The Law Of Deliberate Creation The Direct Ally Of The Law Of Attraction

The difference between the Law of Attraction and the Law of Deliberate Creation is that the law of attraction works like a boomerang.  Whatever energy we send out through our thoughts, emotions and vibrations will undeniably come back to us in time.

The only problem is, most people on the planet use the Law of Attraction by default, because they are ignoring such law.

The Law of Deliberate Creation is when you master the Law of Attraction to create the outcomes that you want.

Yet, some people who might have heard about the Law of Attraction, but for some reasons choose to ignore it, are believing that by doing so they can actually escape it.  However, there is just no such thing as escaping it.  You either use it for your own benefits or by default, but you are not, ever, escaping it.

Let see if I want to ignore the law of gravity and jump off a building!  Let’s see if I can fly!  Yet, this is how some people deal with other laws of the Universe. They are just not knowing about them or choose to ignore them.  It’s not because such universal laws don’t have an instant and drastic effect as the law of gravity has, that they don’t have a drastic impact at all. They do.  It’s just that it doesn’t show right away.  But that’s the only difference between them.

Does it Help you to Ignore the Laws of the Universe?

When you are not knowing or even “refusing” to be aware of what you are attracting in your life through your thoughts, emotions, and vibrations, you simple attract by default.  You are becoming a mere observer of your own life, and you don’t have much say in it. Things just happen to you, year after year, and you never, ever, feel in control.

As a matter of fact, if you’d chose to live that way by trying hard to ignore the law of attraction, you would basically never have much control over your life.  I am sure you know some people like that, don’t you?  Not only I know some people like that, but I used to BE like that before I became AWARE of the Law of Attraction.  So, believe me, I know what I’m talking about here!  Living while ignoring the effect of the Law of Attraction is no fun and it’s a bit like being on a Marry-Go-Round while wondering why we never get to our destination.

When you fully understand the Law of Attraction, you can stop being an observer of your own life and start being an actor.  This is called the Law of Deliberate Creation.  The Law of Deliberate Creation has always been here for us, it’s up to us to use it to create the life that we want.

You are your own magician. Out of seemingly nothing you can, with conscious intent, and detachment from results, create whatever you want.  There is no judgment on what you create, but here are consequences that follow your intent. Christy Whitman

Is knowing about the Law of Deliberate Creation Enough to Create the Life that you Want?

I am sure that you know the answer to this question, don’t you? Just knowing that you can create won’t suffice to be able to actually create.  Using the Law of Deliberate Creation calls for action on your part.  Is knowing that exercise is good for you enough to benefit from it? Of course not. You need to go on that treadmill and run in order to experience the benefits of exercise.  It’s exactly the same thing with the Law of Deliberate Creation.  You need to use it for it to work in your favor.

Remember, just being an observer won’t do it!

How to Use the Law of Deliberate Creation

When the movie The Secret came out in 2006 many people thought that by watching the movie or reading the book they were going to be able to change their life. When that didn’t happen, they blamed the movie, of course.

However, I can tell you that nothing that was said in that movie was untrue.  What the movie doesn’t emphasis enough, though, is that wishful thinking is not enough.  Deliberate Creation must come from our whole subconscious programming that affects our thoughts and emotions which activate the vibrations that we send out.

It’s not something we can fake like you can fake a smile and maybe make someone believe that you’re happy.  You can’t fake the Universe with a smile or even a positive thought here and there.  It needs to come from the deepest part of you.  That’s where your creation comes from.

Even if you were to get up every morning with the best intentions of being happy and “wanting to feel wealthy” but deep inside felt miserable, it wouldn’t work. You can’t be wanting to feel, you HAVE TO FEEL.  Your more dominant state will always win.

If you were to repeat your self-talk, saying I’m financially free a hundred times a day, while thinking about your debts and bills, what do you think would be  your dominant state? The state of plenty or the state of lack?  The reason why it’s so tough for a lot of people to use the Law of Deliberate Creation is because they do just that.

People may have great intentions, but do they really, really follow through with their thoughts and emotions?  Most people don’t. Therefore, they are still creating by default rather than by design. But it’s not because it’s impossible to do so, it’s because they are letting problems or what they call “reality” get in the way.  Something is resisting the outcome that they are dreaming about; and that something is simply them.

Yes, the one thing that is resisting and preventing you to deliberately creating the life that you want is YOU.  That why what Life Coaches do is help people release such resistance which blocks any type of changes to come about.

In order to create what you want in life; to create the life that YOU want, first, you need to understand this process fully and then, apply the Law of Deliberate Creation, the direct ally of the Law of Attraction.

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12 thoughts on “The Law Of Deliberate Creation The Direct Ally Of The Law Of Attraction”

  1. Hi Sylviane,

    Oops… Seems like Law of Deliberate Creation is out of our reach, no? 🙂 I mean we need to apply our efforts to Law of Attraction to make use of it.

    I think it’s mostly people not trying to understand what’s behind the scenes 🙂 As I see, people tend to accept what comes to them and not trying to change the outcome. People do successful without knowing these laws too. But knowing the process would definitely prevent from messing up their goals and life 🙂

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    1. Hi Mayura,

      When people do success while “ignoring” the the law of attraction or creation is because somehow their subconscious mind is set on success more then failure. That is definitely the case for some people, but if it wasn’t the case, there would be very little change that they would be truly successful.

      Also, what you may perceive as successful from an outside point of view is not always the case in reality.

      Thanks you for bring this out, Mayura 🙂

  2. How true this is! You can’t achieve anything by wishful thinking. You can watch all the movies and read all the books and have all the best ideas in the world. But it’s up to you to DO something with all that!

    And if you don’t act, then things are going to happen to you, instead of you being the one making them happen. Sort of like allowing yourself to be a victim, right? Just waiting to see what the universe will do instead of acting to do something on your own?

    I try to be the person taking action because I spent a lot of time around people who just like to talk and complain about things but not take any responsibility for fixing them. I’m the annoying person in the room who is always asking people “So??? What are you going to do about that??”

    I wonder how many laws there are, Sylviane, because every day you have a new one and you explain them so well. I enjoy every one!
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    1. Hi Carol,

      Well, there are several main universal laws, but next week will be the last of this long series.

      I really like people like you, the ones who ask so? why? and so forth… those are the people who amount to something.

      To answer your question, we can compare life to a big ocean and us as a boat on that ocean.

      If you don’t take control of that boat, there is not telling where the boat will go… it could go anywhere and get totally lost. If you do take that boat commend, however, you will be able to direct it where you want to. You will be able to go from point A to point B.

      It’s the same thing with our lives. If we let our life just be, it won’t be great, it can even turn pretty miserable, like a lost boat in the ocean. If we do use the Laws of the Universe, however, we can really go somewhere by taking control.

      Thanks for your input, Carol!

  3. This was a little tough one to understand as compared to the others Sylviane! But after going through it the second time I understood it. 🙂

    Perhaps because we really need to be totally involved and feel things from within for the Law of Deliberate Creation to really work, which most of us aren’t able to. Yes, the reasons as you rightly mentioned are because we tend to get reality in the way and have our own issues and share of problems. That resistance stops or hinders us each time.

    I understand that The Law of Deliberate Creation is always there for us waiting for us to take action, though it’s up to us to use it to create the life that we want with it – isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    Harleena Singh invites you to read..Am I BeautifulMy Profile

    1. Hi Harleena,

      Well, I’m sorry if this was a bit complicated to understand, I hope it’s not because I made it that way. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to make those laws understood by the readers, because that’s one thing to do understand them and another to explain them.

      With personal development, the more you read about it, the more you get to understand more and more clearly. I know it happened to me and I’m pretty sure it happened to anyone involved wit personal development.

      Yes, the law of creation is and always will be here for us to use and it’s really ONLY up to use to do so or not.

      Thank you for your thoughts and input, Harleena 🙂

  4. This is a hard thing to do Sylviane!

    Knowing the way we should be thinking yet your circumstances remain the same, it’s hard to change your thinking. It’s a process, I know but it can be done. I guess this finally set in with me a few years ago, maybe more. Once I was more aware of my thoughts then I was able to change them. Sure, my circumstances may not have been the best but I had to quit beating myself up because there was no way they would change if I kept thinking the same old way.

    I love what you shared here so thank you so much for explaining this in such a way I believe everyone can really comprehend. I hope they’ll take those measures to start changing their thinking. One can only hope right!

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    1. Hi Rebeka,

      Yes, most people live their lives totally oblivious of such laws that’s why I have a blog like this one.

      Thanks for your visit 🙂

  5. The thought of attracting negative energy from individuals who are too pessimistic for their own good makes me cringe, I personally believe in the law of attraction and I also think that it has a lot to do with what you choose to surround yourself with. Thanks for sharing!
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  6. Hi! I re-read your article once again after a good night’s sleep, and yes, those things that you mentioned in your post like attracting by default and being just an observer left a clear imprint in my mind. I won’t forget about that.

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