How to Create and Pursue Your Destiny

How to create your own destiny

How to create your own destiny

What is destiny?

Most people’s destinies were inspired by something or someone.

For instance, as a writer, you can pick an individual in the same field as yours who you can emulate from the lots of writers. Someone who you think or believe has a story you can learn from.

People tend to compare their lives to those who inspire them, thinking that the best way to be as successful as their predecessors is to walk in the exact steps as they did.

However, every destiny is unique, and one of the mistakes people make when creating and pursuing destiny is to imitate their predecessors.
The important truth is if you do what someone did, the chances are you will get the same result, and this is not usually a good thing.


The Effect of Mentorship on Pursuing Destiny

Having a mentor does not mean you have to repeat every step of they have taken.

I know there are times when we find ourselves at a crossroad as our mentors or predecessors and feel the urge to do exactly what they did.
But what is the use of doing the same thing and expecting a different or unique result?

You are different from your mentor, you are unique, and you should bring your own exceptional result to the table.

Your destiny may be similar, but it is distinctively different from everyone else’s.

There is always a different decision to be taken, something special to be done.

This is where your personality and the way you think come to play.

It brings about a different perspective to your destiny.

You need to understand that no matter how great your predecessor or mentor is, you can always be ten times higher and faster than them. There is no limit.

You are different, and your destiny is peculiar. Although similarities exist, for your destiny to be brought to life, it requires the execution methods, your unique personality, and perspective towards life.


How do you Create and Pursue your Destiny?

Now that you understand how similar but distinct your destiny is, how do you create your destiny?

Most people don’t see their expectations come to life because of poor planning and execution. It is also the same reason some companies fail to accomplish their objectives.

If you want to create and pursue your destiny successfully, you have to stop leaving your life to chance, stop complaining and blaming outside factors for your unaccomplished goals and unhappiness.

To create your destiny, you have to accept the responsibility of being accountable for everything that happens in your life – the good and the bad.


Plan your Steps

You are the architect of your life; it is your duty to design your destiny.
If you fail to plan, then you automatically plan to fail.

Planning your life guarantees a life of productivity rather than a life of shuffling tasks with little or no accomplishments.

When you carefully set your goals and make them your priority, you can work smarter and faster instead of longer.

When you consciously plan your day, you are indirectly keeping the balance. Maintaining balance is a technique you can use to stay on the right track.

It is necessary to visualize your day every day.


Define Who you are and Not What you are Doing

Determining who you want to be and not what you will be doing will help create and pursue your destiny.
The who centers on core competencies, core satisfaction, and passion.

If you know who you want to be, it will be easier for you to carve out what to do, what resources you need and what to own. It can also determine what not to own or to do but help you focus your time and resources where required.

To define who you really are, Tony Robbins teaches that you need to uncover the exact beliefs and values that control every decision you make.

He uses a process called Primary Question at his Date With Destiny program to harness the power of the unconscious mind by becoming more aware of how you choose to feel and react.

Before you can regain control of our own destiny, you must discover the primary questions that you usually ask yourself consciously and unconsciously.


Be Sincere

Nobody knows you more than you.

Take your time to challenge yourself for you to know the truth; who you wish to be and who you are.

Get someone with great intimate knowledge of you and who can tell you straight up what you are capable of doing with all sincerities. Weigh their observations; this can help you pursue your destiny progressively.


Know when to Cross the Line Between Fantasy and Reality

Your destiny has to reflect what is physically possible; with limitations and also available resources.

Being realistic is not being restrictive. You have to control your creativity to design a hopeful future that exploits opportunities and asset you have.

Ensure to create filters to keep you from wasting energy and time on what is irrelevant or unattainable.


Move Away from all Sources of Negativities

For you to be successful in the pursuit of destiny, you need to know the difference between constructive criticism and baseless conjecture which probably stems from emotional baggage of family or friends.

Baseless conjectures are destructive for creating and pursuing destiny.

They are distractions, and you need to put them away. Be around people who relate to you, let them motivate, engage and help you achieve your goals.


Don’t Settle for Less

Unlike what you may think, you are more than you think you are.

Most people settle for what is easy instead of engaging their creativity and energy to create their destiny.

In the end, they wonder why they are not impacting lives.

If you want your life to be significant, you need to be one of the aggressive players who leverage their energy, creativity, and smartness to determine and obtain the life that truly makes them happy.

You need to push to the limits of your potential. You may not have control of everything that happens in your life, but it is your plan and action that determines your success.

The pursuit of destiny can be an enjoyable ride if you know how to go about it.

Every resource you find around you is important in achieving your goals.

Remember it is not how many books you have read concerning destiny or goals that will help you in accomplishing your goals or creating your destiny, but the conscious action you take that determines your success in life.


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