What Is The Recipe For Success Or 3 Simple Steps To Get There

The Recipe To SuccessYou know, most of the time when I come up with a title for my blog post, I type it on Google like this: “what is the recipe for success” This gives me the exact number of search results for that particular phrase.

Now don’t worry, I’m not going to give you a tutorial on keywords here, this is not the right blog for it, but what I wanted to tell you is that I was shocked that the results for this questions were very much off track.

So, one more reason for keeping this title and try to answer the question based on what I know to have worked for me, and what I’ve learned.

How this Post about Success Came Up

This past Labor Day weekend I’ve spent most of the time off line. I went to a football game, and let me make it clear that I do not like football, but I went with a friend who begged me to. One thing for sure, even for someone who doesn’t appreciate American football, it was way cooler to watch it in person than on TV. I still didn’t get the game, but at least I could appreciate a lot more than I ever did on TV.

What fascinated me the most was the show they put on before the game even starts with the parades and all. Then of course I watched those men being desperate to grab a ball and put it somewhere. Yes, that’s what football looks like to me. Well, maybe it’s because it’s what it really is.

But, jokes aside, looking at all those people doing what they were supposed to do, being at the right place at the right time and making it seem smooth and easy, required a lot of works.

I am always fully aware as I watch this type of spectacles that hours and hours of hard work is behind all that.

Whether you like football or not, the show was a success. This brought the question to me, what is the recipe for success? Let’s see if we can analyze this question and answer it to the best of our knowledge. I say “our” because you are welcome to add your thoughts and expertise about success, below in the comments section.

Here are my 3 simple steps to success. Now I didn’t say, easy, I said simple.  There is a difference.

Have the Drive

The very first ingredient for success is having the drive for it.

I can assure you that no matter how talented you may be, if you do not have the drive for success, you will never see success.

I happen to personally know a handful of very talented people, who never amounted to anything as far as “life style”, “money” or “career” successes are concerned. They ended up having a 9 to 5 job that brought them no money, no joy, and no financial freedom which such talents should have given them.

They took life as it came, and didn’t know they could make life changing decisions.  They weren’t aware that they had a say about what their life could be like. The lack of drive kind of canceled all that out.

The drive to succeed, however, is not really something one can just wake up with one day. I think that having the drive to succeed is mostly something you are either born with or without. It’s a bit like a talent. You either have it or you don’t.

This said, however, if you really wanted to, just like a talent, you could work on it.  You could become “driven.” With the right mind set, I think it’s possible.

Do the Work

If you have the talent and the drive, things don’t end there. Those football players might be talented and driven, but unless they train hard there’s no chance that they’ll ever win a game or even stay on the football scene very long. What they do is train very hard each and every day.

As much as I believe in the law of attraction and attracting what we want with the right frame of mind, I also know that your hard work will definitely help you get what you want along with the law of attraction. Now, when I say hard work, I don’t mean that you have to sweat it like a football player in training, but you need to put yourself into action, no matter what “hard work” means for what you need to accomplish.

For a lot of people who have an online business, hard work could simply mean networking each and every day, and being very diligent about it. It could mean writing that blog post twice a week and never miss no matter what. It could be creating that product and setting everything up in order to sell it. It could be working hard with that promotional campaign, etc…

Let’s keep in mind that no matter what you’ll have to do, it will take doing it over and over. When you find a formula that works for you it will take a lot of “rinse and repeat “as the expression goes.

Don’t be lazy.  If you have the drive, do the work, and things will start happening for you.

Develop your Mind

The drive and the work may not be enough at times. As a matter of fact, I know some people who have the drive and work hard, yet, somehow, they are falling short from succeeding. The reason why such people still manage to fail with their drive and hard work is that they are missing the point about the mindset part.

If you mindset is into failure (most likely subconsciously) it will probably cancel everything else out.

If you’d study successful individuals either from modern times or from the old days, you would realized that they are or have been involved in personal development in one way or another.

There is most definitely a “success mindset”, and for the most part, people who are not aware of such mindset are failing at one point or another.  We hear this happening on a regular basis all the time.  At times it’s before they even really start, and at times it’s down the road when the first road block appears.

As a matter of fact, even if huge challenges appear, you will still be able to stay on the track of success if your mind set is on success.

If you have the first two qualities covered, but you are not involved in personal development I would advise you to investigate it, and see how much your “mind” can help you not only in becoming more successful, but in staying that way even if things don’t always go your way at times.


There yo have it, my recipe for success with 3 simple steps you need to take to be and stay successful. From what I have observed for myself and people around or far from me, this three ingredients are what make success much more attainable for everyone.

So, your turn now, what is YOUR recipe for success?

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18 thoughts on “What Is The Recipe For Success Or 3 Simple Steps To Get There”

  1. Hi Sylviane,

    Yes indeed, these 3 are the essential ingredients you need for the recipe of success 🙂

    I know this title when you look up in Google IS off track or perhaps covers other things, but I liked the way you weaved your post here covering these 3 easy steps.

    I agree with you – if there is no drive or passion, you can really not achieve success nor can you go far with what you aimed for in life. And once the drive is there – you can move ahead and do the work you want to do with ease because you are driven to it without being forced or burdened about it. Oh yes…and as you mentioned, you need to rinse and repeat a lot of things to make them really work for you.

    Ah…the mindset needs to remain positive at all times to make the earlier 2 steps work, in-fact that’s the main driving force — a positive frame of mind, isn’t it? I guess if you can manage to have these three goodies in your life – there is no one who can stop you from achieving success 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
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  2. Hey Sylviane,

    That was so nice of you to go to a football game and sit through the entire thing when you don’t even like the game. Man, I hope your friend appreciates that you did that. I dated a coach years ago and we almost got married so I use to go to all of his games so I had to learn and understand the sport. I appreciated the work that went into it and as you witnessed yourself in person, it takes a lot of hard work and discipline.

    I love how you listed the things here that really do create success. As you so clearly stated here, without any of this you’ll never reach your desired goals. I mean come on, you have to want it bad enough to even venture in that direction in the first place. Then it takes hard work and if your mindset isn’t right then everything else is for nothing.

    I hate that some people make it all out to be so darn easy to do when it’s not. But to me if you don’t put in the work then you can’t appreciate the outcome. Maybe I’m weird in that way but if everything were easy then I think we wouldn’t get so much from the experience itself.

    Thank you for sharing this, love this myself. Hope you’re enjoying your week and see you tonight.

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    1. Hi Adrienne,

      You dated a football coach? That must have been fun.

      Fortunately for me my friend can’t stand the heat so he didn’t last the whole game as it was in the upper 90’s on Saturday over here. So, we left early 🙂

      I know that it’s common to hear that things are easy since the internet exist, especially, where people want to sell their getting rich quick scheme stuff, but it does take work. However, like you, I think that if it was so easy we wouldn’t appreciate it. That’s just so true. Look at those who had everything easy, they end up a real mess.

      Thank you for your input, Adrienne, and see ya later.
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  3. Great tips, Sylviane – I agree with Harleena’s point that the third one, having the right mindset, is the key to the whole thing. Because if you have the right attitude, you’ll also have the drive and you’ll be motivated to do the work.

    I also think it’s important to find the kind of work that you enjoy – because the more pleasure you derive from your work, the easier it will be and the more likely you’ll succeed. If you find your work boring or stressful, it’s much more difficult to make progress.

    To your success, Sylviane 🙂
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    1. Hi Sue,

      Yes, the mindset is very important, but we need to fully understand what’s in that mind of ours at times.

      I work with people (clients) who have the drive, the talent and put in the hard work, but there is a subconscious blockage that prevent them to move forward. My own goal and dream is to be able to help hundreds and thousands of such people.

      Thank you for coming and for your input 🙂
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  4. Hi Sylviane,

    First of all your football story is funny. I cracked up at “Then of course I watched those men being desperate to grab a ball and put it somewhere.” I’ve never thought about what the game looks like to someone who doesn’t know how it works. Hopefully “somewhere” is catching the boal at the goal which is at the end zone on their side!

    As to your 3 Simple Steps to Success, every one of them is essential. If I have to rank them in order, I would choose mindset and personal development as number one. Of course all three are needed, but they will cancel each other out if one is missing.

    Your three steps sound simple, but to implement all three, it takes a lot of hard work and doing whatever needs to be done every day. The key is “No matter what you’ll have to do, it will take doing it over and over.

    Loved this post! Thanks!
    Raena Lynn
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    1. Hi Raena,

      I’m sure my football story would make you laugh, but the way you explained it mean exactly the same thing 🙂

      My three steps are not in the order of “importance” but more in order of how it happens. For example, I am helping someone who wrote a book with his mind set, because he already has got the drive, and he did the hard work, but now he realizes that he’s missing the personal development part.

      The same thing happened to me and that’s how I found personal development in the first place.

      Thanks you for coming, Raena and I’ll come see you too. I haven’t been there in a long time.
      Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..What Is The Recipe For Success Or 3 Simple Steps To Get ThereMy Profile

  5. Hi Sylviane

    I love going to football. I hated it for years but then got to love it. In Australia we have one called rugby which is more like the American one and then we have AFL (Austalian rules). The second is the one I love. And I love the whole “show” that goes with the game. See you were in show biz so you appreciate that 🙂

    I think sport is amazing for teaching us mindset and is often used because of that as examples for life and business.

    I watched a Tony Robbins clip yesterday made for your Labor Day. He was talking about the failing economies around the world and compared what business leaders needed to do to sports greats. He talked about when he worked with Andre Agassi and others to turn them around. It was all about seeing it in their mind and he said the first step was a belief that the success could be achieved. Then a total desire etc. Pretty much your steps.

    It is a world right now where too many people have given up hope. Messages like your are so important Sylviane.

    A great post and message as always.

    Sue Price invites you to read..Moving Forward : Accepting Change – part 3My Profile

    1. Hi Sue,

      Yes, sports is often used as an example in personal development, because those guys must have a total winning belief system. If they didn’t they’ll never go to the top. By the way, we have Rugby in France too, as well as soccer of course which is the most popular one.

      Talking about the economy collapse, I’m so tired about that already because many people asking me what do I think about the problems going on in France right now and all that crap. I tell them that I know nothing about and not interested in it either. Frankly, just yesterday I heard that the elevator operator of the Eiffel Tower makes $100,000 a year, I don’t think it’s too shabby, do you? And I know he’s got more than 2 weeks’ vacation too 🙂

      There will always have economy ups and down, the point is that the more we concentrate on the negative the worse it will be for us. I chose not to concentrate on that.

      Thank you for your feedback, Sue, and have a great day!
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  6. Hi Sylviane

    Football….it certainly is different in person than on TV…
    College games aren’t bad, but I really don’t like the pro games. Got
    a shock the first one I went to….They had bands that played all
    during the game, the noise level was so high that you couldn’t
    even hear announcements by the guy who tells you what they just

    But back to the real world.
    I agree with Harleena…getting motivated and working hard
    often get done, but it is keeping that Positive Mindset with the expectation of success in place that is often the game changer!
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  7. Hi Sylviane
    The three simple (but not easy) steps for success are so important for all of us.
    We have to put in the hard work that it will take in order to manifest success.

    I loved how you used the analogy regarding the football game. It takes very hard work and determination.
    Thank you
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  8. Hi Slyviane,

    I like the way that you use the football story to bring out this important message – success does takes a lot of work. There are pains, tears and frustration behind the scene of every success (that others need to know)!

    One of my daughters and her “handful of very talented people” also joined my network marketing organization a while ago but never really devoted the time and efforts to do enough work for their businesses for a long enough time. Why? They CHOOSE not to persist at present because they lack the drive that you mentioned. For them, even if they believe that they can succeed when they DO persist, they CHOOSE not to do the work at present because there are more fun things to do. It is a shame that too many people are so attracted to their present pleasant lives.

    I believe that desire AND the subconscious belief will be enough to DRIVE a person into action (learning and doing). I have picked up a long time ago that these 3Ds matter most – DESIRE, DISCIPLINE & DETERMINATION. Sorry that I can’t recall who said that? Todd Falcone? Not sure….

    I appreciate your insights, Sylviane 🙂

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum
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  9. Hey Sylviane,

    these 3 simple tips are the gas that will give you the momentum to succeed. I didn’t know how important they were at first until I started doing the action needed. While I was doing the action I would lose control of my emotions. I would get stressed, frustrated, angry with people, negative, pessimistic.

    Then I stopped. I stopped, look at the emotions that was conjured up and had a Aha moment. This is why the company I used to be stress about focusing on personal development! I dam near kicked myself LOL But reading those personal development books and watching those videos really helped me a lot! I have more control over my mind and I make every effort to keep it open to look at other uplifting options. Thats the mind of a successful person!

    Thanks for sharing Sylviane!
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  10. We’ve been in business for 20 years now and looking back, the single biggest change I’ve seen in myself has been the need to work smarter, not necessarily harder. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t put in a 50+ hour work week; rather, it means that I’ve learned that the time I do put into this business has to be spent efficiently less I end up wasting time on tasks that don’t improve our business in any appreciable amount.
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  11. Great post and I totally agree on the three simple steps you have for success. The first you have mentioned is to have the drive for success. In order for you to reach the success you want you need to be fully committed and empowered to reach your goal. The second is to do the work. This is self explanator. How can you reach the success you aim for without doing anything for it. Lastly, develop your mind. If new skills are needed for you to accomplish the goals you require then get the training needed! Simple but patience and hard work is required.

  12. Sylviane,

    I would have to agree with your 3 steps for success. I also think where a lot of people fail is with the personal development. That is so important and so ignored.

    I also think that many people just fail to do the work. It is great to sit in an office by ourselves and prepare for whatever we are going to do. It is another to actually stop preparing and start doing the work. I know of people who have prepared their entire lives. In the end they never got around to the part of doing the work.

    Being successful takes action. Until there is action nothing is going to come of anything.

    Dee Ann
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    1. Hi DeeAnn,

      Yes, we were just talking about this the other day with a friend. He was telling me all the things that went wrong in his life as a bad pattern that followed him all throughout his life. Some of his patterns used to be mine as well.

      I was telling him that unfortunately, we are not told about personal development stuff as children because for most people it’s not taught at home and it’s certainly not taught in school either.

      I was telling him that my goal is to teach personal development to people who are still so not aware of it, because they were never taught anywhere, and maybe not curious or rebel enough to have found it.

      We can’t definitely spend our whole life just preparing. At some point we much take action.

      Thank you for your input, Dee Ann 🙂

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