Positive Thinking Infographic

5happyWell, today I thought I would have a little surprise for you, and since I didn’t really have time to write a long article as I usually do, I thought I woud do a little personal development infographic.

How about that?

As you may remember, 3 weeks ago I started a series titled How to create your perfect life.Β Β In the few coming weeks and all the way into 2014 I’ll be writing some super juicy posts as follow up of part one.

However, those type of posts also take time to write, so in the meantime enjoy this easy to read infographic.

The shortest thing you’ll ever have to read on this blog!



Create Your Dream

Dont wait for opportunities to come to you – Go get them!!!
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I hope you enjoy this short infographic. Please leave your comments below.

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27 thoughts on “Positive Thinking Infographic”

  1. Hi Sylviane,

    Oh yes…this surely is the shortest post I think on this blog πŸ™‚

    I liked the fact that it’s such a nice infographic and congratulations as I think you made this yourself….awesome! How’d you do that? I guess we need to learn more about that, and I loved the picture quotes you added in too.

    We do look forward to the juicy series in the coming year πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead πŸ™‚
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  2. Hi Sylviane,

    I love your inforgraphic! I love the saying “You Are What You Think!” So true. One needs a rich mind.

    You know I’m a great fan of this blog because you deal with the subconscious and self development. This inforgraphic says it all!

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  3. That is just so cool Sylviane and I’m so impressed that you made that infographic yourself.

    You’re right, this is the shortest post you’ve ever written but I appreciate the information and encouragement you still shared in your infographic for us. I know because they’re your quotes and information so bravo.

    I’m looking forward to your series and I think it’s appropriate going into the new year. Hopefully it will help those that need more encouragement or information.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great end to your week.

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    1. Hi Adrienne,

      I’m glad you enjoyed this,it was so much fun to do. I really din’t follow any rule,
      just had fun with it πŸ™‚ And, man was it shorter than writing.

      This week I was really so busy it was tough to write a whole post. But I think this infographic is still is good reminders to stay positive.

      Have a great weekend too, Adrienne.
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    1. Hi Sue,

      Wow, you’re the second person asking me if I’m going to do a tutorial showing how to make an infographic! Thank you so much for the idea, guys. I sure will!

      I just went to a site where I noticed you could do your own infographics for free, and it really didn’t take me much time at all. It’s very simple. I just had to play around with it a few minutes to see what the tools were doing and how and that’s it.

      I’ll definitely make a video and write a post around it. Again thanks for the idea, Sue.

      I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      Have a wonderful weekend!
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  4. Wow, Sylviane – you’re very smart to have made this yourself. I’ve sometimes thought about having a go at making an infographic, but have never had the confidence to have a go at it.

    It’s a lovely clear one, too – I must admit I find some infographics a bit overwhelming and confusing, but this one’s great. And you’ve included one of my favourite sayings – like Donna, I just love that motto “You are what you think” – it’s so true.

    Thanks for a fun, inspiring post, Sylviane – loved it πŸ™‚
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    1. Hi Sue,

      you definitely don’t give yourself enough credit. I see absolutely no reason why you would lackconfidence to do an infographic. You’re very talented lady, but you need to change that subconscious programming of yours πŸ™‚ I KNOW you can do an infographic. I’m sure of that! And I’m serious too!

      I agree with you, frankly most infographics I see are overwhelming as you said, and I do not like those, so I made mine way more simple and easier to read.

      I’m so glad you came to this blog and enjoyed this easy read πŸ™‚
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  5. Hey Sylviane,

    Great infograph here and i do have to tip my hat off to you for making it! Sometimes we need a little break from writing so much, but what better way to exchange a blog post with a positive thinking infograph. Sometimes we all need something that will keep our minds focus on being staying positive and open!

    Thanks for sharing!
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  6. I love this Sylviane! And you go girl for making this infographic yourself. I’ve only made one myself but it was nowhere near yours :).

    True there are folks out there that measure their riches by the cars they drive or the amount of money in their bank accounts. But to me I’m rich in family, love and peace and to me that’s worth more than anything.

    I also love the countdown. When I saw it the first thing that came to my mind was life is to short to wait around for opportunities.

    Thanks for putting this together! Hope you’re having a great weekend :).
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    1. Hi Corina,

      Sorry for this late, late reply, but I haven’t forgotten about you.

      Well, I can’t boast, really πŸ™‚ because it was pretty easy to make, and my imagination always works pretty good, so I’m not going to tell you it was hard to do at all. Plus this site makes it so easy.

      Yes, life as we know it is very short and we can’t afford to lose any time. We should act now, not tomorrow.

      Thanks so much for coming.
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  7. Hi Sylviane

    Oh how true. Stay away from negative people, they will destroy your dreams by telling you it can be done.

    My brother has been telling me about his project for quite some time and the few he has also shared with are not always believing it could be done. He has given up on the negative ones as it will destroy his creativity. When someone who is not an engineer and has an opinion of how an engineering project can’t work….I think they are a dream destroyer. I am sure the great inventors were determined and kept away from the naysayers. You absolutely have to, or they hold you back from being as great as you could possibly be.

    It does not matter what the rest of the world thinks, you just have to surround yourself with those that are your cheerleaders!

    Great infographic.

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    1. Hi Mary,

      ugrrr, I can’t stand naysayers. Yes, you’re right, they are destroyer of dreams and so depressing for those who are trying.

      I remember a stupid math teacher of mine. I wasn’t good at math, ever have πŸ™‚ but this guy was also my craft teacher and since I’m an artist I was as great at craft as I was bad at math, yet he kept giving bad grades as if he was thinking that if I was bad at math I must be bad at everything.

      Once I completed my project first of the class and I couldn’t believe it, but in my grade book he put “slow work.” I will never forget that! What a jerk.

      People like this are like the plague and we MUST flee from them. I hope your brother has done that πŸ™‚

      Thanks for this great input.
      Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..Positive Thinking InfographicMy Profile

  8. Hi Sylvaine,

    Fascinating post!
    Loved the interactive graphics…did you have figures or just
    winged it for the You Can Change Now?

    Have done a few posts in the past using graphics as the
    main menu, but never, ever created my own. Didn’t think
    I could….That is what I get for thinking!

    Somewhere I’ve heard it said that a picture is worth a thousand
    words…so this has to be a record Long post!

    So many ways presented to make 2014 a more productive and fruitful year
    than the past. Just make your choice.

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    1. Hi Cararta,

      No the figures are totally made up for fun. I realize now that many people have not done their own graphic, but I would be interested in posting an infographic ONLY if I created it, so that’s what I did.

      I hope you are reader for a fabulous new coming years πŸ™‚ and thanks for coming.
      Sylviane Nuccio invites you to read..Positive Thinking InfographicMy Profile

  9. Hello Sylviane,

    This short info-graphic made my day! I particularly loved ‘flee…from…naysayers!’ Why do I love that more than all the rest? Since I read the US Army Corps motto during the 2nd WW, my views about impossibility changed. Do you know the motto?

    “The difficult, we do now…the impossible takes a little longer”. Since I have adopted that motto for my life, it’s actually pleasing to discover that impossibility is but a mindset!

    Do have a great day…and thanks for sharing!

    – Terungwa
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    1. Hi Akaahan,

      I din’t know about that motto, but I really love it.

      staying clear from the naysayers is vital for anyone who is looking for success, because naysayers are destroyers of dreams, and at best down right depressing. Thus, the need to stay as much away as we can.

      Thanks for coming and have a super day!
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  10. This is a good infographic. I really like what it says. Don’t wait for a opportunity, go find opportunities everywhere.That is the best thing about opportunities. Very informative post!

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