Are You Ready To Attract What You Want?


When the movie the secret first came out many people rushed to watch this DVD movie … But then what? Yes, all through the movie it was mentioned that the law of attraction was something easy to implement and that you could see results in no time.

So, why are you still not attracting what you want into your life? Why do you still have to go to that job every morning? Why are you not rich yet? The reason why is that your efforts, if you have made any were not aimed the right way.

If you were to travel to a city that you don’t know with no specific map or directions to get there, would you be able to? I know I wouldn’t and you probably wouldn’t either.

The reason why even though you might have watched the movie The Secret and still not being able to attract any significant changes in your life that would bring you abundance and riches is because the movie the Secret was revealing to you that there were such thing as the law of attraction, but not how to get there. You were told of a city where you couldn’t find gold but, you were not told how to get there. You weren’t given any maps or directions what-so-ever!

Do you need a map to go to the city of abundance? Is there such a thing as a map to get there? YES, there sure is.

I was just like you, I didn’t know what road to take to get where I wanted, but I knew that others had been there, so there had to be a road, some directions, to get there for me too.

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