Why You Are Always Attracting The Wrong Guy

always attracting the wrong guy


why you're always attracting the wrong guy

You’ve been wondering why some of your female friends or relatives have been lucky enough to have found the love of their life on the first shot, while you have gone from one bad relationship to another.

Why are you always attracting the wrong guy?

This is a question many women are asking themselves.

As a matter of fact, the “why me” question is a question many people are asking and not only about relationships, but we’ll concentrate on this specific area here.

  • Why has true love always eluded me?
  • Why do I seem to always attract the wrong guy?
  • Why am I so unlucky in love?

Since most people don’t know or decide to ignore the laws of the universe they live in, it’s only natural that all they can do is observe the results they’re getting instead of controlling them.

That’s why they name those results something like fate, luck, or circumstances. Those words are very convenient when we can’t explain things.

It’s always safer and easier to blame problems on circumstances outside of us rather than inside of us.

If we are poor it’s because of the economy or the government. If we are unlucky in love it’s because of fate and circumstances, and thinking that we could even remotely be responsible for it is out of the question.


It’s Time for a Big Discovery

Knowledge is power.

Yes, knowledge is power, while the lack of it makes you weak and a victim of “circumstances.”

Trust me here, I know what I’m talking about, and I’ll tell you why in a second.

When you are ignorant of why the things that happen to you are happening, you become prey to all sorts of things.


Because you are suffering but you don’t exactly know what you’re suffering from or why.

As a result, you’re willing to sell your soul (so to speak) to anyone telling you they can save you. I know this because I’ve been there and done that.

When I was suffering because of my own history of bad relationships, still very far from understanding why this was happening to me, I fell into the traps of a cult many years ago.

This is just my own experience, but it’s not unique, far from it. This has and is still happening to many people every day, and especially women who feel lonely because they are in the wrong relationship or single because of their bad past relationships.

That’s why I decided to use my knowledge, experience, and coaching skills to educate women who are suffering from bad relationships.

Knowing why you keep going from one bad relationship to the next is really, really going to not only wake you up, but it’s going to prevent you from making mistakes even bigger than getting involved in yet another failed relationship. It can save your life in more ways than you can understand right now.

Discovering that knowledge is power because it’s going to help you above and beyond avoiding relationship mistakes and avoiding the bad guys out there.

It’s going to prevent you from making sides mistakes you’re not even thinking about right now that would be linked to the fact that you keep attracting the wrong guy.


It’s Time for the Truth

The truth is that the reason why a woman is able to attract a certain type of men while another attracts another type of men has less to do with fate, luck and any other circumstances outside of her, than it has to do with her inner thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, whether those are conscious or unconscious.

Something that I have eventually learned and that freed me forever is that I wasn’t just the unluckiest woman on the planet always attracting bad men into my life, I was attracting them for a reason I wasn’t conscious about.

I was that reason. I was the source of what I translated mistakenly as bad luck.

Don’t be mistaken, though, the reason why you are the source of your unbalanced relationships doesn’t mean that you should blame yourself.

You’re not to blame since most of this happens at a subconscious level.

However, knowing that there is a way out and that you are the only one that can make the decision to do something about it, you are responsible for taking action.

You can change your relationship story… it’s up to you. Why don’t you start here!

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7 thoughts on “Why You Are Always Attracting The Wrong Guy”

  1. Hey mate,
    I am going to to refer this article to my female friend. she always fall into the trap. She gets attracted towards wrong guy each time and at least comes to me for a solution. To have some peace in life. I just got frustrated from her cry. It’s like killing self. I have explained it to her several times, but all are waste. I hope this can help her.

    I hope by the time she will come to understand this thing. else don’t know…

    Anything could happen….

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  2. Hi Sylviane Nuccio,
    Awesome post ! Love is life…..No person can be happy without loves.
    This post is so so helpful for anyone. Love your blog so much. Bookmarking your blog for get more amazing post in future.
    Thanks a lot.

  3. Hi Sylviane.
    Happy New Year
    Why do most women
    Get attracted to the wrong guy?
    Another thing I tend to notice
    Is that beautiful women
    Hang out with an ugly guy
    Why is this so?
    I find it weird.
    Great post.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Best wishes and regards.

    1. Hi Ved,

      I have to say that I’m always interested when a man is reading an article that was specially written for women, but don’t get me wrong, I like it.

      I wouldn’t say MOST women end up with the wrong guy, but it’s true that too many do. And as a relationship coach those are the women I help. It’s all about their inner make up. I always tell my clients that guys don’t pick them based on what they look like, how good they are or how much they know, but based on their point of attraction which is for the most part at the subconscious level. Actually, that’s true for everything, not just relationships.

      As for what you call ugly, you need to understand that physical appearance is and has always been subjected to interpretation. Who are we to say that someone is or isn’t ugly, really? Good questions to ask ourselves, isn’t it?

      Thank you so much for coming by my blog and very happy new year to you too!


  4. Hi Sylvian
    How are you?
    Thanks for your insights
    On the subject
    Very interesting indeed.
    Thanks for your New Year wishes
    Interesting topics on your blog

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