The Subconscious Mind Programming – Where Does It Come From?

Many people who already have knowledge that their subconscious mind is controlling what they are experiencing in life are still puzzled when it comes to changing their subconscious programming.

They have learned that by thinking good thoughts they can change their subconscious programming and therefore bring some positive changes into their life. Is that the truth?

The answer to this question is more complicated than you might think and by understanding the answer you will see clearly why while you were trying hard with your positive thinking you couldn’t bring any significant changes in your life.  The answer is in understanding your subconscious mind.

How does your Subconscious mind really works?

There are two parts of our mind which are very distinct.  While they are working together they are also working independently.  On one side you have your conscious mind which controls your conscious thoughts and on the other you have your subconscious mind which controls the thoughts that you are not conscious about.

Doctor Bruce Lipton compares the subconscious mind to a tape recorder.  This is the best way I had ever heard of trying to explain what the subconscious mind really is.  Your subconscious mind started recording events when you were between 0 and 6 years of age when your mind was working at its most subconscious level.  That is when most of your subconscious mind was shaped.  A huge part of our subconscious mind was shaped between those ages.

Then, as you aged your subconscious mind kept on getting shaped some more and everything good or bad was recorded as they were, and that became your deepest beliefs about life.

For example, if you were told when you were growing up that you were a failure and would never amount to anything that is what you’ve got record in your tape (your subconscious mind).

If on the other hand you were told that you were a success and that  you could do whatever you wanted in life, that is what is in your tape recording and you subconscious mind.  In your beliefs.

If your subconscious mind was fed negative information early in life and let you to experience a life of challenges, while you might consciously realize that you don’t want what you have and want something better out of life, subconsciously you are making sure that you will fail.  This is why many people have a conflict between what they want and what they have.

This is due to the fact that the subconscious mind is one million times more powerful than the conscious mind and what you need to do in order to break the vicious circle is reprogram the taping of your subconscious mind.

How can your reprogram your subconscious mind?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) has been the answer for many people who are suffering either, physically, emotionally and psychologically and it can help you too.

Tapping World Summit 2011 - Bruce Lipton Video

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