The Purpose Of Writing Articles Online

Why Do You Write Articles?

Why do you write articles? Whether you are a lawyer, a business owner or an online marketer, the purpose of writing articles is to make yourself and your product or business known.

We are fortunate that it is possible for all of us to write articles freely and be able to submit them to hundreds of article directories to be read by thousands of people.

Each article directory has more or less different rules; some directories want a minimum of 300 word articles while some require a 400 minimum word articles.  Some will publish your articles right away, some will take days and even sometimes weeks.  Some directories will also accept more promotional articles than others.

There are a good number of little differences out there as far as articles directories rules go, and you may find some that fit your needs better than others.  In the end, however, the success that you will receive with your article writing and in promoting your product, is really about the value of the articles that you write.

You want to write articles to promote value and to make you and your product known. this is why people write articles online.

Mistakes to Avoid When Writing

The number one mistake that some affiliate/internet marketers have been making is to use their articles as selling pages.  This is what in the end has worn out EzineArticles and other sites such as Squidoo.  However, even if this was not the case, the first person that is losing out by writing articles that are self-serving or self-promoting, is the owner of the article himself or herself.

No one likes to read articles that are clearly meant for one thing, and one thing only, which is to sell them.  However, there are even some more important reasons why you shouldn’t want to write promotional articles, and one of them is that once your reader has read your article, even if he reads it all the way to the end, those two scenarios are most likely to happen:

1) He might not even bother clicking on your link, since he already knows what you’re selling.
2) He might never come back again to read more articles from you.

Yes, indeed, self-serving articles are defeating the very purpose of article marketing.

What Should Your Articles Be About?

Your articles should be about one thing, and one thing only, which is KNOWLEDGE. Your articles should show that you know your stuff, and indicate the reader that you are an expert on what you are writing.

You articles should be informational or educational. Writing such articles will influence the readers in a good way, not because you are trying to sell them, but because you are trying to inform and educate them.  This way you will build a trust and a relationship with your readers.  Something you will NEVER accomplish by writing self-serving articles.

Article marketing is a give and take endeavor. You articles are where you give. When you build traffic and sales, it’s time to take.  As an article marketer, you should always remember this.

The Number One Reason Why Article Marketing Fails

The number one reason why article marketing fails is not the fact that huge article directories such as EzineArtilces does not accept self- promoting articles any more, it’s not that people don’t have any skill in writing great articles, and it is not because of misuse of keywords.

The number one reason why article marketing fails for some is that they don’t submit enough articles on a regular basis.

Article marketing is a long term commitment and a long term success.  Article marketing does work and gives you the assurance of a massive steady traffic when it’s well rooted and progressing.

Article marketing is NOT about writing 5 articles and waiting to see the results.  Article marketing is about writing articles on a constant basis week after week, month in and month out.

If you submit articles on a regular basis for a year, you will reap tremendous results for your hard work.  After you put in the effort for a while it will become easier and easier giving you less and less work to do in order to reap results.

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