Subliminal Mind Control

subliminal mind cdWhat is Subliminal mind control?

Quantum experts have found several marvelous ways to improve the brain functions. I am sure I don’t need to tell you that our brain is responsible for 99.9% of everything we do and experience in life. Not only it’s responsible for all the body functions, but also for the experiences that we go through as a being.

It is in our brain that we instill the thoughts that are transferred to our subconscious mind which in turn shapes our lives. Therefore, the better the efficiency of the brain, the better will your life be. This is why quantum experts have came up with tools for subliminal mind control that will help multiply the connections in your brain.

What kind of progress is subliminal mind control responsible for?

The incredible effects of subliminal mind control are just that, incredibly efficient and you will be able to see a difference in your thinking ability, ideas that you will be able to generate, see things in a different way like never before, and overall well being that you have never experienced before.

In more details, here is what you will be able to experience with the help of subliminal mind control audios.

  • Increase of pleasure-causing endorphins chemicals cells of the brain which are known to slow down aging and increase longevity and well being.
  • Releasing away dysfunctional mental and emotional patterns such as fear, anxiety, anger, depression, self-limitation and even substance abuse.
  • Increase of learning and creative abilities as well as improving your intuition, focus and concentration abilities and better overall achievement.
  • Lower stress and increase of calmness of mind while increase your energy, and much more.

Subliminal mind control also called holosync which is also means “instant meditation” can and will change your life over time. It would take you years of regular meditation to be able to achieve the kind of mental achievement you can achieve with subliminal mind control audios.

What more does subliminal mind control for you?

To better illustrate what subliminal mind control will do for you we can compare it to what physical exercise does to the body. Physical exercise pushed your body beyond its limits. Subliminal audio pushes your brain beyond its limits and forces it to grow.

The creation of new neural pathways or –brain cell connections will increase the communication between the left and the right hemispheres of your brain leading to what is called “whole-brain functioning”.

Such subliminal audio will help you also to put the threshold of what you can’t bear much higher than where it is now. Again just like working out for the body improves physical endurance over time, subliminal mind control will push your emotional endurance way higher and it will take much more to disturb your emotional balance than you are used to now.

Again, it would take you years of regular meditation to reach such level of threshold of emotional endurance, but it will take you only a few weeks before you see positive effects with subliminal mind control audio tools.

How subliminal mind control audio can improve your life as a whole?

Nerve cells in your brain are generating electrical impulses day and night such impulses are called brain wave patterns which are called:

– Beta
– Alpha
– Theta
– Delta

The beta brain wave pattern is the normal brain wave of our waking consciousness which is associated with our concentration and alterness, but it is also the brain wave associated with anxiety and dis-harmony that can lead to dis-ease. This is why beta is very important to control well.

The alpha brain wave pattern is the wave pattern of deep relaxation such as during meditation or when you are absorbed by a good book or movie.  Alpha is also responsible for creativity and learning.

The theta brain wave is associated with the state of dreaming sleep as well as our state of creativity. Unlike many people think, dreaming sleep is more of a creativity brain function than a sleeping brain function.

Finally the delta brain wave is associated with our dreamless sleep or “deep sleep”, but it is also a time when delta frequencies in the brain are manifesting they are responsible for growth in children and anti-aging in adults. Delta brain wave slows down the production of Cortisol the “stress hormone”.

Imagine just for a moment how you could benefit from subliminal audio tools such as subliminal CDs to help control your mind by improving your brain waves.

Why do we all need subliminal mind control?

Just like our body can easily be subjected to junk food if we follow the eating pattern of most people out there, our brain, our mind and most importantly even our subconscious mind is subjected to hearing and absorbing all the junk out there.

What am I referring to?

TV, the news, certain movies, people’s negative comments and the overall negativity and limited beliefs which are everywhere and anywhere we go.

When we control our brain waves and mind with subliminal mind control tools it’s like making sure we “eat healthy”, we are making sure our brain is nourished we the good stuff.

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