7 Reasons Why you Keep attracting Men that are Opposite of What you Want

why are attracting men opposite of what you want

why are attracting men opposite of what you want


When you’re thinking about your past relationships you can’t even remember a single one that was a good and healthy relationship. On the contrary, you’ve always had a strong tendency to attract bad men that neglected you at best and sadly disrespected or abused you at worst.

If this is you, take heart, because this article is for you.

Let’s analyze the 7 reasons why you keep attracting men that are the exact opposite of what you want.


You have a Low Self-Esteem

No woman with a high self-esteem would ever accept to be treated with any less than absolute respect and thus attract the type of men that would give them such respect.

This law works for every living being. Even animals with low self-esteem will get bullied by those who have more self-esteem.

A woman with low self-esteem will give herself tons of excuses for accepting a man who disrespects and treats her badly.

Now, you need to understand that even a woman that has achieved success and seems to have high self-esteem in other areas, could have low self-esteem when it comes to relationships. I’ve met many of such women (some of which are my clients), and I was one of them myself.

If you have low self-esteem when it comes to relationships you’re telling yourself that if you’ve got involved with a man that neglects or disrespects you it’s because you deserve it. This is a chat that you may not admit to yourself out loud but which is going on deep inside.


You Don’t Know Yourself Well Enough

It might be surprising to you, but the biggest problems my clients have as a whole is that they haven’t got to know themselves very well yet.

A huge part of my work with individuals is to help them discover themselves – Truly get to know themselves.

As a woman, if you keep attracting the wrong guy, I can assure you that it’s because you don’t know yourself well enough.

What are the triggers that make you act a certain way? What makes you tick? Why are you responding to things and people de way you do? What type of behavior makes you plunge again and again?

You must know the answers to such questions in order to understand what’s going on with your relationship patterns.


You Don’t Know How to Read the Signs

There are easily detectable signs that would let you know as a woman if a man is a potential gentleman or someone that you should run away from.

If something doesn’t sound right or doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t.

If your heart says go ahead while your head says don’t, your head is always right in this case.

If the guy seems more interested in getting in your pants than talking about the future, and other mutual interests then you should run.

There are many obvious and not so obvious signs that are very telling and that you should pay attention to if you don’t want to fall into another bad relationship.


You haven’t Learned from your Past Experiences

Take every past relationship experience not so much as failures but as learning experiences.

Track your past mistakes as far as jotting them down. And then, write a list of the things you would do differently today if you were to find yourself meeting the same type of man.

Be as objective as possible and analyze your mistakes closely while making sure that you won’t make the same mistakes again.

The only usefulness of past mistakes is to learn from them in order to never duplicate them again.


You are not Aware of your Subconscious Programming

The major reason why you need to learn about your subconscious programming it’s because what you want consciously and what you’re bringing into your life mismatch more often than not. And the reason they do is because what you want comes from your conscious mind, while what you get in life comes from your subconscious programming.

Only when you get to know your own subconscious programming and how it affects your life, will you be able to change your results from its source.

Getting involved in the wrong relationship is due for the most part to your subconscious programming.

The good news is that it can be changed. Ask me how right here!


You haven’t Upgraded your Life

The key to having a great love life is to have a great life, and a great life will automatically lead to a great relationship.

Nowadays we spend time upgrading our phones and computer systems, but when was the last time you’ve upgraded your values?

When was the last you hired a coach to help you grow?

Do you know that most, if not all successful people hire coaches on regular basis?

Upgrade your life by learning new things that will help you improve not only with your relationships but in all areas of your life.


You’re Focusing on the Wrong Guy

Every time you waste as much as few minutes on picking up a call or instant message from the wrong guy, you’re not focusing on all the right guys out there.

When was the last time your intuition told you that it was the wrong guy, but you decided to go for him anyway?

While you’re losing precious time focusing on the wrong guy, you’re missing out on learning how to attract the man of your dreams.


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Sylviane Nuccio 

Certified Relationship Transformation Coach

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