need to attend.  We always did!  I remember one of our neighbors told my mother once, “Mrs Nuccio, I know you order the weather, you’ll get sunshine.”

She also mixed God with it. She say God was going to give nice weather to her.  He did.  But not because she asked. No.  Because she was convinced.  I am sure that if one day she had doubted, she wouldn’t have had good weather.

So, this brings the question?  If you pray for money, how do you pray for it? Do you pray as if you already had it, or do you pray as a broke, powerless person?

Why do Affirmations Work to Attract Money?

Affirmations to attract money do work, but it depends on several factors.  That’s why it may or may not work for you.

If you affirm all day long that money flows to you with a feeling of lack, it won’t work.  If you use affirmations only once in the blue moon, when you think of it, it won’t work either.  This is so because you need two ingredients in order to reprogram your subconscious beliefs about money.

1)      You need to be convinced.

2)      The subconscious is best convinced over time with repetitions, even when using self-hypnosis.


So, what did we learn on this post?

– Understand that in order to attract money to you, you need to change your mind over.  At times it’s going to be a 180° change.

– Watch for any sign that you have an issue with money by noticing what you’re saying when it comes to money.

– Praying for money alone, won’t bring you money. You need to pray with conviction.

– To attract money faster add affirmations to you prayers.  Prayers don’t change the subconscious mind, affirmations do.  Add a specific number and date, it will help manifest money faster.

Next week we are going to consider ways to manipulate your subconscious to be a money magnet.

Over to you now, what are your thoughts on that!

Read Part Three…

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27 thoughts on “How To Become A Money Magnet – Part Two”

  1. thanks for this awesome follow up to last weeks post Sylviane. you are really on the ball with this one. I have gotten a lot of criticism from people for “still using outdated techniques” like affirmations. However, when I use them, I always work on aligning emotions with the desired outcome as you said.

    so much of creating and manifesting anything in your life is about the conviction that it will happen.
    One other thing I would add (which may come in your follow up) is action. are you taking action consistent with the conviction? I see so many people do the affirmations, but their actions are preparing for what they don’t want, rather than what they are affirming they want and already have.

    prepare as if you have already recieved what it is you are affirming, and it will fall into place. we attract what we align ourselves with.
    James invites you to read..Desepration Leads to Business SabotageMy Profile

    1. Hi James,

      It’s like you can read my mind, because, yes, I am going to mention actions next week.

      Even though money can come from totally unexpect sources, just as it happened to me a couple of weeks ago, for the most part, it will be the result of your actions, along with the law of attraction.

      Affirmation do not work when they is not feeling and belief along with them. I will mentioned that in details as well in my next post.

      Thanks for your input, and have a great rest of the week.
      Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..How To Become A Money Magnet – Part TwoMy Profile

      1. Thanks Sylvaine,
        This has been a crazy week for me, but it is often darkest right before the dawn, as I have personally experienced.

        My lease on my house is up the end of the month, and everyone has been in a panic that I hadn’t found a place yet. I used a lot of what was shared in these last few posts, and just went with the flow of energy rather than trying to force things to happen like everyone around me was trying to tell me, and suddenly this morning I my wife and I had the perfect house fall into our lap. Still working on attracting the money, but I know it is already there, I just have to allow it to manifest and it will all work out. working on that now.
        James invites you to read..Embracing Your Power to Create Freedom In a CrisisMy Profile

        1. Hi James,

          It’s true that we often experience troubles before the end of the tunel.

          Sometimes it’s not easy when we are surrounded by negative people who work against the laws of the Universe. I congratulate you for being able to do it.

          All the best to you for your house. You are on the right track!
          Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..How To Become A Money Magnet – Part TwoMy Profile

  2. Thank you Sylviane for explaining this so well.

    I too notice so many people who say things that would just keep them stuck or miserable. We need to watch what we say is the first step. To attract money, yes we must have that conviction weather it is through prayer or affirmations. We MUST live like we have a million dollars. We need to train our subconscious so it does not interfere with our needs.

    Like your mother, I have that strong conviction too with God. I know that there are principles in life that we must abide to. We are here to love. With the help of God, anything is possible. Only if we really believe it. This is why your mom had sun shine on a cloudy day!

    We have our spiritual beliefs, our understanding of how our mind works, and it is all “Proven” by Quantum Physics! So what more do we need to make that switch? It can be done!

    Stuff like this happens to me all the time but only when I am in total harmony with my inner self and the universe. I must admit, I can screw things up sometimes by “asking” but then I catch myself when I make that mistake and laugh. We are not perfect, so we must learn from our mistakes.

    I’m a strong believer in this and I only hope that people will put your series into action because we all deserve prosperity.

    Donna Merrill invites you to read..Marketing Lesson From Get ResponseMy Profile

    1. Hi Donna,

      Well first of all, thank you and congratulations for being able to even put a comment at all on this blog as it has been down most of the time this week. I’m having issues with my hosting, and for that reason I had my buddy Mayura going over everything in my back office, which to say the least, was needed.

      Yes, all this cost me a bit of money, but it was sooooo well worth it.

      Talking about money!!! That’s why we need it. I am not a technical person by any mean, so I need the money to pay someone to do it for me. Like people who can’t write they need the money to pay me 🙂

      The point is, money is good. How nice it was for the person who gave me the services I needed to make extra money this week, right? How nice it was that I’ve made more money lately and that extra, unexpected expense didn’t hurt!

      Money is just a service to us, and it needs to serve us, not the other way around. That’s why we must learn how to attract it, so we can make it flow as it should.

      Thank you for your feedback, Donna and have a great one.
      Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..How To Become A Money Magnet – Part TwoMy Profile

  3. Hey Silviane,

    You really explained this so well. Especially about Prayer. You’re either a victim or a victor. No questions about it!

    It took me a while to learn this. It actually begin when I started reading personal development books such as Esther and Jerry Hicks, who really explained the secret quite well.

    You know when you have a really good dream, then all of a sudden, something wakes you up, then you try to go back to the dream again, but it just doesn’t happen? Sometimes I get that in real life. I guess it shows how I get out of the vibe and don’t believe I can get that vibe again.

    Best thing you can do is dream it and feel it. Once you can feel it, take the necessary action steps to achieve it. When you’re strongly in that vibe, can’t nothing or no one knock you off.

    Thanks Sylviane!
    sherman smith invites you to read..4 Types Of Prospects You’ll EncounterMy Profile

    1. Hi Sherman,

      You said it well. Your dream example is so true. We do the same with our visions and dreams when we are awake. Sometimes it’s hard to get into it. Very hard, indeed. It’s an effort, just like exercise. But like exercise we can get used to it.

      I’m glad if you enjoyed this post.
      Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..How To Become A Money Magnet – Part TwoMy Profile

  4. Hi Sylviane

    Another great explanation. Thank you.

    The reason for wanting to bring money to yourself is to help others and I feel if the drive is there, that some way it will be shown as to how to achieve it. I am learning how to get focused on the outcome. Also having a great positive outlook and believing that miracles can and do happen.

    Mary Stephenson invites you to read..Appreciation of the Things We Never Really SeeMy Profile

    1. Hi Mary,

      Yes, miracles, can and do happen. The whole life thing, the fact that we are alive, breathing and enjoying things, all a miracle. We just take it all for granted.

      Being conceive and born isn’t a miracle? We are all walking miracles, and they still happen all throughout our lives.

      Thank you for coming, Mary 🙂
      Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..How To Become A Money Magnet – Part TwoMy Profile

  5. HI Sylviane,
    When I pray it’s usually not about money, more to help someone else. When it comes to money I use affirmations and visualization and I also write a check in the amount and put it in my wallet.
    Jim Carey the actor talked about this in an interview. He wrote down the exact amount he was paid for his first movie which was a lot of $$$…many years before he received the money.
    Believing is the key!
    Thanks so much,

  6. I would have loved your Mom Sylviane because that’s how my prayers are. I know in the last post I have mentioned that I pray to God but I don’t pray like I’m begging and then not expect to get it. My prayers are conversations and I always thank him for what he’s already blessed me with and money is in there as well. Yep, I’m specific too and yep, I 100% believe it as well. It took me a long time to get to this place but I have arrived.

    Of course I prefer to look at who is really in charge and some people call it the universe but to me it’s God. I KNOW he’s watching out for me, I KNOW he had to put me through all of this so I could learn these lessons. This is his plan to help me be the best person I can be. I know that when it all does arrive I’ll appreciate it so much more because of these lessons.

    It’s like the car accident you mentioned. You can bring into your life the bad things just like the good so watch what you think about. I prefer to stay in the positive because I know that everything I’ve ever wanted in life is mine. I just have to know that God will bless me with it when he’s ready. I can be patient because I KNOW it’s coming. 😉

    Thank you for this fabulous lesson and I’ll continue to look forward to the rest of this series. This is one of my favorite subjects.

    Enjoy your week.

    Adrienne invites you to read..60 Tips Of Blogging AdviceMy Profile

    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Yes, it seems that you have it all down and understood.

      Whether people have a hard time to call it God or not, they will eventually come to the realization that there is a force superior than them, and as long as we work with it, we come to understand that everything is there for us as long as we understand how it all works.

      If we work against God, and against the natural laws of this universe it’s like trying to go through a wall head first. It hurts and it doesn’t work. People tend to put a lot of resistance when all they have to do is learn how to let things flow. We should always avoid the path of resistance.

      Thank you for your input, Adrienne, and have a great week!
      Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..How To Become A Money Magnet – Part TwoMy Profile

  7. Hi Sylviane,

    The Western mind was conquered by the Oriental thinking. This is not a surprise for me but it can be and is for many people. Even more, what you are saying is just MAGIC. White magic, indeed but magic. Also there is a mix between magic and religion with a definite accent on magic. Unfortunately the line between black and white magic is very thin and difficult to discern.
    Praying works when you are convinced. This is another way to say that praying with a strong belief will get you what you want. This is true with a condition: You need to want good things. God will never give you bad things that make other people suffer.

    With affirmations it is not the same thing. Here, the moral part is not important. What matters is to master the technique, use the affirmation correctly.
    Well, you can use affirmation and have a strong conviction it will work but direct your affirmations to bad things. You will probably get want you want and suffer a lot.
    The main characteristic of Magic is to look at Nature as a system of impersonal forces that governs the whole universe. Our duty in Magic is to master these forces and use them in our favor (control nature and obtain wealth, power etc.).
    It’s kind of technical understanding of how things work in this world. This mindset is very appealing to the Western mind because at some point in their history people CHOSE not to believe in God.
    Impersonal concepts are used, like the Universe and the Law (of attraction). In some way it’s like natural science applied to life and spiritual realities. When you understand and apply correctly a law (physics, chemistry, biology etc.) you will get the desired effect. The same will happen with your life no mater your moral level.
    Let’s take yoga, for instance. It doesn’t matter if you are a murderer, a rapist, a thief, a crook or serial killer. If you practice correctly their methods: asana, pranayama, dharana, dhyana and samadhi, you will reach the Absolute and have everything.
    This is a trap. It’s based on the profound, inner conviction that there is no God, no spiritual world, no heaven, no hell, no judgement, no reward and no punishment.
    The only thing that exists is this Universe with its laws. You need to understand the laws and apply them correctly. You will get everything you want.

    About attracting money
    I am no fan of spiritual marketing, hypnotic writing and magic. However, one of the best books I have ever read in this domain is Joe Vitale’s “The greatest money making secret in history”. It summarizes perfectly everything you must do, how to do it and everything you can achieve. It is the highest point you can reach in business without God.

    Have a nice day
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    1. Hi Silviu,

      One thing with you, for sure, is that you have those real deep comments that say a lot.

      Now, I’ve never ever seen the law of attraction, a natural law of the universe as “magic”, and I do not disassociate it from God. To me it’s all related.

      Now, sure you can’t pray bad things for others, and expect it to happen, but you can affirm negative things, and make it to happen. Yes, there is a difference here.

      Now, if you were to say evil affirmations I do believe in cause and effect also called Karma that will eventually take care of you, so to speak.

      Yes, the laws of the universe apply to all of us, no matter who we are. And a bad person can also turn around and become good, and vice versa.

      Thank you for expressing your thoughts so well 🙂
      Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..How To Become A Money Magnet – Part TwoMy Profile

  8. Hello Sylviane

    I am behind on my post, but I wanted to read Post #2 before I read #3.
    What a great subject and a subject that can inspire us to shift to another level or start at the beginning.
    My strength is that God/Universe is able to do anything….BUT WE MUST BELIEVE.
    The conviction has to be within us as we decree money and visualize what we are searching for.
    I am in the process of attracting money to be able to help myself, family and others.
    It is all about our relationship with the money we have now. Are we stewards of it?
    Everything is about relationships. Our health is about our relationship with food, our stamina and endurance and muscle mass is based on the relationships we have with our body… and our financial success will be based on the relationship we have with MONEY.
    Thank you again for this inspiring post.

    Gladys recently posted…Three Keys To Your Life Coaching Journey
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  9. A very well written blog. Money is one thing which is ruling the world at least partially. My whole idea of earning a good amount of money is to attain a satisfaction of making the life of others a better place.I really enjoyed reading this writeup.

  10. Hi Sylviane,

    I am late but I made it. I am trying to catch up with lots of blog commenting.

    I have to say I haven’t seen this topic explained that clearly as you did here. I so much get it now especially how to make that switch in our beliefs and I so much love your explanation and the difference between prayers and affirmations.

    Prayers without faith is not fulfilled and that is even what the bible teaches. You have to pray believing that you will get or you will never get what you prayed for and that matches what you explained here.

    Thanks Sylviane for a great post and detailed explanation. I will be reading the third part next. You are awesome.

    Be Blessed,

    Neamat Tawadrous invites you to read..4 Tips To The Power Of Choice!My Profile

    1. Hi Neamat,

      I’m so glad you came to understand this better now. That is exactly right. I’m not inventing this, just been the witness of it. This proves that it’s, indeed, exactly what the Bilble says, prayers without faith are nul.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this series and I love it when people come to this blog saying that they finally understand! Brings great joy to me.

      Have a great weekend!
      Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..How To Become A Money Magnet – Part ThreeMy Profile

  11. It so seems to me that the more we run after money they farther it runs away from us and we end up in an eternal struggle to ‘make money’. People who are carefree about their money and spending attitude are in bliss and in fact have more money. Smart spending habits do count but it is the attitude that matters. Great share.
    marytlou invites you to read..Fitness Trainer BondiMy Profile

    1. Hi Marylou,

      Yes, I tend to agree with this, and it actually has an explaination. If you run after money, you create a “resistence” to it, thus you don’t attract it, you push it away.

      Those who spend freely, on the other hand, allow money flow, which is actually energy flow, that’s why they are never in lack.

      Hope this help 🙂

      Thanks for coming.
      Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..How To Become A Money Magnet – Part ThreeMy Profile

  12. Hi Sylviane,

    I follow with great interest how this summer series goes! You have explained the essence so well. When all the prayers and affirmation are not working, one knows why!

    I came from a background believing that money is just a tool. We can use money to do good or evil things. I consider myself lucky in that I do not need to flush away the negative beliefs that you mentioned in your last blog post.

    This background, however, has a disadvantage, It makes me harder to fully comprehend how some people may have money manifestation issues because of the stuff in their subconscious mind!

    Fascinating insights, Sylviane! You must be very proud of what you do!

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum
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  13. Hello Sylviane,

    I have not read this new issue yet.
    I’m curious concerning How thos “not just doing certain things” but doing things in a certain way fit in this thesis? There is talk about alignment of feelings with the desire
    what does this mean?

    Kind regards,

    Jos Tobben

  14. Hi Sylviane

    I read with with an open heart and mind, trying to apply to myself as I read.

    I have such an analytical point of view about things that I read or even see or feel, and always trying to put everything into a compartment with something related whether it is tangible or intangible.

    Acquiring wealth whether this wealth is love, money, peace, happiness,health, only comes when your internal real expectations match your goal.
    If I want happiness for my child, but know with all that wanting that it isn’t going to happen because the child lives lts life expecting and getting the worst,

    So who controls the real expectations?

    Can I order Sunshine for my child and affirm it so positively and strongly that the sun does shine omtp her life even if in her deepest depths, she is in reality affirming trials and tribulations, poor health, depression and unhappiness?

    Is it back to the brick and mortar world,?

    Regardless or desires, wants, dreams, if you want any of these, you have to do more that just have a positive attitude, You have to Expect the reward and devote your physical time and thought doing the work needed to point the desired for to you or yours.
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