How to Plan a Trip to Paris this Summer

Want to plan a trip to Paris this summer? Just kick back and relaxed. This might be easier than you think.

The reason why it’s much easier to travel to Paris, or anywhere in the world nowadays, is because you have an incredible access to everything online. That’s right, at the click of your mouse you can find and purchase everything you need for your trip form travel guides, travel packages, best plan tickets, hotels and more. This blog actually offers all of them, just about all the time.

Few facts about Paris

Paris, the capital of France which includes over 2,000,000 inhabitants in the city alone is also the capital of the world that sees the most tourists every year.  Yes, the capital of Paris finds room for the 70 million tourists who come to the city of lights every year.  Needless to say that Parisians are used to tourists.

If we include Paris surrounding urban regions which extend the boundaries of the city, 10 million people live in Paris today.

the area of La Defense is now where the buildings of the wealthy stand.  This Paris district has become a multi-purpose commerce district where  you can find very high profile French businesses such as the famous OECD and the UNESCO.

Today, it is a fact that Paris is taking the lead in business, cultural and politics alike. The city is influenced by the latest fashions, arts, gastronomy and even modernity.

As most places in France, cooking is popular in Paris as well.  There you will find high quality restaurants with fine delicious food with everything from appetizers followed by a delicious entree, followed by the “plateau de fromage” and true French deserts like there are none in the US.

Paris is also packed with the most interesting museum such as the largest of all, the Louvre. Great night life like you can find in “Pigalle”. And of course the most  most popular monument in Paris, the Eiffel Tower.

Paris metro (subway) will take you everywhere you need in all the corners of the city and even beyond.

If you chose to plan a trip to Paris this summer, you will not be disappointed, you will enjoy one if not THE most beautiful city on the planet with an incredible range of history, facts and historic sites, as well outdoor “cafe terraces” where you can relax while enjoying your favorite drink en just enjoy life like French know how to do like no one else.