The Law Of Attraction For Doubtful

Law of attraction for doubtful“The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today”. Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Two days ago, my Fiend Sue Price wrote a post titled The Law of Attraction – Fact or Fiction?  She wrote it because she had caught a discussion on Facebook between people who were being suspicious and doubtful about the law of attraction.

Just reading the post and the comments it generated made me want to write, yet, another post about the law of attraction to explain a few supplementary things that I may not have mentioned before.  But most of all, I wanted to write this post for all the doubtful about the law of attraction out there.

Sue has been nice enough to mention me and my blog several times on her posts, and she gave me one of the best compliments ever by saying that I explain the law of attraction better than Ester Hicks. Wow, I just love that!  Thank you so much for that, Sue, I so appreciated it.  It so reinforces the fact that I really need to write that book which is sitting on my computer begging to be completed.

Please, understand that I’m not trying to brag here, I am just being humbly thankful and I feel that the Universe is just trying to tell me something.

But without further ado, what is really the law of attraction?

Why so Much Confusion about the Law of Attractions?

So, why is there so much misunderstanding about the Law of Attraction to the point that some people persist in denying that it even exist?

Well, to start with I guess that’s human nature. There are people denying that a superior force (God) exists, there are people denying that some beings live in other galaxies and have visited us at times, there are people denying the existence of spirits, and they are people denying the existence of what we call miracles.  Yet, each and every one of these things have been experienced and/or witnessed by millions of people living on our very planet as I am writing these lines.

Bottom line is that you’ll always have those doubtful naysayers that will tell you that this is not so.  But one thing is certain about them – those are usually individuals who fail to truly investigate, and they are obviously not open minded people either.  And here is something interesting – close minded people tend to subconsciously avoid any proof of anything that is not what I call BDC “basic daily crap” – which is about the only thing that they truly do believe in.

It’s like the Universe denies enlightenment to such people, but it’s really because it’s what there’re asking for.  Yes, even in their closeness of mind, whether they want it or not, and whether they are aware of it or not, they are attracting their own lack of proofs.  They are attracting what they believe.

You are Attracting what You Believe NOT what you Want

One of Sue’s reader and blogger, Dana, left a very intelligent comment on Sue’s post saying that you are attracting what you believe, not what you want.  I don’t know how many times LOA coaches will need to repeat that, but since this a post for the law of attraction doubtful, I took the liberty of taking Dana’s statement and bring it up here.

Here is an example for the law of attraction doubtful

I have a client who has been consulting with me for the past 3 months, and which case illustrates this so well, that I thought I’ll mention something about it here.

Of course, I’ll leave it anonymous, and the only reason I do even mention this at all, it’s because he gave me permission to be my guinea pig for this blog.

So, this person, just like any of us, wants some specific things to happen for him.  He wants to develop a business and be able to quit the job that he hates.  However there are two things that he can’t seem to be able to do.

1)      He can’t seem to be able to bring himself to be happy as if he already had what he wants.

2)      He keeps revisiting his past full of missed opportunities.

I’m sure you can imagine how many times I told him that he MUST stop doing this.  Because if he keeps doing it, he will NEVER be able to attract what he wants.  He will keep manifesting his daily thoughts (his beliefs) which are “I’m miserable”, “I’m going to a job I hate everyday”, “and “I’ve ruined my life by not grabbing opportunities that I had back then.

Therefore, he’s in a hole, because he keeps attracting just more of that.  Not what he wants but what he truly feels.

You see, he wants success, but he doesn’t truly believe in such success, what he truly believes in are his issues.  I can’t be happy, I missed out on my luck too many times, and now I’m in this hole.

The law of attraction is working just find for him, it’s giving him EXACTLY what he’s asking for. And it does the same thing for each and every one of us. We attract what we believe NOT what we “say” we want.

I hope you got that!

The good news is that my client finally got it, recently. But it took some talking to get there, and he’s still working on it.

Don’t be Blinded by your Own Negative Thoughts

Sometimes, people can be stuck in their own marry-go-round of negative thoughts which totally blind them.

That’s why people like this are saying, law of attraction doesn’t work, because I can never attract what I want!

Really? Are you sure that you KNOW what you want? I mean, how much are you showing for what you want?

Oh, I see, you want to be making $100.000 a year by next year, but you keep saying that you are broke, that you don’t have enough and that you can’t afford it.  Right?

Ah, don’t say another word; I know what your problem is.

You don’t believe, not even for a second, that you’ll be making that $100.000 by next year.  What you truly believe is that you’re broke.  Therefore, as per the law of attraction, you are.

Yep, the law of attraction was working the whole time for you too. You just didn’t know it.

You see, it’s impossible for us to recognize something that we can’t see.  Ask a blind person to guess what is the color of your hair? You just can’t see what you’re blinded from.   But is it because a blind person can’t see that my hair is brown that it’s not?  Of course not.  My hair is brown, whether you can see it or not.

It’s not because you can’t see or recognize the law of attraction that it’s not there.  It’s just that your narrow somewhat mind, can see it yet.

In order to start seeing again, try to take some words off your vocabulary.

Words you should be Avoiding

There are words that you should be taking off your vocabulary in order to use the law of attraction to your advantage instead of your disadvantage. Those words are many, but here are three very important ones.

I Want

Try to minimize the expression “I want” to a strict minimum.

When you say I want, you create a lack. You are really saying “I want, but I don’t have”.  Want creates more wants.  When you want something so bad with a desperate feeling of lack, you’re never going to attract it.  You will be pushing it away instead.

Replace I want by “I desire” or better still “I have”. If you practice this exercise, you will see that it feels different in your mind and body.  And the reason it feels different it’s because it generates another type of energy. A positive one.

I Wish

Wishing is the first cousin of wanting.

Usually, if you are wishing for something, you don’t have it. “I wish I had, “or “I wish I were,” or “I wish I did,” etc… Don’t wish it.

Instead, do your best to get what you wish, and learn how to use more positive terms such as I desire, or I will. You’ll see, you will feel that great feeling again in your whole body. You’ll go from a wishful thinking to a I will do it thinking.

I Can’t Afford

I simply can’t stand it when someone uses that expression, because it’s such a limited belief expression. Yet, so common.  People who use this expression regularly will most likely never be able to afford anything worthwhile in life, and they will blame the law of attraction for it on top of it.

Remember, if you believe that you can’t afford it, you can’t – As per the law of attraction, not because of it.

I’ll never forget the day I told my mother, that one day I was going to see and touch my favorite actor. She said to me, I believe that you will.  She said that for two reasons; one- she never discouraged my dreams, and two- she knew I was stubborn enough to find a way.  Because I had this strong belief that was even backed up by my mother I attracted my desire.


If you are doubtful about the law of attraction, I hope that this post has helped you start thinking about what type of thoughts are going through your ahead on a daily basis, and how you phrase them as you speak. Don’t be fooled. This is what you are attracting right now.

Listen to yourself and you will get a clue. Don’t swim in your own sea of negativity that is blinding you from all the possibilities out there.

Your turn now. Let me know what you think about that!

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36 thoughts on “The Law Of Attraction For Doubtful”

  1. Hi Sylviane,

    Well, first let me say a huge thank-you for the mention. I haven’t been blogging for very long, so between you and Sue, it’s really an honor.

    I understand the frustration that people feel when they try to ‘use’ LOA and feel it doesn’t work. It does work – all of the time – whether we like it or not.
    The thing is, we’re focused on what we DON’T have but want – or want but don’t have. Either way, we’re creating, and the world is responding to this.
    It’s really that neutral.

    It’s a tough concept to understand because it requires being conscious of our thoughts along with a willingness to assume personal responsibility for what we experience via creation. In a society that unfortunately thrives on a victim-based mentality – the notion of creating the circumstances in our lives seems impossible.

    The thing is though – when the stuff we don’t like shows up, we react to it and condemn it. However, once we take a moment and get curious about what it’s trying to tell us, ABOUT US, we have an opportunity to see the underlying beliefs that we’ve been creating that we otherwise view as mistakes, or other negative random events.

    So when we become aware of the baggage we carry around (beliefs), we see that in fact, we certainly have been creating. We are then in a position to see question ourselves and understand that when we’re in a place of resisting what is, we create further reason and validation to experience resisting what is.
    When we create from the place of lack, we create the lack – and focus on it more – even if we’re fighting to ‘think positively about what we want’.

    So, this is where awareness comes in – both from a place of action (as in I am aware of…) – and awareness as being itself (I am not this identity in and of itself, I am the observer acting as an expression of awareness). It opens our eyes to an entire way in which to experience reality – and certainly makes LOA much easier to understand.

    But you’ve done a great job of it here – and it’s cool that you (and SUE) have tackled this topic. It opens the door for discussion – and hopefully, further clarity to a world seeking to awaken from the dream 😉
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    1. And this is where editing comes in. Sue Neal would appreciate this 😉

      When I said “The thing is, we’re focused on what we DON’T have but want – or want but don’t have.”
      It says the same thing. What I meant was ‘when we’re focused on what we want but don’t have – or ‘have but don’t want'”.

      Dana invites you to read..Bullshit – the Road to Enlightenment?My Profile

      1. LOL – I find that mention a bit scary, Dana, because we all make mistakes – and that was a complicated sentence you had to deal with there, full of “don’ts” and “wants” – easy to get it mixed up 🙂

        I hear what both you and Sylviane are saying here – I totally agree with Sylviane’s suggestions about the phrases we should avoid saying to ourselves and believe we’re often unaware of, or underestimate, our capacity to influence our own destiny, for better or worse. I guess, if I’m honest, I’m just a bit uneasy about the concept of a “law” – and I worry that people to whom some bad stuff just “happens” might end up feeling responsible for their own misfortunes. Some things we can influence, some things we can’t. We can certainly influence our own reactions to events – but we can’t always influence the events themselves. That’s my belief, anyway. Some people recover from cancer, some people die – and I don’t believe the latter all succumb to the disease because they have the wrong mindset. Did the two young women who’ve just been the victims of an acid attack in Zanzibar subconsciously “attract” this terrible assault? I don’t think so. But they can certainly influence the way they recover and move on by how they choose to respond to what’s happened to them.

        Thanks for a great post, Sylviane – another good one to get us thinking 🙂

        Susan Neal invites you to read..A Google Chrome Irritation Resolved!My Profile

        1. Hi Sue,

          I hear what you’re saying. There may be some things out there that are beyond our thoughts and vibrations, but let’s put it that way, the law of attraction exists nonetheless, even if it’s a bit scary as you’re saying.

          Even if there are events we may not control, it’s a bit like two smokers. One might get lung cancer and the other one not, but on thing is sure more smokers will get lung cancer than non-smokers.

          It’s the same thing with the law of attraction. The more positive your thoughts the better good things will happen to you, the more negative you are the more problems you will get.

          The reason I am so sure about the law of attraction is not only that it’s been proven so many times by many personal development professionals, but by my own life.

          Besides the death of my father when I was 5, that frankly, I don’t think I attracted, I know that I’ve attracted basically everything else in my life for the past 40 years. And that’s talking only about me. I could say the same thing for people I know best.

          So, yes, whether we like it or not, that law is there. But don’t worry, it’s a good law that can explain many things about our life that we didn’t understand.

          To me it was a revelation and a door to freedom.

          Thanks for your input, Sue 🙂
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    2. Hi Dana,

      Well, this is so well said, I certainly couldn’t have said it better.

      What you’re mentioning here is what I started doing 8 years ago, and yes, it’s when I started to decide to wake up from that dream that was more like a nightmare.

      You’re right, the tough area for a lot of people, might be when you have to admit to yourself that you’ve absolutely attracted all the crap that you see in your life and of course don’t want.

      When I not only admitted, but recognized that I DID IT, it was a revelation. A touch one, but a revelation nonetheless, with the feeling that a heavy weight on my shoulders was lifted.

      Today I’m still living some pretty awful things within my family, but I know that even that I’ve attracted. I’m not actively attracting it now, anymore, but it’s still there because I’ve attracted it in the past. It probably will be here for a very long time, BUT my personal development taught me to totally detached from it at this point.

      Really, if you had told me that I would be able to do that even 6 or 7 years ago I would have told you – no way! But once we learn that we have total control, it changes everything.

      Thank you for your excellent comment, Dana.
      Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..The Law Of Attraction For Doubtful My Profile

  2. Hi Sylviane,

    Awesome post indeed 🙂

    In-fact I think it’s one of your best ones here as you cleared all the doubts anyone would have about the Law of Attraction.

    Sue is absolutely right in mentioning you as you DO explain things and simplify them up here so well here that it becomes easy for us commoners to understand it all.

    I agree with you that the law of attraction keeps working all the time for us, but we just didn’t know it or see it. Most of the time we start doing the things we shouldn’t, which is why it doesn’t work for us. Oh yes…all those ‘I’s’ are the sure causes why the LOA doesn’t work as they attract more of negativity than positivity, and if we think that ways, that is exactly what we will get.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
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    1. Hi Harleena,

      Well, it means a lot to me that you are saying that this is my best post. I may be getting better as I go 🙂

      I love to explain the law of attraction because when I first discovered it few years ago it was such a revelation to me in the sense that I finally understood all the things that were happening to me and I finally stopped crying “why me?”.

      Thank you for your input, Harleena, really appreciate it.
      Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read.. What Is Holosync And How Can It Improve Your Life?My Profile

  3. Well done Sylviane and Sue is right, you do explain it better then Ester. She confuses me girl!

    So as you know I’ve been a work in progress too. The things that I’ve attracted into my life have been things that I just knew without a shadow of a doubt I’d get some day. In the past it always use to be about getting a better job. I knew my company was downsizing or management was changing so I’d start looking. I use to even have employment agencies tell me that I couldn’t get a job for the money I was asking for and do you know what I said to them? Watch me… Every job I ever got I got a substantial raise and it’s because I knew I was worth it.

    Our problem in our daily lives is in the areas we aren’t that confident about and we don’t yet have that type of thinking. Just like your client who continued to think about his past mistakes instead of what the future can hold for him.

    I had a lot of the same issues coming into the online world from corporate America because the “fact” was I was starting from scratch not knowing squat! No experience, no knowledge, no contacts, no nothing so for someone to say you can be a millionaire we can’t even comprehend that. It takes believing in yourself so once you do the “how” is not our problem. It will find a way, it always does.

    I’m glad you wrote this post and I do hope it will help others understand. Whether it’s here or not just know you’re worth it and it will find it’s way. That’s really the bottom line to me.

    Adrienne invites you to read..The Proof Is In The Community You BuildMy Profile

    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Very well said, indeed. when we are confident nothing can stop us and we get what we want, but it’s when we are not that confident that things get more complicated.

      On top of that we have not so well intentioned people that will at times even take away the little bit of confidence we may have. That has happen so many times to me, I could write a book about it.

      You’re right, knowing that we are worth it and trying to stay on the positive thought-vibrations side of things will help us manifest what we want.

      Thanks for coming, Adirenne and for your valuable input.
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    2. Adrienne –

      This line really stood out for me:

      “Our problem in our daily lives is in the areas we aren’t that confident about and we don’t yet have that type of thinking.”

      Wow – how true.

      I remember (eons ago?) when I first moved to Austin after my college years and I was temping for the state.

      One of my fellow temps was a woman who had recently been laid off. Her background was HR and she was probably in her mid-40s at the time and her goal was to land a position as an HR director somewhere.

      She was only there two or three – I swear, I think she took the temp position less for the money than for the convenient access to a fax machine, photocopier, and phone (which enabled her to answer her call backs with a professional greeting).

      The nice thing about temp jobs is that the duties aren’t usually too demanding – and this woman spent the bulk of her time networking and contacting potential employers.

      She wasn’t arrogant or anything, but it always stuck with me (and impressed my in hindsight) how she conceived of her temp position – she always referred to it, quite openly, as “community service.”

      What a way to take something most people would think of as a big negative – losing a good job and replacing it with a low paying temp position – and embrace it from a position of total empowerment.

      And literally, within a two or three weeks, she lined up a position she was happy with.

      To me, that’s the great question – how do you take the confidence and self-identity you possess in the areas of life you’re good at and transfer or translate them into the areas you’re not good at?
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      1. Yes, that’s a very good question, Brad, and one that needs to be answered too.

        Well, as humans that we are there will always be areas where we are very comfortable at and some we’re not. This brings to me an image of years ago.

        My brother who is a master at riding big Japanese motorcycles looks very impressive and self confident on those big machines. As for me since my accident back in 1992 trying to ride one of my brother’s motorcycles I said no more. I was never confident to start with.

        However, the first time I saw my brother riding a horse, he looked so lost and out of control with his horse doing all kind of things to him, that I had the biggest laugh of my life. Me, on the other hand, I was find on a horse.

        So, this is to illustrate that’s where is the challenge. We can’t all be a fish and a bird at the same time. Some things will come naturally to us and some won’t. in some areas we know we”re strong and in some others we know we’re weak.

        I think that’s when subconscious reprogramming comes in. That’s why meditation, affirmation, holosync, and self hypnosis are good at. Those are tools we can use to makes us stronger where we need. it doesn’t mean that we will master it all, and that’s not even what we want, but it will make us stronger where we feel we need to.
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  4. Hi Sylviane.

    After reading this post I took a deep breath and had a great sigh of relief. You explained it so well my friend.

    I read Sue’s post where she mentioned you (did a little happy dance about that) because you post each and every week about the subconscious mind and how it works. Now we all know that we have to clear those nasty thoughts in order to create what we want via the Law of Attraction.

    As I read on, I was shaking my head because some of my clients say those negative things like “I can’t Afford it” or “I want” or even worse…. OMG I just get so frustrated when people do that and at the same time are trying to work with the LOA!

    But I have to work on my patience issues don’t I? he he

    I think it is brilliant when you said that “close minded people tend to subconsciously avoid any proof of anything that is not what I call BDC “basic daily crap” – which is about the only thing that they truly do believe in.”

    I encounter many people like that and don’t even bother talking to them. Just nod my head and go away.

    Sylviane This is the best post EVER!

    Donna Merrill invites you to read..Making Your Business BloomMy Profile

    1. Hi Donna,

      Well it seems that you agree with Harleena who is telling me that this is my best post too 🙂 I’m so happy you like my own quote here. I have to tweet this, then.

      I’m sure you see a lot of negativity with your clients too, usually those people really need help because they are full of negativity that eats the alive. I’ve known people like that my all life, and was one of them as well.

      Thank you for coming and for liking this post, Donna 🙂
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  5. Hi Sylvianne,

    Thanks for this post. The timing couldn’t be better. I already believe in the Law of Attraction, so I don’t fit into the doubter category. But what I gained from reading this post is the words you talk about to avoid:

    I want
    I wish
    I can’t afford

    You’ve explained perfectly why it is so important to be careful what you say because they lead to thoughts which ultimately lead to beliefs. Once you realize that what your world is a representation of your beliefs, that is a huge paradigm shift. We truly attract what we believe so the key is to get to the root of what your true beliefs are and they can be changed if you have the desire and commitment to do it. I’ve had to change many beliefs I had due to conditioning or the BDC. The first step is awareness and hopefully you woke up the doubters! Thanks!

    Raena Lynn
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  6. Hello Sylviane

    Yes I will agree with Sue and Harleena. The best post on Law of Attraction.
    You made very important points regarding the unbelievers. Many do want to believe on the LOA because then it shifts the responsibility on them to change their paradigms.
    Conscious living and becoming aware is the beginning of attracting the great things this life has to offer.
    I am so thankful I AM attracting day by day those things that the universe has for me.

    Again, a great post…
    Gladys recently posted Seven Ways to Help You Succeed In What You Do.
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  7. Hi Sylviane

    Ah I am glad I prompted this post. It is amazing how things happen 🙂 – and then no it is not amazing. It just is.

    Like I said you explain it best. I am glad Adrienne and others agree with me. Yes this is your best explanation so far.

    And thank you for mentioning and linking to me. As I said in comments between us you need to write that book. It is a concept more people need to understand and I am sure you can get to some of the naysayers. Of course there will always be people who choose to stay with their destructive patterns but many do it just because they know no better.

    The way you have explained “I want, I wish and I can’t afford” is just so well done.

    Book girl – book please!! 🙂

    Big hugs my friend.

    Sue Price invites you to read..The Law of Attraction – Fact or Fiction?My Profile

  8. Hi Sylviane,

    1. The power of trust is big. The power of belief is HUGE.

    2. Want, wish, can’t afford. Why shouldn’t we use such words? The explanation I found is the following:
    The real believer is not your rational mind but the other mind of yours, the one that lies deep inside your soul. In the Western world they call it subconscious mind.
    Your subconscious mind, they say is “thinking” like a child, a 5-6 years old child. Even more. Your subconscious mind doesn’t “understand” and doesn’t know what to do with negative sentences. So, it takes away the negative part of the sentence and keeps only the positive part, the affirmation.

    Ex: I don’t smoke = I smoke.
    I will never give up = I will give up / I will always give up.

    That is why you should never use words or sentences that are either negative or imply (like in the case of “want”) something negative. That is the reason we use affirmations.

    3. We are interconnected indeed. With everything: from dust to stars. Hence the saying “What you can find inside you will find outside. What you cannot find inside you won’t find outside”.

    Have a nice day
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    1. Hi Silviu,

      You’re right in everything, except that the subconscious mind doesn’t think. It’s just a tape recorder that basically plays what in there. That’s another mistake that a lot of people make – thinking that the subconscious thinks. It doesn’t. The thinking is the part of our conscious mind.

      Thank you for your input, as always.

      Have a great end of the week!
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  9. Hi Sylviane,

    I love this post! It explains just ‘how’ the law of attraction works *and* tells you how to change your thinking. This is great post and a great way of teaching. Explain it, then show it by example. Thank you so much for doing this.

    I believe in the Law of Attraction and positive thinking. Although it is sometimes hard to figure out ‘how’ to say to God or the universe what you need, it is always possible with a little bit of thought and that is how we change it.

    Great job on a great post. I took notes by the way! 🙂

    1. Hi Barbara,

      I’m glad you like this post, and took notes 🙂

      Yes, sometimes we don’t know how or what to ask, but in that case, we need to focus on what we really want and everything will come into place.

      the Law of attraction is always at work, so the more we can control that focus of ours, the better the results will be. Because whether we know it or not, we do focus on things. It’s just that a lot of people focus on mundane things by default, so they get lousy results at best. Better focus = better results.

      Thanks for your visit and have a great weekend.
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  10. Hi Sylviane
    Very well put.
    I have been working on using the correct words to achieve goals. One of my goals is to move and I have started the process of getting rid of things and fixing up the house. Within my heart of hearts I know somehow the move will take place, even though to look at other factors seems like a long way off. But I am not even thinking like that. When I have been determined I have been successful at making things happen and this one is a daily focus just like when I wanted a certain type of car, 6 months later I had it.
    Thanks for the reminder to stay focused and not let doubt have head space.

    Mary Stephenson invites you to read..Why Men Should Carry Clean HankiesMy Profile

    1. Hi Mary,

      That’s a perfect way to attract and make happen what you want. by taking actions and preparing a move you are showing the universe that you are on your way and that you truly believe that you will be moving very soon.

      Thanks for coming and have a great weekend.
      Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..The Law Of Attraction For Doubtful My Profile

  11. “You are Attracting what You Believe NOT what you Want”

    Thanks for putting this so succinctly, Sylviane. That truly is a profound distinction.

    So it really comes down to changing your beliefs, doesn’t it? And unless or until those beliefs change, nothing else will.

    Now the interesting or challenging part – how do you go about changing your beliefs in those areas of your life that need changing?

    (Hmm . . . that would certainly make an interesting follow up blog post . . . hint, hint)
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  12. Hi Brad and nice to see you here again,

    Well, I’ve written many posts on the subject of changing your beliefs, but, you’re right, it wouldn’t hurt if I’d wrote another one following this one since we brought that subject up again.

    Thanks you for the idea. I love blogging ideas, because it makes my life so much easier 🙂
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  13. Hey Sylviane,

    I ran across so many people who had doubt in the law of attraction. As a matter of fact, although I hate to admit it, I had doubt when I first heard about it. I thought, how can you attract what you want? Then I thought about those rags to riches stories and how each person triumphed over many obstacles. Even though they couldn’t see their goals in the physical sense, they had a strong belief that it will happen.

    I wish and I Can’t Afford were my two favorite sayings. Not no more. Saying these things turn your focus to lack. When this is don’t you won’t even conjure up the energy to take action because you feel it’s a waste of time! What a bad way to think.

    Law Of Attraction is about having that strong belief that it will happen. When you have that strong belief you take action, and do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. You have to figure everything you see around you started out with thoughts and beliefs. Those people that truly believed in what you see in our modern world make every effort to bring it to light despite the fact they had naysayers. This is true LOA!

    Thanks Sylviane!
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    1. Hi Sherman,

      Yes, there are still some people doubting the law of attraction. Interestingly, however, just by observing such people we can see that for the most part that they are rather unsuccessful. This for a simple reason, successful people are totally aware of the law of attraction and use it to their advantage.

      Yes, some words are negative and bring about lack thoughts. They need to be cut off from our vocabulary.

      Thank you for coming and I’ll see you on your side soon.
      Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..Understanding Your Beliefs To Change ThemMy Profile

  14. Hey Sylviane,
    I too am a great believer in the law of attraction and think that we do have a lot of control over our destiny.
    I also agree with both Susan Neal that some events do just happen, and your response that the more positive our thoughts and actions are then the more positive results we will see from that.
    Something you really brought to my attention was the use of the word want.
    This is a word that I do use occasionally. I will make an effort to use the word desire instead.
    This is a much more powerful word anyway isn’t it?
    Thank you for sharing
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    1. Hi Gary, and sorry for the late reply.

      I’m glad that this post about the law of attraction caught your eyes.

      Yes, the word want is very common and people use it left and right, but frankly, and depending on the context with are using it in, we should watch it. Absolutely, the word desire is much more powerful, it’s more a “I’m in control” kind of word.

      Thanks you for your visit.
      Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..Understanding Your Beliefs To Change ThemMy Profile

  15. basically there is less knowledge about the law, people are not aware about sections and amendment might be that’s the reason they having doubt about this.

  16. One of the reasons some people doubt the law of attraction works is because they believe they have attempted to use affirmations–without success. Instead of beginning with affirmations I would suggest a law of attraction doubter first become aware of their thoughts. If, as in your example, the person wants to happily start a business, he should track every time he has a negative thought related to that–from “I’m miserable” to “I’m a failure”. The same is true for the person who wants to lose weight or attract a new man into her life but thinks she can’t. These are all negative affirmations (affirming the negative). Most of us have many more negative affirmations than positive ones. This is our proof that law of attraction IS working–just not getting us where we want to go, but getting us where we are telling the universe we want to go! Our next job is to shift that balance and start moving in the positive direction.

  17. Hi Sylviane

    Thanks for that. My son who is 10 years old has had a very troubled mind for the last five years, took us to breaking point. He is now at an age where he kind of understands and we are trying our best to readjust his method of self belief and thinking. More to empower him and give him the tools to be creative with it.

    He is an amazing little artist and this school year should be a stepping stone for him to more self discovery with the new teacher he has at school.

    Things like this i think should be extended in the schools instead of the industrial schooling system they are forced upon and fail so many times.



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