My True Review Of Proactiv

I love to give you true reviews of products that I really use.  So, you would have an idea about what the product can do for you in case you need or want it!

I am sure you’ve seen those infomercials on Proactiv and maybe still wondering if it works.  The first time I’ve seen an infomercial on Proactiv a while back in the early 2000’s I didn’t know what to think and I was really wondering if this stuff worked at all.  I had already tried so much stuff out there, which none of them worked, I didn’t feel like spending the money on another product that was even more expensive while it might still not work.

I wasn’t someone covered with acne with holes in my face, but I certainly had a nasty chronic acne problem, and I never knew when a huge pimple was going to grow under my skin and would have to live with it for two to three weeks before it was gone. When it was gone I had to deal with the brown scar-mark that acne pimples leave behind for another month or so.  In the meantime more smaller blemished will also come and go.  If you have acne you know the drill. It’s really no fun!


My acne was noticed

One night I was having dinner at a friend’s house and I had one or of those ugly pimples on my face (a huge deep down under the skin one), and my friend said, you have acne! That was kind of embarrassing and I had to admit that yes, indeed I had acne.  She asked me if I had ever tried Proactiv, which I replied that I didn’t.  That evening she gave me a leftover of the repairing cream that she had and I tried it that very night.  With all my doubts about those infomercial products, I felt a difference right away on my pimples drying up.  Within only a couple of days I saw more positive results with that small left over bottle of the repairing cream than I did with anything  else I had bought before.

Needless to say, I then felt that I wouldn’t waste my money by trying Proactiv, and I ordered their basic package right away.  This was in early 2005 and I have used Proactiv daily ever since.

What should you expect as you start Proactiv?

When you first start Proactiv you might experience some dryness of the skin which may last a week or two.  This is what the makers of the product will tell you and this is what happened to me. This is normal, however, because your skin needs to adapt to the product before it become softer again.  When it does you will notice that the pimples have completely disappears.

Two weeks will be enough to see all your present pimples gone while no new one will form.  Because of this the brownish marks will have started disappearing and your sink will be completely anew like you haven’t seen it in probably a very long time.

After a couple of month of not having new pimples come back, the pimples brown scars will have now completely disappeared and your skin will look gorgeous.  If you’re like me you might not even be able to remember the last time your skin looked like that.  When you will tell people that you have acne they will not believe it.  I know, because that happened to me a few times.  If you don’t tell, then, don’t worry they will never know.

While this acne care product might not be for everyone, it was for me and many other people as well.  The other good thing is that I never wasted my time and money trying all the products on the market again.