Clearing The Clutter In Your Life Past Memories

Is there clutter in your life. Many people are in the habit of going shopping when they are depressed. This of course will not remove their feeling of depression, it will only make them feel better for but a moment because of a fake feeling of “acquiring” something or “acquiring what getting something” make them feel at the moment. Of Course it’s not the acquisition of stuff that makes us feel happy. This is just a game we play to fill an emptiness that this much deeper than material.

You may have found yourself so attached to an object that you become overwhelmed with the memories you associate with the object. This object has become part of yourself and you can’t let it go.  As a matter of fact this object is just a memory which reminds you of past better days.  This object is not you.

The problem with this is that your present becomes “nothing” and all your mind is plunged in the past with past memories and past objects reminding you of those memories.   This pattern of thoughts can NEVER bring you happiness. Happiness is in the NOW, not in the past. If you live in the past your present will suffer. As a matter of fact as some writers of the subconscious mind have written before, the past doesn’t exist. The past existed when it was then the present, but now it’s gone. We ONLY live in the present, never in the past. Only the present exists.

hanging onto a memory of happiness, actually makes you unhappy because you are less present now. Let go of the clutter of the past memories and live more in the present; this will improve your life NOW and for years to come as your present will become the past and your future will have a solid base because of it when it will become present.

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