What Are The Benefits Of Spirituality?

Are you SpiritualWhat is spirituality? Do you see yourself as a spiritual person?  Are you yearning for more spirituality in your life? Would you like to be more spiritual? And what are the benefits of spirituality in the first place anyway?

I have said this several times before in previous posts on this blog, but at the risk of sounding redundant, I will say it again; being religious and being spiritual are two different things, even though the word “spiritual” or “spirituality” is often linked to religion.

I think that religion is more the outer side of spirituality as for true spirituality is an inner phenomenon.

This means that you can be religious and spiritual, but you could be religious and NOT spiritual.

When I say that I can’t help but thinking of all the people I’ve encountered throughout my life which were religious, but absolutely lacking in spirituality.

In this post I wanted to help you understand what being spiritual really means, try to define what is a spiritual person is, how you can improve your spirituality if you wish to do so, and discuss why spirituality is beneficial for you.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, and you might want to ask me what type of authority am I to talk about spirituality and define it?

To such questions I would answer that I am NOT an authority, but I do have put in lots and lots of hours studying and applying methods that are meant to increase spiritual awareness.

With spiritual awareness you get clearer about yourself and the world around you.  Once you get clearer in your mind because of an increased spirituality, and have a blog such as this one, you can’t help but share your experience.

As a coach, developing my spirituality, helps me to better be able to help others in areas they need help with.

What Does Being Spiritual Really Mean?

Being spiritual means to have an attraction, an attachment as well as an understanding to the things that are above and beyond our physical body, and physical needs.  Spirituality is also an increased revelation of who we are and where we’re going.  In a word, spirituality is enlightenment.

Spirituality is also something easier felt than explained, but I am going to try to do my best to explain it in writing in this article.

Whatever your level of spirituality may be, I’m sure that you know that there is more than meets the eyes in this universe of ours.  There is a Higher Force, a Higher Being, a Higher Spirit that, whether you want it or not, you can’t ignore.

To me a spiritual person is someone who will try to learn about and tap into known and tested concepts that are able to bring them more peace, more understanding, more self growth and ultimately more wholeness into their life – more spirituality.

Just the same way as you would develop more muscles if you went to the gym regularly, you will become more spiritual if you’d practice spiritual exercises on a regular basis.  Such exercises include, meditation, prayer, lucid dreaming, hypnosis, EFT, Chakra controlling your thoughts, controlling your feelings, learning how to read people’s vibrations, etc.

Do you See Yourself as a Spiritual Person?

Who is spiritual?

Everybody is spiritual.  As beings we are partly physical and partly spiritual, but humans are not the only spiritual beings.

Animals are spiritual too.  That’s why they can feel people and even spirits.  More often than not way easier than people do.  They’s why your cat or dog knows that you are on your way home way before you get even close to that entrance door.

I know that when my mother was in my house she could tell I was on my way home by observing my cats getting ready to greet me while I wasn’t in sight yet.  All of these belongs to the spiritual world.

As human beings, we all have proofs of our spiritual make up at least once in a while.  The sad thing, though, is that many people don’t pay attention to them, and they focus more on their “physical” self rather than “spiritual” self.

Some people have buried their spiritual-self so deep that they act more like wild animals than human beings. There are totally remote from their spiritual-self.  However, that doesn’t mean that they can never become spiritual individuals if they decided to shift their focus by using some of the methods mentioned above.

Are you Yearning for more Spirituality?

Yearning to be more spiritual is a natural feeling.  We should all be yearning to be more spirituality, and I would say that it’s a natural progression in our lives as humans.  Of course, some people are more inclined to spirituality than others, but we ALL can make the decision to work on our spirituality just the same as we can make the decision to go work out.

I think that because spirituality is so much part of us that we are lacking something when we concentrate and focus too much on material things and everyday mundane way of life.

I think that developing more spirituality, more of our higher self; can help us to live more balanced and happy lives.  In other words, we need to develop our spirituality if we want to feel better about ourselves and about others.

Yearning for more spirituality is a natural progression for those who want more understanding about life.

What are the Benefits of Spirituality?

Well, that’s a great question isn’t it? One that could be answered in many different ways.  As a matter of fact, you could answer this question yourself in the comment area, to share your thoughts on that with the readers of this blog.  But this is how I would answer it as far as I am concerned.

Spirituality Keeps you Grounded

The more spiritual you are the less you will be bothered by trivial things. I can see this for myself.  Today, I couldn’t be bothered or annoyed by things that really bothered me in the past.

As you become more spiritual you priorities change, you become more whole as a person.  What really matters are the important things in your life.

Spirituality Gives you Peace of Mind

The more spiritual you become the more peace of mind you will have.  Spirituality is also linked to faith, and faith gives you peace of mind about a lot of things.  The more spiritual you become the more peaceful you will be.

Spirituality Gives you Understanding   

The more spiritual you become the more understanding you have about yourself, the world, the universe, God, and people.  This is probably the hardest part of spirituality that can’t be explained, because it can be felt much more than it can be put into words.

Spirituality Reveals you Secrets     

This is one of my favorite parts of spirituality. It reveals you secrets that you would have never known about yourself and about others.  This part of my spirituality talks to me best when I mediate or when I dream.  I wake up from a dream that reveals something to me about myself or about someone else, and I have no doubt what so ever that this is actually so.

On day I was revealed in a dream that my then fiancée was sexually abused as a child.  Like I said, it’s hard to explain those things. Why I knew it wasn’t just a dream? I can’t explain, but I can tell you that I knew. And yes, it was true.    

Some types of revelations have happened to me during meditation as well.  This is a gift form spirituality.

Spirituality makes you a Better Person

Because spirituality makes you grow not only as a person, but as a being, it makes you a better person.

Because you are more grounded, have more peace of mind, understand the world around you better and become so much clearer as you raise your vibration and energy, your whole persona become more.

Because of all these things and more, spirituality makes you a better person.

 I hope you didn’t skip some important part of this post, and can enjoy more spirituality in your life.  As always, let us know what you’re thinking down below.

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35 thoughts on “What Are The Benefits Of Spirituality?”

  1. Well written post Sylviane!

    I liked the way you described and distinguished between religion and spirituality, because these are the things people often get confused about and tend to mix them up. Yes, they both are very different, and I think I am a little of both 🙂

    I am very religious, as that part has been passed down to me from my parents more than anything else, and so I religiously pass it down to my kids without any question. Spirituality for me is much more than being religious, it’s more of an inside work, self growth, a continuous process that helps me get better as a person – every single day. And I have been feeling those changes taking place last couple of years within me too.

    Your benefits mentioned are apt, and you are so right when you mentioned that even animals are spiritual. We had a dog who was just that in the real sense because he used to sit and just pray with us, all silently and quietly (with his head covered and eyes closed – as we do that too!)- it always amazed all of us. And like you mentioned about these pets getting to know we are arriving, so it does happen with my dog too – or is it kind of a 6th sense in them as they get to know and are alert and jumpy just knowing we are around somewhere near.

    Thanks for sharing this with us, and have a lovely week ahead 🙂
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    1. Hi Harleena,

      I am glad that you know the difference betweeen being spiritual and being religious and one doesn’t prevent the other. People can certainly be both, or not much of either, or more one than the other.

      You made my eyes tear up with your dog :). Yes, animals are spirituals, we many call it sixth sense, but the six sense is spirituality. It’s just another name for it.

      When there is a strong concentration of spirits in a house (what some people call haunted house) animals are the first ones to sense and see such spirits, just like people with psychic ability do.

      Thank you for sharing this great input with us.
      Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..What Are The Benefits Of Spirituality?My Profile

  2. Hi Sylviane I have always known that there is a difference between spirituality and religion and I’m happy that you wrote this article. So many people do not know this and it drives me crazy. Understanding that religion is man-made and spirituality is your own personal connection with God. That’s how I understand it and have always believed in it. Spirituality is and can be a deeply emotional connection to God whereas in my mind religion is man-made. Anyway, this was much needed. Thank you.
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    1. Hi Barbara,

      Yes, you would be surprised how many people actually totally “subconsciously” forget that religion is a man-made entity, even though the very proof of it is that there are many of them.

      I always try to write this in the softest way possible since “as you know” people are so easily offended in regards to what they don’t even own, but it needed to be said 🙂

      Thanks for your feedback, Barbara.

  3. HI Sylviane,

    Great post!

    I strongly believe that spirituality is something which will lead us to the next level of our growth, be it as a better human being or a more enlightened individual or a charismatic personality. But to my amazement , I’ve seen people doing all the meditation and prayers and then when they finish doing that they become a normal or a subnormal human being.

    There is nothing better than practicing spirituality along with showing empathy towards others in real life.

    I’ve a set of yoga and certain exercises which goes after my short prayer, this is a daily routine of mine. I make a point of being honest with whatever I do, this is my learning and I practice that.

    Thanks for this great share Sylviane. Have a great week ahead.

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    1. Hi Sapna,

      I totally agree with you, I am also amazed how people can take actions that are supposed to enlightened them, yet, they don’t seem to be any different than anybody else.

      That’s what I trying to work on. I want my spirituality to show. Not to show off, but show by my words and actions.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on that.

  4. Hi Sylviane

    In answer to your question – yes I do see myself as a spiritual person. i love this topic and you have done a great job of explaining it here.

    One of my mentors who I have written about on my blog who is a teacher and Jewish Rabi says “we are all spirits having a human experience”. I believer that but for many people sadly they forget their spiritual side and think they are just body and mind.

    I agree Religion and Spirituality are very different and yes you can be both. I am spiritual but not religious. There are many parts of different religions I really like so I am a mixture of beliefs.

    The thing I do not like is when people think their religion is the only way. I think these people are not spiritual. I am sure God (or higher consciousness) did not intend wars to be fought in the name of religion.

    Oh yes animals are very spiritual. We can learn a lot from them.

    Great post Sylviane.

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    1. Hi Sue,

      Yes, and thank you for adding this, Sue. We are not just body and mind but spirits with a body. There’s a huge difference here!

      I’m like you, I’m more spiritual than religious, and I can proudly say that it’s not for lack of trying (to be religious) I’ve belonged to a strong religion for 10 years of my life and that’s the very basics of the religion that drove me out of it.

      You’re right most religions teach you that they are the only way, and I disagree with that.

      Thanks for your excellent comment.

  5. Wow, you’ve taken on a mighty topic here Sylviane but did a wonderful job of explaining it.

    I know for the longest time I had always thought they were one in the same. It took me getting a little older and wiser before I understood the difference.

    I agree with you that spirituality revolves around the understanding that we are more than what we can physically see. It took a long time for me to truly realize that I am more than my body. My purpose is greater than any profession or any career that I may have. Every life, because we were born we have a right to be here and there is a calling on our lives. We have to live our lives without fear and know that no matter what happens we are going to be all right. That’s my definition of spirituality.

    I love this message and will definitely be spreading this one around Sylviane. Thanks again for taking on such a powerful topic.

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    1. Hi Adrienne,

      Yes, I hear you, Adrienne, and a while back I thought like you did, and on top of that I did actively belong to a religion that reinforced that big time. For them, if you were not religious you were not spiritual. But I knew better. Religious is man-made as Sue was mentioning above. Spirituality is an inside job.

      Did you read Harleena’s comment? She had a dog that used to pray with the family. Now that’s a spiritual dog. I love that! This is actually a funny example, but animals are spiritual. There’s so much evidence of that, but we know there’re not religious.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post and thank you for sharing.
      Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..What Are The Benefits Of Spirituality?My Profile

  6. Hello Sylviane

    You did a wonderful job distinguishing spirituality and being religious. I for one thought the two were the same until I realized a couple years ago it’s not. I believe I’m more spiritual than religious and it took me some time to know the difference.

    When I was growing up my grandmother embedded in our heads that being religious was being spiritual and that was the only way you could connect with God.

    Now that I understand the difference I’m teaching my kids about being a spiritual person and how they can apply that in their lives by helping others.

    It took me a while to get to this place and to be able to nod my head in agreement as you explain the benefits of spirituality is just the best feeling ever!

    I really enjoyed reading this post 🙂 Have a wonderful day!
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    1. Hi Corina,

      Looks like all you’re saying doesn’t only sounds familiar to me but many others,

      Actually Adrienne said pretty much the same thing. She also believed that being religious was linked to being spiritual and that it was the only way to God. And so did I.

      What’s wonderful is that we have all three finally understood the truth about spirituality, and I’m sure many others have as well and many more will as our universe is delivering more and more of such truth to those who are looking for it.

      Thank you for coming and I’m so glad you enjoyed this post.

  7. Hi Sylviane,
    First I must tell you I’m grateful that you mentioned animals! They are uninhibited and can respond better than the adult human being to the spirit world. I know…I see it all the time.

    Yes, Spirituality and Religion are two different things. I see “religious” people not achieving the heights of spirituality and some do. I think it is a personal connection with God (I call it that) and some are just closed to it, while others are open. Sometimes they just don’t share their story….

    I consider myself both. For me, religion keeps me focused and on target, but spirituality enhances my life. If we are open to it, we can grow faster, heal faster, and obtain knowledge quicker.

    There is more than what meets the five senses. There is that sixth sense that is alive and well! When tapping into it, we are tapping into a higher knowledge. Once we accept that, we do have a higher power to work with.

    I don’t want to write a book on this because I actually do want to lol, but I must thank you Sylviane for explaining so well the difference.

    Thank you
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    1. Hi Donna,

      Well, in turn I’m so glad that you can confirm that animals are spiritual, and I bet you know how much more sensitive they are to spirits than people are. I’ve seen that on several occasions through TV documentaries and people’s testimonies. There’s not doubt about that.

      Indeed, some people are religious but not spiritual, but one can be both as in your case.

      As for me, as I told above in a comment reply I’ve tried hard to be religious for 10 years and I was, but the hypocrisy that I saw there eventually ran me out. I am more spiritual then religious, there’s not doubt about that.

      As always, I appreciate you comment here 🙂

    1. Hi Babanature,

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post.

      Well, I know lots of people who are religious, but I can tell you there are not spiritual. On the other hand I know many people who are not necessarily religious but are very spiritual.

      Me, for example, and others who commented here are more spiritual than religious. Than Harleena and Donna are both.

      Don’t forget God is God for everyone, but religious is man-made. That’s why there’s so many.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  8. Very good explanation of religion and spirituality. I was under the impression that both are the same thing but it seems that there are some distinct differences. I think I am a little spiritual and religious at the same time but not too much. I too think that there are some good benefits of being spiritual as the ones you have mentioned along with being one with nature, the world and the people living in it.
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    1. Hi Shalu,

      Lots of people have the same impression you do because it’s been fed to them that in order to be spiritual you’ve got to be religious. But religions are man-made as for spirituality it’s in us.

      Then we can choose to develop our spirituality more and more as we go or not. But there are so many advantages in doing so.

      Thank you for coming and sharing your thoughts.

  9. Hi Sylviane,

    This is a huge topic but you really did a good job explaining it Sylviane.

    I knew that there is a difference between Spirituality and Religion. I can say I am more spiritual than religious.

    I like how you explained the benefits of spirituality. It is really very hard to explain but you really did a very good job putting it into words because as you said it is very much linked to faith and it is something that is felt not expressed. Spirituality does brings peace of mind and growth to a person’s life. It is an internal power that drives and grows us into a better person.

    I love this message Sylviane and it is definitely worth sharing. Thanks for explaining it to us.

    Be Blessed,

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    1. Hi Neamat,

      I’m so glad you like my post. On this blog I really write on impulse about what I feel I need to talk about a the moment, because it is really my “spiritual” blog, and believe it or not I do pray for inspiration to write, and especially on this one.

      No, it’s not easy to explain spirituality in words, but I tried to say how I felt it. So glad people seemed to have received this post pretty well.

      Thank you for coming, I really appreciate it, Neamat, considering that you’ve got other things to do these days.

  10. Hi Sylviane,

    Sometimes I wonder how you come up with all these topics where I could never guess what it could be 😉 Ha ha… No wonder as you know all about it and what should be to write about.

    I’m not too much religious but I follow what I feel right which is mostly taught by religion too dear 🙂 Usually I need a reason to believe Sylviane. So I question eventhough it’s accepted by everyone.

    Meditation is the one for me and I’m really glad I was exposed to it through my religion though I’m not that much religious 🙂 Else I might miss it until I stop by here or get to know about meditation.

    Well… Congratulations Sylviane 🙂 Seen you have awarded @ Harleena’s place as a one of top women bloggers.

    Have a fabulous weekend there and hope you implemented authorship for this blog to show up on Google dear 🙂

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    1. Hi Mayura,

      Well, as I was telling Neamat above most of my topics come through inspiration, and prayer/meditation. I’m always striving to help people, on all my blogs, but especially this one. It’s the “deep” one.

      Yes, Harleena’s gave me the honor to put me on her top 30 women bloggers list. I was very happy to learn that last night.

      I’ve been so busy I have still to read your answer to my question about authorship. I’m going now.

      Thanks for coming and for sharing your thoughts.

  11. Hi Sylviane,
    I really enjoyed this post. When I was younger, I struggled over the distinction between spirituality and religion. I grew up, just as many others, going to church. But I soon saw how people went to church but then never practiced what they learned. They were mean and I was taught to be God fearing. I just couldn’t connect the two. I always had my own relationship with God and still do to this day. He is more of a friend to me and I talk to him all day, just as I would anyone else. I think it’s totally different from religion and I’m so glad you cleared it up. I also love the fact that you mentioned how animals are spiritual beings. I’ve always wondered why they had that sixth sense. Ya know when you’re getting ready to go out and they get all crazy? That made my day. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Lisa and welcome. I’m always glad to see new faces.

      I couldn’t agree more with all that you’re saying here! Amen to that my dear!

      I know more mean “religious” people than mean “non religious people”. I’m not trying to attack religious people here, it’s just that the most mean acts that I’ve ever witnessed with my own eyes came from people who went to church twice or more a week. So, that kinda discouraged me about religion all together. Not, people though.

      Yes, animals are surely spiritual beings just like us. When we have animals we know that, don’t we ;)?
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  12. Sylviane,

    Interesting description of spirituality.

    I really never thought of it apart from my religious beliefs. I can see what you are saying about spirituality being a part of being religious and I can not see being spiritual and not religious.

    I am a Christian and really consider my religious beliefs and my spirituality to be all rolled into one.

    I like your benefits of spirituality. I think those are good reasons to be spiritual.

    Dee Ann
    DeeAnn Rice invites you to read..Blogging CommunitiesMy Profile

    1. Hi DeeAnn,

      Oh, yes, I can assure you that you do not need to be religious to be spiritual. As a matter of fact, as my article and the video explain it there are actually two different things, even thought YOU CAN be both.

      Spirituality is part of YOU, religion is not.

      Thank you for bringing up you thoughts on that.
      Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..How to Improve Your Emotional Health My Profile

  13. Hi Sylviane. I’ve always considered myself more of a spiritual person than a religious person so your articles on on spirituality always touch me. Feeling grounded and having peace of mind are the most important to me. Because I was not always at peace with myself when I was younger, once I became grounded and comfortable with my on personal connection to God, life took on a different meaning and I could see things with clarity. Made a major change in my life.
    Thank you for continuing to write on this topic. As mentioned, it touches me and someone else understands. 🙂
    Barbara Charles invites you to read..What The Hell Happened To Triberr?My Profile

    1. Hi Barbara,

      I know I can say the same thing for me. I certainly wasn’t always peaceful at heart and mind to say the least, as I actually mentioned yesterday in our mastermind group, and I am convinced that I still pay for this to this day.

      But my life started to change about 7 years ago, and I started like you building my own connection with God and things started to change for me. Most importantly in my head. Then that’s how I realized that every problem I ever had came from there. That’s why I started to go deeper in personal development.

      Thank you for your feedback 🙂
      Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..How to Improve Your Emotional Health My Profile

  14. Hi Sylviane, What a powerful post! You did a marvelous job of explaining spirituality and distinguishing it from religion. I love the many benefits you point out about gaining spirituality, especially your favorite, that it reveals secrets about yourself and others. Your dream example was amazing, I have had similar experiences in my life, when I knew things that I shouldn’t have otherwise.

    Another benefit is the connection with other people who are spiritual. My daughter is spiritual too and we discuss how we share this and wonder what the world is like for those who aren’t.

    Thanks for this incredible post, Sylviane.
    Carolyn invites you to read..Dress Your Email for Success with WiseStamp!My Profile

    1. Hi Carolyn,

      I’m asking myself the same question. How in the world those who live without spirituality can go through life this way? But I can assure you that they do. I’ve seen them 🙂

      How sad though. Maybe they weren’t meant to lean in this life. Who knows. I would love to have the answer to this question one day.

      Thank you for sharing your experiences with spirituality with us 🙂
      Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..How to Improve Your Emotional Health My Profile

  15. Religion and spirituality are surely not the same thing..I was never a religious person but I am surely spiritual. Reading has helped me a lot in exploring myself and I see a lot of improvement as I feel I have become more calm and composed and a lot more patient too. Thanks for such a delightful share, Sylviane.

  16. really great post Sylviane!

    I live a very spiritual life myself, but I don’t have a specific religion. I often struggle with religious people, simply because they don’t understand the differences you put here.

    I really struggle with just getting people to understand that I don’t want them to change their beliefs, I simply want to have the right to have different ones than theirs. This happens a lot, especially with my in-laws, many of whom actually fit into that category of being religious without much spirituality…

    to me, spirituality is all about my personal relationship with my creator and with my higher self.

    one of my favorite quotes is from Dr. Wayne Dyer:
    ” We are not human beings who are having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

    I personally believe that we should focus on connecting with our spiritual self (which is also what many people call the “true self”) and learn to step outside of the ego (false-self) which is of this world.
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    1. Hi James,

      Well, I’m glad you hoped over here as well and I really like your comment and I had to smile in agreement.

      I’ve been around religious people a good chunk of my life, and they tend to believe that their way is the right way, and if you’re not religious, well God help you, because there is not way that you’re going to heaven.

      They believe that way because they believe the opposite of what Dr Wayne Dyer said, as a matter of face. They believe that humans have a spiritual experience “through religion”, but they totally forget that we ALL are spiritual beings with a human experience.

      So, I totally agree, they very hard to talk to. Great to know that you are not like that at all. I didn’t know about your spiritual side at all 🙂 Nice to know.

      Thanks for your great comment.
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      1. I agree. I just accept it, and allow them to believe their own way. I stopped a long time ago trying to “open their eyes” since then I would be doing the same thing as they are.

        It’s funny to me that people discount anything that doesn’t come from their teachers…

        I actually had a conversation with someone who told me that everything that was in the Tao was evil and a lie because it wasn’t in the Bible…

        The funny thing is, having studied several versions of the Tao, in most things it says the EXACT same thing as the bible, and often even in the same words…

        but, “our version is better than your version” of the same thing dominates people’s minds.

        I don’t talk about my spirituality a lot online, mainly due to personal commitments that I won’t go into, but it has always been a major part of my life.

        1. Hi again James,

          Yes, what you mentioning here is old good “my beliefs and religion are the right ones and yours are just wrong”. Boy, is this rediculous or what?

          Most of the times they just believe what they believe because it’s been “taught” to them. That’s all. They don’t even know why they believe what they believe, they just do.

          I’ve never been like that since I was a child. I questioned everything that was taught to me. I always used my own brain, feelings and intuitions, and my own direct connection with the High Power – God!
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