French A Live Language Of The Present And Future

You know how it is right? When you grow up in and around something you tend to have very little appreciation for it.

Not because you’re ungrateful, no, but more because the human tendency is to take for granted Read more

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Funny French Expressions That Can’t Be Translated But Will Make You Laugh

If you are a reader of this blog, you may have heard me say or write that the French language has many more common and slang expressions than English does. I’m not just saying.  It’s just true. I Read more

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40 French And English Words That Would Throw You Off Unless You’re In The Know

You might be surprised at the number of words that spell exactly the same in French and English. How many? Try over 500.

Yep, that’s a lot of words that spell exactly or almost the same in both French Read more

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Is French A Hard Language To Learn?

Two weeks ago I wrote a post about a cool software that can help you learn French for free. The reason I even know about this tool is that a friend of mine had downloaded it on his Read more

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Duolingo A Free Super-Duper App To Learn French And Other Languages

Do you know how much Rosetta Stone cost?

Well, the last time I check Rosetta Stone more closely to learn Italian, I found that the price tag was some 500 bucks, and that wasn’t even for everything I would Read more

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Learning French 3 Minutes At The Time

Do you remember the old days when you could learn French only with a bad school teacher?  I sure do remember my bad English teachers in French schools. Never learned anything worthwhile with them.

Well, I don’t want Read more

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50 French Words And Expressions Used In America

I have to say that during the first years of my living in the US, at times, I was very surprised when I heard a French expression or word in the middle of an English sentence.  From time Read more

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Learning French With Songs This Summer

This post happen to come out on the first day of summer, and I wanted to start some fun post for the duration of the the summer.

If you were already visiting this blog a year ago, you might Read more

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Learning Basic French With A Native Speaker Before Traveling To France

I hear a lot of confusion regarding the French language.  Some people are erroneously saying that there are “several” different French languages and some even think that if you speak or understand one you might not be able Read more

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Homestay Accommodation (Hébergement Chez l’Habitant) Another Way to Travel to France

Most people visiting a foreign country will rent a hotel room and follow the tourist tours and trails, and if that’s what you want to do there is nothing wrong with that.

However,  did you know that there Read more

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France Preview For Travelers

France is not a country you can go around on a week-tour, but if you do go to France on a week-tour, you need to know that you would be missing out.  The good side of this is Read more

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What Are The Challenges Of Moving Of Living Abroad?

Recently I landed on Annie Andre’s blog, which she created around the theme of living abroad.   I was really interested in checking her out because she chose to live abroad in France. And as some of you Read more

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Learn The French Language by Dropping the Traditional Way and Learning French

I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember to have ever met someone who really mastered a foreign language that they had learned solely in school.  Back in the days I remember how my Spanish and English Read more

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The History Of The French Language.

The French language named by Americans the “language of romance” is being spoken by around 80 million people around the world as a first language, and another 110 million as a second language. And about 10 million people around Read more

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