What Is Good Content For Your Article?

Very few internet marketer teachers are teaching how to write persuasive articles.  What is more emphasized on is good content, valuable content, etc…  But really what is valuable content?

This a good question because valuable content can Read more

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Persuasive Article Marketing – Discover What Makes Perfect Articles

What is persuasive article marketing?  Simply stated it’s being able to persuade your readers to do what the article is meant to lead them to do.  But, it is also more than that.

Persuasive article marketing is Read more

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What Are The Advantages of Guest Blogging

For those who are not familiar with guest blogging let me first explain in a few words what it is.  Guest blogging is basically an exchange of content from one blogger to another.  The “guest” will write Read more

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Persuasive Article Marketing – What Are the Three Different Article Types?

What we call article marketing is a general term which means writing articles in order to promote products or services.  However, most people out there do not understand that there are several different ways to write articles depending Read more

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Are You Ready To Attract What You Want?

When the movie the secret first came out many people rushed to watch this DVD movie … But then what? Yes, all through the movie it was mentioned that the law of attraction was something easy to implement and Read more

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France The Headquarter Of Wine

Among the whole wine world, France is indisputably the headquarters.  Most wines on the world market from the the top ones to budget table wines are modeled after French wines.

Every bottles of Chardonnay are modeled after white Read more

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TGV From Airport Chales de Gaulle

The TGV makes in France now makes connections with Paris largest airport, Charles de Gaulle.

Paris Charles de Gaulle airport has 3 terminals. T1, T2, And T3.  To know which terminal serves your airline, you just need to Read more

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Quantum Manifesting – What Does it Mean for your Future?

99.9% of all science is invisible to five senses. Nowadays, Scientists are discovering that matter = energy. Everything you can see or touch is energy.

This discovery started in the late 19th century when science entered the era of Read more

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The Truffle-French Delicacy

The truffle, chocolate with a French influence in flavor which is pleasing the palate all year long but especially during the holidays.

French chocolate is usually less sweet than the typical American-made chocolate with intensity in flavor.

Chocolate is Read more

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Understanding The Subconscious Mind

Manifest Your Desire/Manifest Your DreamsYour subconscious mind can be both your partner in success and in failure. Your subconscious mind is responsible for both your success and the lack of it.

Whatever is impressed in your subconscious mind is Read more

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Clearing The Clutter In Your Life Past Memories

Is there clutter in your life. Many people are in the habit of going shopping when they are depressed. This of course will not remove their feeling of depression, it will only make them feel better for but a Read more

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Italian Cameos Pure Masterpieces

Antique Cameos

As we arrived to Torre del Greco, on the bay of Naples, we had the chance to see the production of one of the hand-made art object typical to this part of Italy, The cameo. The Read more

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The Importance Of Working On Your Personal Development

Abraham Lincoln said “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.”

The Power Of Personal Development

This means, that he would spend twice as much time working Read more

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La Seine, The River Of Paris

Just about every major city in France is parted by a river, and sometimes two, like in the case of Lyon.

La Seine is the famous river running through the capital city of France, Paris.  The Read more

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The History Of Chocolat

Botanists say that wild cocoa trees likely grew in the Amazon and Orinoco valleys of South America thousands of years ago.  The history of chocolate shows that it was first the Mayas who cultivated the plant of the Read more

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