EFT Tutorial

Here Is A Basic EFT Tutorial That Will Help You Start Now…

EFT is short for Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as the acupuncture of emotional issues without the needles.

EFT is a technique that is spreading about more and more as people all over the world are introduced to this “energy healing” technique.

EFT has helped countless people not only with emotional issues but with physical diseases as well.

EFT is a technique that releases energy blocks and helps such energy to flow better.  This technique can be used for any type of issues; there is no limit on what type of problem you couldn’t use EFT and get relief from it.

How To Use EFT

Our thoughts carry energy and such energy brings about vibrations.  They, in turn, give us our physical results.

If our energy is unbalanced or blocked our results in life will not be what we want them to be.  By using the EFT method we can repair and heal such energy unbalanced and send healthy vibrations.  When that happens we experience better results in our life

EFT Practice

Tap several times each spot indicated below with the tip of your index and middle finger while saying the phrases below.


1. EFT Setup Phrases are as Follows:

While tapping the Karate chop on either the left or right hand, repeat your (negative) statements out loud three times.


  • “Even though I don’t have enough self-confidence, I choose to accept who I am and how I feel.”
  • “Even though I am afraid to be more self-confident, I accept who I am and how I feel.”
  • ” Even though it feels safer to be the way I am and always have been, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

2. Start Doing One Round of Tapping Focusing on the “Problem” Such as Follows:


  • Eyebrow: “It feels uncomfortable to be self-confident.  I like it better that way”. 
  • Side of Eye: “I’m not very good at that at all.”
  • Under Eye: “If I start to feeling more self-confident I might regret it.”
  • Under Nose: “What if I don’t have enough time to work at this anyway?.”
  • Chin: “I’m not sure I could succeed at this at all.”
  • Collarbone: “What’s the point in trying, if I fail?”
  • Under Arm: “I don’t think I can do it.”
  • Top of the Head: “It feels safer to just stay the way I am.”

3. Start Doing One Round of Tapping Focusing on the “Solution” Such as Follows:

  • Eyebrow: “Maybe I’ll raise my vibration if I become more confident.”
  • Side of Eye: “Maybe it will feel better if I am self-confident.”
  • Under Eye: “Maybe I could play with it and have fun at trying to be more self-confident.”
  • Under Nose: “I intend to be more self-confident no matter what.”
  • Chin: “I choose to decide to become a more self-confident person every day.”
  • Collarbone: “I’m ready and willing to try to be more self-confident.”
  • Under Arm: “I appreciate myself more and more for becoming more self-confident.”
  • Top of the Head: “I choose to release any resistance in me and be more self-confident.

Thank the Universe out Loud

  • Thank You, Universe for showing me how to be more self-confident.
  • Thank You, Universe for allowing me to feel safe and secure as I choose to be more self-confident.
  • Thank You, Universe for inspiring me to be more self-confident and being able to feel the positive vibrations working in me.

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