Where Does Intuition Come From And What Is Its Purpose?

IntuitionDo you have a strong intuition?  I think that intuition, can even be transmitted from generation to generation.  On my mother’s side of the family there is a strong intuition factor going on especially in women.

Maybe that’s why they call it feminine intuition.

My grandmother, mother and aunt all had a strong intuition, and I have to say that mine is also rather strong.  I can remember some very intuitive dreams and moments in my life.

But when that happens, one can’t help asking where does intuition come from? Immediately followed by another question, what is its purpose?

Do you have a strong intuition? Are you wondering what it means?

In this post I am going to try to answer those two questions to help you understand you intuition better, and be more on the alert when it’s trying to tell you something.

But first, let’s start with one of my intuition stories, so you’ll be able to see how intuition manifests.

An Intuition True Story

I remember few years ago, as I left for work one morning, I was locking the door and something was telling me “Sophie is out,” “Sophie is out.” Sophie is the name of my cat.

I remember very well going into my car, starting the car as if everything was normal, but with a darn heavy feeling that Sophie was out.  I knew Sophie was inside the house with my mom and aunt who were visiting me at the time for their regular 3 month stay each year.

My mom and aunt were going to be picked up about an hour later by some friends of mine who were going to show them around so they wouldn’t be bored at home all day while I was at work.

When I came back home that day, some 10 hours later, my mom and aunt had not yet returned.  I was greeted by my other kitty, Tony, as usual, but I couldn’t see Sophie.

So, I started calling her, but no Sophie was coming.  That’s when my blood pressure was starting to rise.  I was calling Sophie louder and louder looking in all the corners of the house.  After 10 minutes of that frenzy search, I came to the very painful realization that Sophie wasn’t in the house.

So, in a frenzy panic, I ran outside the house yelling and crying Sophie’s name.  I don’t know how long I looked, but it probably wasn’t more than maybe 10 minutes – it just seemed like an eternity – when I finally spotted my Sophie behind some small trees, crouched on a piece of wood, and looking a bit scared.

When I saw her I felt a mixture of relief and extreme anger, and did my best not to spank the hell out of her.  But most of all I was relieved and it seemed like the weight of the world had been lifted off  of my shoulders.

As I was runny frantically, I recalled that intuition of the morning.  Dang, why didn’t I listen to what my intuition was trying to tell me?  What’s interesting, though, is that Sophie wasn’t yet out when my intuition kicked in, it happened about an hour later when my mom and aunt came out of the house.  If you are familiar with cats, you know that they can be as swift and invisible as they want to be.  My mom and aunt never saw her getting out.

What’s incredible is that I had an uneasy feeling all throughout the day, but I didn’t listen.  I could only be thankful that Sophie was still alive and well after she had spent some 9 hours outside on her own.  This was probably the strongest lesson for me to listen to my intuition from then on, no exception.

I remember apologizing to God for not having listen to the warning, and for having protected my kitty for a whole day outside on her own, which she had never, ever, done before.

Where Does Intuition Come From?

Intuition comes from our higher self. From that part of us which is much higher than our physical body and its 5 senses.

Our higher self is that divine part of us that is able to know and see things that we don’t.  The reason that we don’t is that our body and conscious mind are rather limited and able to capture only what is at their level, so to speak.  On the other hand, our higher self, is able to know things above and beyond what we are able to perceive consciously.

A good way of explaining this is that let’s say we “our body and conscious mind” are sitting at the bottom of a mountain with a view of what’s in our sight.  Our higher self, on the other hand, is sitting on the top of that mountain and has a much wider and sharper view of everything around and above us.

There could be a loose rock from the mountain getting ready to fall on you, and you wouldn’t be aware of it from your stand point.  On the other hand, your higher self sitting on the top of that mountain would.  That rock would not be in your sight or awareness, but it would be in the sight and awareness of your higher self, because it’s much higher than you.  Its perspective is very different than yours.

Our higher self is stronger, higher, wiser, and knows a lot we don’t.  This is why when our higher self sends us a “message” called an intuition, it’s an all knowing information that many times blows our mind or even confuses us, if we are novice at listening to our intuitions.

But the thing is that the intuition is always right, because it comes from an all wise, all understanding, and all knowing place, our higher self.

What is The Purpose Intuition?

If you ever had an intuition, and I am sure you have, then you know that intuition is for our own good.  Intuition is a protection to us. It’s a voice that tells us yes, do this or no, don’t do that.

I have spoken with a lot of people who have told me about their intuitions, and it never fails; when they listened to their intuition, things turned out well for them, when they didn’t, things turned out not so great for them. This just never fails.

If I had listened to my intuition about my kitty “being out” I could have gone back inside, tell my mom about my intuition, and ask her to make double sure that Sophie was nowhere near the door when they came out.

Listen to your intuitions, folks, it’s trying to tell you something, and it’s always for your own good. In an upcoming post I will be discussing  how you can improve your intuitive senses, so your intuitions will speak to you and guide you even better.

Your turn now. Let us know about your intuition…

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10 thoughts on “Where Does Intuition Come From And What Is Its Purpose?”

  1. Hey Sylviane,

    I’m not as intuitive on everyday occurrences but it’s really strong when I’m meeting someone and I get a “sense” of who they are. My girlfriends would always want me to meet someone they were interested in so I could get a feeling about them so I’d know if they were good for them or bad. I’ve NEVER been wrong, ever, even though a good bit of my friends refused to listen. They asked me to check them out for a reason and like I said, I’ve never been wrong.

    There may be times that I’ll get what I like to call a “gut feeling” and that to me is my intuition speaking to me. It’s just a lot more often and stronger when I’m checking people out. Not sure why but it works for me.

    I’ve always found that fascinating myself. Thanks for clarifying that for us and so glad Sophie was okay after spending an entire day outside her element. Poor baby.

    Adrienne invites you to read..How To Find Those Magic KeywordsMy Profile

    1. Hi Adrienne,

      My mom was a lot like you, she could tell a person’s worth in the blink of an eye. As a matter of fact she would use that expression “he’s not worth a thing”, in French of course 🙂

      She had a very bad intuition about my ex-husband, and she was right all the way. She was also right about a lot of some of my female friends and would tell me her famous statement “she’s not worth a thing”. She could even see that about one that totally fooled me for a while, but man, she smell her like a dog on the first few minutes she met her.

      My intuition about people improved a lot over the years, but it was really off when I was younger.

      Yes, I was so happy when I found my baby that day. When all my nerves finally relaxed I cried like a baby. Man I’d never forget that day.

      Thank you for your input, Adrienne.
      Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..Where Does Intuition Come From And What Is Its Purpose?My Profile

  2. Hi Sylviane,

    I saw your post on LInkedIn and the title of your post caught my attention. 🙂 This is the first time I stop by to this blog and I really like it.

    I agree with your post in that our intuition is there for our good and for our protection. Having been raised Catholic it’s referred to as the Holy Spirit guiding us. As a little girl, my grandmother always told me the voice we hear telling us when something is not right for us.

    I admit there were times I didn’t listen to my intuition and that didn’t work out so well for me. 🙂

    Great post Sylviane. I’m saving your blog and will definitely be coming back. Hope you’re having a great week!
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    1. Hi Corina,

      Wow, I had no idea that you’ve never been to this blog before. Actually I thought you did, so that’s a surprise, but I’m so glad you found this post. This blog needs more comments 🙂

      There is no doubt that every time we’ll fail to listen to that voice we will pay for it. It exists for a reason, doesn’t it? Your grandmother explained it very well.

      Thank you, for your input and welcome here 🙂
      Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..Where Does Intuition Come From And What Is Its Purpose?My Profile

  3. Hi Sylviane

    I too have very strong intuition and over the years I have learned to listen to it most of the time.

    I love the story of your cat as it is such a good example of when we do not listen. I used to be in a business owned by my husband and me and we had another male partner. He was the logical type totally in his head. If I had strong intuition about a deal we were doing and I felt we should not be – or someone I felt we should not do business with our partner would challenge me. He would want me to explain with logic. Sort of defeats the whole purpose but of course when I could not I would give in. Over many years when my intuitive feelings proved to be right he would never act on an important issue without wanting to ask how i “felt” about it.

    A great post Sylviane. I believe we all have the ability to access our intuition it is just that most people do not listen.

    Sue Price invites you to read..Moving Forward: Accepting ChangeMy Profile

    1. Hi sue,

      Don’t you hate those people who go by logical thinking, only, when intuitive feelings are so much more important?

      I know sometimes people tend not to believe people who have gut feelings on things, me included. When I was younger I doubted my mother on many gut feelings she had, but she turned out to be right every time. So, yes, it’s very important to go by what we strongly feel.

      Thank you for your input, Sue.
      Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..Where Does Intuition Come From And What Is Its Purpose?My Profile

  4. Hi Sylviane,

    Yes indeed, your intuition is something you always MUST listen to because it’s your inner voice I’d say and that never goes wrong.

    I liked what you mentioned about your Kitty, and just like your story, a similar thing happened with our dog, though my younger one made out and she went to open the door to get him inside before we left for the movies a few years back. Another incident was when something from within just wasn’t feeling right about going on a train journey, only to know that there was a major accident on the same train! Even my mother-in-law didn’t want us to travel by car once, but we went, and all through the journey she kept calling to say that remain safe as she was not feeling good about it. We did have a major accident just a few kilometers short of our place.

    We SHOULD listen to our intuition because it IS there for a purpose to warn us and make us aware about what to do and what not to do, and it never is really wrong.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
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  5. Hi Sylviane,

    Excellent point about intuition. I have three girls, the eldest one used to tell me that she was very intuitive. I was quite at a lost when she first mentioned that ability to me when she was at high school. I was brought up to think and do things that makes logically sense. The ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ approach had long been my way of making decisions.

    Fast track to the past few years of doing Network Marketing. I have been exposed to new ideas about the power of the subconscious mind and the Law of Attraction.

    In the past two years, as my purpose of doing network marketing became crystal clear, I realized that I was ‘in the flow’ – a term I learned from Jeffrey Combs. I trust my intuition and have been able to speak freely to my prospects. It is such a wonderful feeling when we can answer questions and concerns ‘on the feet’.

    Thanks, Sylviane, for your sharing!

    Viola Tam – The Business Mum
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  6. Interesting post. I do know a few people who are ridiculously intuitive and in a lot of cases, at least one of their parents are too. But I wonder whether it is passed down through genes or whether those parents would be more likely to encourage their child’s natural intuitive abilities and not stifle them…
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