Becoming a life coach – Life coaches are in great demand

Is it your dream to become a life coach?  If so, becoming a life coach is well within your reach.  Being a life coach is one the most rewarding job there is.  When you are a Read more

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Tanning Bed Dangers – What Are The Real Facts?

More and more teenage girls can’t live through the months of summer without getting a tan.  While it’s not always possible to be tanned before the month of May is even here yet, just by lying in your Read more

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The Purpose Of Writing Articles Online

Why Do You Write Articles?

Why do you write articles? Whether you are a lawyer, a business owner or an online marketer, the purpose of writing articles is to make yourself and your product or business known.

We are Read more

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Mother’s Day Special Dessert Recipe – My Strawberry French Delight

This is strawberry time and it means that Strawberry recipes has arrived.  Today I wanted to share one of my favorite OWN strawberry recipes with you which I called Strawberry French Delight.  This strawberry recipe started Read more

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What Is The Difference Between Writing A Press Release and writing An Article?

The difference between writing a press release and writing an article can’t be confused. Even though the two are a writing piece of 400 to 500 words both have a very different purpose and, therefore, require a different kind Read more

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Are Your Fears Preventing You To Take Action?

If you keep repeating the same actions you will keep getting the same results.  If your results are what you are expecting and wanting in life, then, you are on the right track.  However, if your results Read more

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The Country of France

Few Facts You Need to Know About

I am not what you could call a patriotic person, because I am aware of the fact that countries and boarders are created by humans, but, I do understand that one can Read more

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How To Reduce Your Flight Cost To Paris

What would be the benefits of flying to Paris during the spring time? One of the most obvious benefits is that by the end of May you will notice that the airfares will rise up considerably.  And this Read more

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My True Review Of Proactiv

I love to give you true reviews of products that I really use.  So, you would have an idea about what the product can do for you in case you need or want it!

I am sure you’ve Read more

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250 Word Versus 400 Word Articles – What Is The Big Deal?

You can read whole forum threads which are talking about the subject of articles length these days.  This is mostly due to the fact that EzineArticles has decided to no longer accept articles with a minimum of 250 Read more

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Content Farm Definition – Are You Affected?

There has been a lot said lately about content farm and it has a lot to do with Google having got tired of junk content that they’ve found themselves ranking high and promoting “unknowingly”.

So, for the ones Read more

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Delightful Blissful Chocolate

Chocolate is loved by more than half of the U.S. adult population.  Americans spend about $55 per year per person in chocolate.  Yes, indeed chocolate is a delightful bliss, and chocolate lovers are not going to Read more

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The Subconscious Mind Programming – Where Does It Come From?

Many people who already have knowledge that their subconscious mind is controlling what they are experiencing in life are still puzzled when it comes to changing their subconscious programming.

They have learned that by thinking good thoughts they Read more

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What Is The Best Valentine Gift For Men?

When we think about gift for Valentine’s Day we are always thinking “women” and that’s great for us ladies, but what about men? What about if we were thinking about our men for this year Valentine’s day this time Read more

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5 Fundamental Steps To Submit A Great Article

Before you are going to be able to submit your article and for our article brings you positive results, which means  a lot or readers and ultimately some profit, you need to actually write the article.  Here Read more

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