Subliminal Mind Control

What is Subliminal mind control?

Quantum experts have found several marvelous ways to improve the brain functions. I am sure I don’t need to tell you that our brain is responsible for 99.9% of everything we do and experience Read more

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Your Beliefs Can Change Your Life

Do you know that there is no such thing as law of attraction without beliefs?  That’s right? It’s impossible to attract anything in your life without truly believing in it.

This goes for both the good and the Read more

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Are You Aware Of What’s In Your Subconscious Mind?

Do you want more money, a better relationship, better health, more success in general?  Many people who are not happy in their life are feeling lost.  If you are lost in a middle of nowhere without a Read more

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Understanding What is the Paradigm of Your Mind

What is the paradigm of your mind?  If you have never heard about the paradigm of your mind, and you are not happy with what your life looks like right now, either financially, on a relationship level Read more

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Becoming a life coach – Life coaches are in great demand

Is it your dream to become a life coach?  If so, becoming a life coach is well within your reach.  Being a life coach is one the most rewarding job there is.  When you are a Read more

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Are Your Fears Preventing You To Take Action?

If you keep repeating the same actions you will keep getting the same results.  If your results are what you are expecting and wanting in life, then, you are on the right track.  However, if your results Read more

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The Subconscious Mind Programming – Where Does It Come From?

Many people who already have knowledge that their subconscious mind is controlling what they are experiencing in life are still puzzled when it comes to changing their subconscious programming.

They have learned that by thinking good thoughts they Read more

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Why should you be using a vision board and what kind of vision board works better?

There are many terms associated with vision board such as manifesting map, goal map, visual wish list and may be other terms you might have heard. In the end they are all speaking about the same thing which is a board either physical or a software board on which you can add pictures and statements that will remind you of all the different things you might want in your life from this day forward.

You would be surprised how many successful people are using a vision board and it is no surprise that most unsuccessful people if not all are not using one while unsuccessful people are not.

Why do people are using vision boards

Whatever you have in front of your eyes everyday is affecting your mind and even more importantly, your subconscious mind whether you are aware of it or not and even whether you believe it or.

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Are You Ready To Attract What You Want?

When the movie the secret first came out many people rushed to watch this DVD movie … But then what? Yes, all through the movie it was mentioned that the law of attraction was something easy to implement and that you could see results in no time.

So, why are you still not attracting what you want into your life? Why do you still have to go to that job every morning? Why are you not rich yet? The reason why is that your efforts, if you have made any were not aimed the right way.

If you were to travel to a city that you don’t know with no specific map or directions to get there, would you be able to? I know I wouldn’t and you probably wouldn’t either.

The reason why even though you might have watched the movie The Secret and still not being able to attract any significant changes in your life that would bring you abundance and riches is because the movie the Secret was revealing to you that there were such thing as the law of attraction, but not how to get there. You were told of a city where you couldn’t find gold but, you were not told how to get there. You weren’t given any maps or directions what-so-ever!

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Quantum Manifesting – What Does it Mean for your Future?

99.9% of all science is invisible to five senses. Nowadays, Scientists are discovering that matter = energy. Everything you can see or touch is energy.

This discovery started in the late 19th century when science entered the era of sub-atomic particles. Scientists realized that sub-atomic particles were not particles at all. They looked like particles when they were measured, but traveled like waves.

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Understanding The Subconscious Mind

Manifest Your Desire/Manifest Your DreamsYour subconscious mind can be both your partner in success and in failure. Your subconscious mind is responsible for both your success and the lack of it.

Whatever is impressed in your subconscious mind is Read more

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Clearing The Clutter In Your Life Past Memories

Is there clutter in your life. Many people are in the habit of going shopping when they are depressed. This of course will not remove their feeling of depression, it will only make them feel better for but a Read more

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The Importance Of Working On Your Personal Development

Abraham Lincoln said “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.”

The Power Of Personal Development

This means, that he would spend twice as much time working Read more

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Changing Your Perception

You might not be aware of it, but if you think about the many instances in your life when you had a negative experience that experience might have been very different if you only had looked at it from a different perception.

Changing your perception doesn’t mean being in denial of something, it just means seeing it from a different view point.

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What is EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique)?

EFT is the abbreviation for emotional freedom technique. EFT is a powerful process that can help you to experience freedom from emotional blockages which prevent the natural flow of energy in the body.

Even though, EFT is still a Read more

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