Understanding What is the Paradigm of Your Mind

What is the paradigm of your mind?  If you have never heard about the paradigm of your mind, and you are not happy with what your life looks like right now, either financially, on a relationship level or any other level, it is a must that you do understand this in order to be able to change your life around.

The paradigm of your mind started to be formed way before you even had a conscious mind working for you.  When you were born, the “conscious” part of your mind simply doesn’t exist yet.  As a new born you were not conscious of anything. You didn’t know who you were, you didn’t know what your gender was, you didn’t know your name, you didn’t know your parent’s name, you didn’t know where you were born, and you didn’t know what city or country you lived in.  As babies we do not know any of that because our conscious mind has not been formed yet.

As a baby, the only thing you know is what your subconscious knows. You’re subconscious tells you to open your eyes when you are awake, to sleep when you are sleepy and to cry when you are hungry.  From the time you were born to the time you reach the age of 5 years old you are basically walking, breathing, and living on pure subconscious behavior and your conscious mind is basically none existent up to that age.

It is during this most important period of your life that the paradigm of your mind is formed.  In other words, it is at that time in your life that most of the data of your subconscious mind is put in.  Some verbally, some by repetition of behaviors of people around you (most likely your parents), and some by experiences you may go through between the age of zero and five.

A perfect example of most people’s paradigm is that we can have it all, that we can’t be happy, wealthy, fit and have a great relationship all at the same time.  As a matter of fact, I am sure that you’ve heard the say “we can’t have it all”?  Didn’t you? As a matter of fact most of us have heard this statement many times before we reach the age of 5 and it has become part of our paradigm.  It is completely anchored in our subconscious mind.

Such statements and many other negative “false truths” that we learn as toddlers are learned either in plain words from our parents, through their behaviors and other different ways.  The important fact is that the belief entered your “mind’s paradigm”.  It was put into your mind just like data is put into a computer.  And just like a computer, when data is put into our subconscious mind, the subconscious takes it as is.  This part of our mind doesn’t analyze if it’s true or not, if it makes sense or not or even if it’s good or bad for us. For the subconscious mind EVERYTHING is true.

For example, the subconscious mind doesn’t understand jokes. If you’re saying “jokingly” to yourself that you are poor, well, that is what your subconscious truly believes. If you’re saying to yourself “jokingly” that you are stupid, that is what your subconscious mind believes.

All the beliefs (true, false or indifferent) that floated around your household as you grew up from the day you were born to the time you reached age five became your mind’s paradigm.  Good or bad, it is what is dictating all your actions and results in life.

If you want to change the kind of results you have been getting so far throughout your life,  you need to change your paradigm.