is it safe to travel alone

Is It Safe To Travel Europe On Your Own?

Is is safe to travel Europe on my own?

As I was searching Google to see if some people had actually asked this very question, I found an interesting one that goes like this:

Ok so I am a Read more

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Live Insights Of Scotland Life

My Live Insights About Life In Scotland

I’m having the time of my life in Scotland.

In 3 words – I love it – except for the weather maybe.

However, I can’t complain too much,  as I have had plenty of sunshine every time I Read more

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10 Things That Will Shock You About Glasgow Scotland

10 Facts About Glasgow, Scotland That Will Shock You If You’ve Never Been In Western Europe

Ah good old Europe.

It’s been a long, long time since I had not seeing you, and I have to say that it’s nice to be back and see what you’re up to these days.

As I’m walking in Read more

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Porcelaine de Limoges

Limoges The Headquarter Of Porcelain

Have you ever heard of Limoges Porcelain?

Well, it’s called like Limoges Porcelain (Porcelaine de Limoges) because this type of beautiful fine dishes, cups, vases, and other table ornaments are made in the center of France in a town named Limoges.

I’ve been to Limoges only one time in my entire life. It’s a rather tranquil town, and if you didn’t know that’s where the ONLY authentic band named porcelain was made, you would just have no idea.

In this post, I wanted to give a tour of both the city and the maker of this beautiful man made creation, called porcelain.

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The Eiffel Tower Just Turned 125

Just the past Monday the Eiffel Tower was celebrating its 125th anniversary.

The birthday that what French like to call “la Dame de Fer” ( the Ion Lady) should have never seen as it was scheduled to be demolished after only  20 years  of existence in 1909.

As you may or may not know the Eiffel Tower was built for the Universal Exhibition of 1889 and was designed by engineer Gustave Eiffel. Thus its name “Eiffel Tower.”

At the time, French artists disliked the tower and it was a much criticized project by the elite while it was like more by the public. However, it’s not the reason why the Eiffel Tower is still standing today. The reason why the Eiffel tower is still standing today is because it became an utility item to support the first radio antennas. It first allowed connections with the Panthéon, before connections with Eastern France and North Africa.

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What On Earth Happened With Paris Pollution Alert?

Thank goodness none of that ever happened while I was leaving in Paris, but I felt very bad for my French people when I heard about this terrible pollution that affected Paris and other big cities in France over the past week.

I’ve tuned up to French News to make sure I didn’t get any distorted news lost in translation, and found out Paris, Lyon and Lille were under an alarming pollution level they had not seen since 1997, which I wasn’t there to witness either, and did even heard about.

Because of this, Paris which was the most affected city because of its size, city officials took some drastic measures to try to alleviate the pollution level by ordering alternate traffic on Monday March 17.  That day only odd number plates were authorized to be on the street while even number plates where banned unless they were electric cars or had two or more passengers in the car.

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How Is It To Fly With Air France?

Have you ever flown to France, or maybe even elsewhere with Air France airline? If yes, I would love to hear your feedback once you’ve read this article.

I have personally flown with Air France a few times, and I have to say that among all the airlines out there, it’s one of the top ones.

No, I haven’t flown all the airlines of course, but a few big ones such as; Continental, TWA, American Airlines, Delta, and Air Inter (a French national airline company).

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An Unexpected Breakthrough For French Pastry On Demand

You may have noticed that at times I share pictures of my food on this blog as well as Facebook, especially pastries, and maybe you’ve been wondering how in the world I’d be making all that just for me.

Well, it’s because I wasn’t … making it just for me, that is.

I have started to make homemade French cookies, cakes and other delicacies for local businesses, and now the demand is growing.

This all started when a friend of mine decided to bring some of my homemade pastries to his office for some of his coworkers to taste.  They were delighted and thought that I was making them for office parties.

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Are You Going To Paris For The Holidays?

How would you like spending the holidays in Paris, France?

With the holidays approaching, I will be blogging about the holidays in France, such as what food we we eat, what traditions are followed there, and more.

But today, I thought I’ll give you a little tour of Paris in beautiful videos with some options that are offered to you to stay in Paris for a few days during the holidays (or later) if this is what you want to do.

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10 Interesting Facts From France You Should Know

Why is France named France?

France was founded by the Franks.  The name France comes from the Latin word “Francia” which means the land of the Franks.

However, before that France was called Gaul and people from that country were called Gaulois. Of course, the name Gaul has totally disappeared except when referring to historical facts during the time France was called Gaul. France was called Gaul under the Roman Empire until the early Middle Ages.

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What’s The Difference Between A Bad Word and A Gros Mot

Would you have guessed that a language that is nicknamed things like romantic language, or beautiful language and so forth is also one of the languages with the longest collection of bad words?

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Four Practical Tips For Expats From An Expat Herself

As I was looking over my daily emails for press pitches needed for the day, one really caught my attention earlier this week.  The theme requested was tips for for expats.

As I was sending my pitch I knew that I could make a blog post out of that. Now, why didn’t I think about this before?  I don’t know, but this sure unlocked a few ideas and there you go, this post was born.

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My Mother’s Lemon Meringue Pie

I remember this to be one of the favorite pastries that my mother made.  When she made that lemon meringue pie, it didn’t last long especially because of my bother who ate slice after slice.

When I moved I found that old original recipe of my mother and wanted to share it with you.

This is a bit different then the typical sour lemon meringue that we find in the US, so we you’re not a fan of sour, you’ll love this one.

This is such an easy and fast recipe while delicious. I hope you’ll try it and let me know how it went.

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5 Things America Calls French That Are Not And 5 Things That Are French But You Didn’t Know Were

I have to say that I find it very interesting how in America we put the word “French” in front of certain things that are no more French than whatever else they may not be.  On the other hand, there are other things that are actually French but very seldom will this be told if any.

This post is meant to reset all the clocks right and give to Cesar what belong to Cesar and what’s not to whomever it may belong to.

So, here we start with…

5 Things that are Called French but Actually Not French

French Fries

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