How to create your own destiny

How to Create and Pursue Your Destiny

What is destiny?

Most people’s destinies were inspired by something or someone.

For instance, as a writer, you can pick an individual in the same field as yours who you can emulate from the lots of writers. Someone who Read more

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live a fearless life

How to Turn Fear Into Power and Live a Fearless Life

Humans have many emotions, and those emotions help us feel and communicate. They are a natural part of our being.

We have positive and negative emotions, however, and they have two completely different impacts on the human being.

Negative Read more

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empowering life purpose

7 Tips to Find Your Empowering Life Purpose

Are you always trying to be the best you can?

Do you constantly look for ways to reach your full potential?

If you try to do these things, you are trying to reach your empowering life purpose.

Unfortunately, many Read more

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not in a bad relationship by accident

Why You Never End Up in a Bad Relationship by Accident

You have had your share of bad relationships and you’re probably thinking that you’re just the unluckiest person in the world.

Why me? You’re saying!

Why are my friends and other relatives enjoying a happy marriage or relationship and Read more

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Interview Dr. Diana Kirschner

Interview With Dr. Diana Kirschner Relationship Expert

I am honored to present to you an interview of Dr. Diana Kirschner, psychologist and bestselling author who has helped thousands of singles and couples to find the relationships of their dreams.

I wanted to interview Dr. Kirschner because Read more

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Why it's Hard to Find a Great Man after 40

Why It Is So Hard to Meet a Great Man After 40

You are a single woman over 40 and you’re finding it hard to meet a great guy.

You’re divorced or simply never were able to find the right man for you, and as time goes by you’re worrying about Read more

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5 crucial reasons you new year resolution never worked

5 Crucial Reasons Your New Year Resolution Has Always Failed

You’ve made New Year resolutions so many times before, that you’ve decided to stop because you know that they don’t work.

Some people like to say that you shouldn’t even bother with New Year Resolutions because you can make Read more

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live safer as a woman

5 Ways To Feel Safer As A Woman

Women are amazing beings!

We love, we nurture, we help, we understand, we heal, we create, and we forgive.

We are all those things, and yet, we are the most oppressed category of humans. Yes, humanity made a Read more

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always attracting the wrong guy

Why You Are Always Attracting The Wrong Guy


You’ve been wondering why some of your female friends or relatives have been lucky enough to have found the love of their life on the first shot, while you have gone from one bad relationship to another.

Read more

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why are attracting men opposite of what you want

7 Reasons Why you Keep attracting Men that are Opposite of What you Want


When you’re thinking about your past relationships you can’t even remember a single one that was a good and healthy relationship. On the contrary, you’ve always had a strong tendency to attract bad men that neglected you at Read more

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women relationship after 40

Finding the Perfect Man after 40: Or How Women can Find True Love

Are you someone who thinks that it’s impossible to find love once you’re over 35?

More and more women are finding themselves single after 40 these days, and the reason why this happens more often today is not only Read more

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Learn to Attract the Perfect Man for you: 7 Steps to turn you Into a Man Magnet

Maybe you have given up on believing that the perfect man for you even exists.

Thus you’ve given up on the idea of ever meeting that man.

On top of that, you are letting the illusion that your age Read more

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why is it hard to get what you want

Why Imagination Beats Logic : And What does it have to do with your Success

You think you know what you want, and you’re realizing that it’s tough to get it.

You want to lose weight, but you can’t.

You want to stop smoking, but you can’t.

You want to find the ideal partner, Read more

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3 main points about LOA

The 3 Key Points of the Law of Attraction: How it Really Works

You’ve been kind of understanding the law of attraction, yet your actual life is still miles away from your dream life.

You are still complaining, criticizing, fussing about things…

If so, it’s only because you’re missing the point. Or Read more

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Differences between successful and successful peopole

Two Basic Reasons Why You’re Still Unsuccessful

What’s the two main differences between successful and unsuccessful people?

Would you like to know the answer to this question?

If you are not as successful as you want to be right now, you should be seeking answers to Read more

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