How Can Focusing Too Much On Keywords Can Prevent Good Article Quality

As you probably know by now over the past year several article directories and in particular major search engine such as Google have became tired of low quality content.  The reason we’ve got to such low in the text department is due to a major issue, and this issue is the overwhelming focus on “keywords” and useless content for the sake of making a sale.  Why I am seeing this? Let me explain.

What makes a good article?

The first thing you need to understand is what makes a good article.  What makes a good article is the “intention” you put into it.  Therefore, this can apply to what makes a bad article as well.  Your “intention” will either make or break your content.  Believe me; I am not just saying that for the sake of saying it. When it comes to writing I have done it all!

I know what is it to write with the sole intention of educating, informing and giving advice, and I know what writing with the sole intention of selling is as well.  Both of them are a strong factor as to determine if your content will be of high value or not.

When you write for the main purpose of educating, your article will be “good” no matter what the theme might be. Whether you are trying to explain what is the best dog breed for active families, what is the best make up choice for oily skin or what is the best video game you’ve tried recently, your article will be of good valuable information if you are genuinely trying to give your personal objective view about the product, without sounding like you are trying to sell or being pushy.  Let me repeat this again.  It’s all about the intention you put into your article.

Why can it hurt your content to concentrate solely on keywords?

Concentrating solely on keywords, on the other hand, will switch that intention of writing a good article based on your knowledge to mainly making sure that your keyword comes back every so often in your text.  Let me give you an example that might be scary to you.

Are you thinking that a 2% keyword frequency means very keywords spread about in your article?  Well, this might be news to you, but a 2% keyword in a 400 word article will make your keyword appear some 8 times in your content.  Can you imagine how keyword crowded your article is going to be?  Well, if you don’t try it. It’s going to be VERY crowded.  So, crowded indeed that your article might appear very unnatural sounding if you put them there purposely.

On the other hand it will sound OK, if the frequency of the keyword comes with the territory of your articles, meaning if they are not put there for no other reason but being put there.  Again, it’s all about your intention.  So, when it comes to placing your keywords, make sure that you are very careful about the way you are using them.

My rule of thumb is this: If you are putting your keywords forcefully in your text, it is spoiling the quality of your article and your content will lose out in quality.  Make sure that quality always win and you will win.

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  1. Focusing on using the right keywords and using it in the right places is very important but even more important is not to let the article look like its written for the search engine and not the readers. Its true that by trying to concentrate more on keywords the writer may not be able to connect with the readers.

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