Tanning Bed Dangers – What Are The Real Facts?

More and more teenage girls can’t live through the months of summer without getting a tan.  While it’s not always possible to be tanned before the month of May is even here yet, just by lying in your backyard or going to the closest beach from home, tanning beds are become very popular and every year millions of young and not so young women lay under those UVB beds.  But what are the tanning bed dangers and what could it mean for you?

Even if doubts and mysteries about tanning bed dangers have been all we really knew about artificial tanning so far, there is no room for doubt anymore, because some studies have shown that tanning bed dangers are real and could be actually even more dangerous than real sun tanning.

It has been reported that some young girls aged from 16 to 18 years of age have already developed skin cancers because of frequent use of bed tanning and this is only the beginning.  More and more cases are likely to be heard from if state of minds about tanning and actions don’t change when it comes to sun beds.

Why is sunbed tanning dangerous?

The biggest concern right now is that children under the age of 16 have used sunbeds in Europe without any kind of warning by staff members or business owners letting those “too young users” know of the danger of using sunbeds at such a young age.  Because of lack of any kind of regulation so far, letting the public know that sunbed tanning is dangerous, many young consumers may still believe that it is perfectly safe to use.

There are around 100 deaths of skin cancer per year directly related to sunbed tanning so far, and it is estimated that the rates will triple over the next three decades.

Understanding UVA and UVA

The sun has two types of rays; they are called UVA and UVB. The more dangerous of the two are UVB which are the ones mostly responsible for burning your skin and resulting in cancer.

Tanning beds which once was believed to be completely safe are still using a minimum of 40% UVB and therefore make tanning beds not only NOT completely safe as once thought, but actually dangerous and exposing your skin to cancer.

If you want to have a nice tan, you need to do it just like any good thing in life.  Exercise caution and moderation.  Do not expose yourself under UVA or UVB rays without a strong sunblock and do it very slowly with long enough space in between exposure to let your skin recover enough from the last exposure to the sun or sunbed rays.  Do not kill your skin, because the rough truth is that it can kill you too.  Tanning bed dangers are real.  No tan is worth losing your life for.

Enjoy your vacation in the sun with a safe tan.

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