How to Turn Fear Into Power and Live a Fearless Life

live a fearless life

live a fearless life

Humans have many emotions, and those emotions help us feel and communicate. They are a natural part of our being.

We have positive and negative emotions, however, and they have two completely different impacts on the human being.

Negative emotions are just that: negative, but it’s not all bad.

Negative emotions are very much needed and relied upon to regulate our inner beings.

Fear is one of those emotions, but without a level of fear, we would have a very difficult time surviving situations that life can bring at times.

Fear is essential in protecting us from a risk situation and helps us with quick decision-making processes.

This said, there are fears that are detrimental to our wellbeing.

These fears are usually based on beliefs that are simply untrue or situations that are completely out of your control and should be best left alone without the negative vibrations of fear.

These types of fears are the ones that can consume you and cause you unnecessary anxiety and pain.

If you want to get what you want in life, you must learn to deal with fear. Here is what you can do to live a fearless life.


Look at “Failing” as More of a Positive

We do not like to fail at something, so we immediately perceive it as a terrible thing, and we tend to fear failure a great deal.

Yes, failure can be a terrible thing, at first. Hopes get squashed and disappointment ensues shortly thereafter.

Then comes the feelings of anxiety, embarrassment, and the wondering of what to do next.

When you think about all of the times you have failed at something, think about what happened after that, even months or years later, when you were faced with a similar situation.

More than likely, you did things differently the next time around, and were successful!

Failure is not a bad thing, it actually is just one step towards reaching your goals and dreams better the next time around.

Live a fearless life by laughing at any failure, and don’t give up.

Of course, it’s not always easy, but what better option have you got?


Do Not Try to Make Everyone Happy

If you find that you are a “yes person”, one who says “yes” to everyone for fear of disappointing them, try to understand that you also need to focus on you and what works for you.

After all, you only have one life, and it is important to be in a happy and positive state of mind.

Trying to please others in lieu of pleasing yourself may ultimately make you dissatisfied with your life.

Living a fearless life sometimes means not worrying about what others think of you; as long as you do the best you can and know deep down that you are doing just that, you will learn to not worry about what others think.

This is not the same as being selfish, by any means, it is just not always sacrificing your quality of life for others because you are fearful of making them upset.


Face Your Fears

Living a fearless life means to face your fears and acknowledge them.

Fears are way more bearable once we uncover them.

When you become fearful, of whatever it may be, rather than ignoring it, becoming more anxious, or changing yourself to adapt to the fears, just face them.

When you admit your fears, the power of those fears becomes significantly less, and when you work on your mindset on how to deal with the fears, they may go away altogether.

To learn how to face your fears, talk to a trusted friend, a counselor, your spouse, or read a self-help book that gives strategies on how to face them.

One of the lessons I learned at Tony Robbins’ event in London was to turn fear into power.

At his UPW seminar, he taught people to use fear and create breakthroughs. Admitting what scares you in this life and taking action to stop those fearful feelings will greatly benefit you in the long run!


Eliminate Fear of Being in a Fearful Situation

Fearful situations will happen. Some can be avoided and some cannot.

If you go about your daily life always being scared that something “bad” is going to happen, try to change your mindset as soon as possible when you are getting such feelings.

This is actually a vicious cycle, the more you “expect” something bad to happen the more you increase the chances of that to be the case.

In order to stop the feelings of anxiety and fearful thoughts, tell yourself that you cannot predict the future and that your fear is based on something that has not taken place – that does exist only in your head.


Be Your True Self

Finding your true self and being honest with who you are is very important.

Being true to yourself allows you to be in tune to your true being, and makes you feel much better knowing you are not trying to be someone you’re not.

Having a fear of being completely true to you happens when you are worried about what others will perceive you as, or that you will be disappointed in your true being. Accept yourself for who you are, and be proud of that person. Do not be ashamed of your status, your mistakes, or others’ opinions of you. There is no one in the world like you; you are an original and special person.

Accept yourself for who you are, and be proud of that person. Do not be ashamed of your status, your mistakes, or others’ opinions of you. There is no one in the world like you; you are an original and special person.

Do not be ashamed of your status, your mistakes, or others’ opinions of you. There is no one in the world like you; you are an original and special person.

There is a multitude of fears out there – fear of embarrassment, your social status, spiders, death, and so much more.

You may be suffering from several different fears, and it is important to understand that you may never be completely fearless.

However, you can manage your fears by changing your mindset, learning not to worry about things and situations that have not occurred, and by getting any help you need in managing your anxiety due to fear.

The first step to leading a fearless life is to take charge and admit them, and you will be on your way to having a fearless future.

It’s OK if it takes time too. Practice makes perfect over time.


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