Are Your Fears Preventing You To Take Action?

If you keep repeating the same actions you will keep getting the same results.  If your results are what you are expecting and wanting in life, then, you are on the right track.  However, if your results are short from your expectations and would like better results, then, this really means that you need to take NEW actions for new and better results.

People are struggling all through their life wondering why their life doesn’t get any better; sometimes they are even praying for it, but what they don’t do is try to “change” their actions so they can reap different and better results.

There are some common excuses that people come up with when they resist abundance through change such as the fear of not knowing what will come about if they change their actions, and the false sense of comfort for staying with what they know rather than  experimenting with what’s new.

However, the truth is that changing your actions is a true awaking and it can really change your life.  Here is a personal example that I always think about when I am wondering if a new action course would be valuable or not for me.

When I was in school I was the victim of bullying.  On a regular basis I had one or two hateful girls kicking my ankles, pulling my hair, pulling my clothes or many other mean acts of hate to me.  For some reasons, I was always reacting the same sorry way, by doing NOTHING and just being the receiver, the victim of such violent acts.

When I think of this today I know that if I had made the choice to do SOMETHING different, even only one time, it would have change my life.  The main reason I didn’t do it was fear.  Fear can just paralyze you into doing nothing by making you believe that it will be PAINFUL to do something different. The truth is that it’s ALWAYS more painful to do nothing or to keep doing the same thing.

My fear was the fear of getting hurt if I reacted to the violence instead of doing something about it.  It was wrong.  Fear is almost ALWAYS wrong.  IF I had let my frustration come out and start kicking and hitting them back I would have gain their respect because they would have seen me as someone strong instead of someone weak.  Do you think that would have changed my life right there? It most certainly would have.

You can apply this life experience to your own life.  Are you afraid of taking new actions? Does it feel that it’s going to be painful to do so? Remember it’s more painful to stay where you are now.

Try to go deeper and analyze the pros and cons. What is really the most painful, staying where you are or changing?  If staying where you are is already painful, how can changing be more painful?  It is most certainly not.  It’s just your fears holding you back.  Go past that fear and you will be a winner, and your life will change for the better.